Flare System equipment in Latin America

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    AEREON - Model VCU - Hydrocarbon Vapor Combustion Unit

    As an alternative to recovery, hydrocarbon vapors may be destroyed in a flare, combustor or a thermal oxidizer. For many applications, a device known as a combustor can be successfully used as a safe and economical method of controlling vapors from the handling, storage, or loading of volatile liquid hydrocarbons or other compounds when recovery ...

    By AEREON Distributor in Rio Janeiro, LATIN AMERICA. from Enclosed Vapor Combustion Systems Product line

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    AEREON - Model 100 - Continuum Electronic Ignitor System

    The Model 100 Continuum Ignitor utilizes a high voltage electric arc to ignite a combustible air/gas mixture. This arc occurs every 20 seconds for a two second duration (timing is adjustable). The Continuum provides a spark inside a ‘slipstream’ chamber that diverts a portion of the waste gas to create a combustible air/gas mixture. ...

    By AEREON Distributor in Rio Janeiro, LATIN AMERICA. from Ignition Systems & Pilots-New Product line

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    ABUTEC - Blower Skid System

    ABUTEC flare customers can include a blower skid in their system package, which can supply pressure for better combustion, ensuring excellent flare performance. Skids can also contain other flare performance enhancers, including knockout pots to remove gas moisture, flow meters to monitor the amount of gas traveling through the pipe and pressure ...

    By AEREON Distributor in Rio Janeiro, LATIN AMERICA.

  • Model 244W - Waste Gas Burner & Ignition System

    The Varec 244W Series is a highly reliable flare and ignition system. It utilizes a patented pilot ignition system that mixes pilot gas and air at ground level to provide a robust, high temperature pilot. The pilot is ignited away from the flare stack. This reduces wear and tear and allows routine maintenance to be carried out without exposing the ...

    By Varec Biogas Distributor in Macul, CHILE. from Burners / Flares Product line

  • Model FA 600 - Flare Flow Rate: 600 m³/h

    Longevity ensured by high-quality materials. AAT flares of type FA 50-1800 are used for the combustion of bio,-sewage-or landfill gas. The flares are made completely of stainless steel which makes them robust to weather influences and heat. The partially covered combustion protects the flames against wind and prevents failure.

    By AAT Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik GmbH Distributor in Curitiba, BRAZIL. from Equipment - Flares Product line

  • Model 244E - Enclosed Waste Gas Burner

    The Varec Biogas 244E Enclosed Burner Systems are designed to burn biogas efficiently and safely over a wide range of operating parameters. With no visible flame, the 244E systems use an innovative stack design to naturally induce the proper amount of combustion air which guarantees high destruction removal efficiency.

    By Varec Biogas Distributor in Macul, CHILE. from Burners / Flares Product line

  • CMC SmartCEMS - Model FLOWM - Flare Flow Monitor

    The SmartCEMS Flare Flow Monitor is a very reliable device consisting of a stainless steel pitot flow element in the stack and dynamic ranging difference pressure and temperature sensors. The flow monitor can be installed on any stack including flare stack or flare feed lines using a standard ANSI or ISO flange. The flow monitor along with the ...

    By CMC Solutions, LLC Distributor in Pirque,, CHILE. from Hardware Components Product line

  • Honeywell - Searchline Excel Open Path Infrared Gas Detector

    World renowned infrared open path flammable gas detector offering unrivalled performance and sensitivity. The Searchline Excel is the World’s best selling infrared open path gas detector with over 6,000 units installed in challenging applications throughout industry. From the Arctic Circle to Middle Eastern Deserts, customers have repeatedly ...

    By Honeywell Analytics, Inc. Office in Distrito Industrial, Jundiaí, BRAZIL. from Fixed Gas Detection Systems Product line

  • In Situ - Electrokinetic Remediation System

    Salt remediation, metals remediation, PCE remediation, and TCE remediation performed in situ. Whether it’s salt, metals or chlorinated hydrocarbons remediation, GEE’s revolutionary EK3 Electrokinetic Remediation technology can remediate a host of contaminants in situ.

    By Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc. Office in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. from In Situ Treatment Product line

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    AEREON - Sentinel Ultraviolet Flame Monitor

    The Sentinel flame monitor reliably provides remote flame detection up to 550 feet away, durability, ease of maintenance and rapid response time. If the monitor detects the absence of a flame for an adjustable amount of time, a set of dry form C contacts are activated and the pilot re-ignition system is set into motion. Response times are markedly ...

    By AEREON Distributor in Rio Janeiro, LATIN AMERICA. from Combustion Equipment Accessories Product line

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    AMETEK PI - Model 292B - Portable Natural Gas Chromatograph

    The production and custody transfer of natural gas require accurate measurement of the composition of the gas. Many contractual requirements define the desired composition, heating value and relative density of the gas being sold or transported. Portable gas analysis of the critical components in natural gas ensures reliable results when ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Office in Indaiatuba, BRAZIL.

  • BHS - Metering Bin

    The new BHS Metering Bin and Metering Bin Liberator Class provide numerous features that increase performance and decrease maintenance requirements. BHS has developed a strong platform to precisely regulate material flow through the combination of a variable speed conveyor and a counter-rotating drum at the discharge end, eliminating black-belt ...

    By Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) Distributor in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL. from Sorting Equipment Product line

  • Double Membrane Gas Storage

    The outer membrane forms the actual protective construction and is always under a for the statics necessary positive pressure. Through a built-in viewing window the operations inside can be observed at any time. The actually usable holder forms the inner membrane. This membrane moves up or downwards depending on the filling level. In the gas ...

    By AAT Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik GmbH Distributor in Curitiba, BRAZIL. from Gas Storage Product line

  • CalorVal - BTU Analyzer

    The CalorVal BTU Analyzer continuously measures the heating value (Calorific Value) of gaseous streams of industrial processes. Control Instruments' standalone CalorVal BTU Analyzer optimizes burner efficiencies through measuring and controlling blended gas mixtures. These economical, fully-heated, air aspirator driven assemblies come complete and ...

    By Control Instruments Corporation Distributor in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.

  • Vermeer - Model TG9000 - Tub Grinder

    When you need more power for your high-production grinding operation, the TG9000 is an ideal choice. The TG9000’s PT tech wet clutch with 2:1 gear reduction is controlled by a microprocesser to help protect the engine by limiting torque when necessary. The TG9000 features the largest diameter opening in the industry with an inside tub ...

    By Vermeer Office in Valinhos, BRAZIL. from Tub Grinders Product line

  • Vermeer - Model TG5000 - Tub Grinder

    The TG5000 is an ideal combination of innovation and power. Powered by one of two turbocharged CAT Tier 3 engine options, it features a hydraulic tub drive chain tensioner that automatically adjusts the chain while operating as well as the exclusive Vermeer duplex drum, which offers optimum cutting performance and simplified maintenance. Add on ...

    By Vermeer Office in Valinhos, BRAZIL. from Tub Grinders Product line

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