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Quasar - Model M8100FM - Flare Stack Flare Monitor

by LumaSense Technologies, Inc.     Office in Campinas, BRAZIL

The QUASAR Model M8100FM-EXP Flare Stack Flare Monitor provides continuous monitoring of flared gases from remote locations up to ¼ mile (400 m) away in nearly any climate condition. This makes it ideal for confirming compliance with government-set flaring time limits. The QUASAR utilizes multi-wavelength infrared detection and electronic ...

GTI - Biogas Control Systems

by Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI)     Office in Centro - Pirassununga, BRAZIL

Protect your investment with the proper equipment. GTI offers control systems to safely operate its biogas collection covers. These systems deliver collected biogas into a pipeline for renewable energy conversion or disposal while monitoring and protecting the cover.

In Situ - Electrokinetic Remediation System

by Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.     Office in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Salt remediation, metals remediation, PCE remediation, and TCE remediation performed in situ. Whether it’s salt, metals or chlorinated hydrocarbons remediation, GEE’s revolutionary EK3 Electrokinetic Remediation technology can remediate a host of contaminants in situ.

CalorVal - BTU Analyzer

by Control Instruments Corporation     Distributor in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

The CalorVal BTU Analyzer continuously measures the heating value (Calorific Value) of gaseous streams of industrial processes. Control Instruments' standalone CalorVal BTU Analyzer optimizes burner efficiencies through measuring and controlling blended gas mixtures. These economical, fully-heated, air aspirator driven assemblies come complete and ...

Vermeer - Model TG9000 - Tub Grinder

by Vermeer     Office in Valinhos, BRAZIL

When you need more power for your high-production grinding operation, the TG9000 is an ideal choice. The TG9000’s PT tech wet clutch with 2:1 gear reduction is controlled by a microprocesser to help protect the engine by limiting torque when necessary. The TG9000 features the largest diameter opening in the industry with an inside tub ...

Vermeer - Model TG5000 - Tub Grinder

by Vermeer     Office in Valinhos, BRAZIL

The TG5000 is an ideal combination of innovation and power. Powered by one of two turbocharged CAT Tier 3 engine options, it features a hydraulic tub drive chain tensioner that automatically adjusts the chain while operating as well as the exclusive Vermeer duplex drum, which offers optimum cutting performance and simplified maintenance. Add on ...

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