flexible tank equipment in Europe

  • Flexible Tanks

    Flexible tanks or Tanks Fabric Collapsible (TFC’s), often referred to as pillow tanks due to their shape and appearance are designed and manufactured by Dunlop GRG to store all types of liquids including fuel, resin, water, slurry and chemicals. Manufactured from specially developed rubber or polyurethane coated textile materials, our flexible ...

    By Dunlop GRG - part of the Trelleborg Group based in Middleton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Medora Corporation ResidualHQ - Disinfectant Control Systems

    Medora Corporation's ResidualHQ© Disinfectant Control System is a continuous residual monitoring & disinfectant delivery system for both chlorine or chloramine systems.  It combines proven strategies with forward thinking solutions to maximize performance, minimize moving parts, and simplify overall operation & maintenance. No ...

    By Medora Corporation Distributor in Stockley Park, UNITED KINGDOM. from Disinfectant Control Systems Product line

  • CITERNEO - Model HC EXOM - Flexible Tanks For Hydrocarbon

    The HC EXOM membrane used for the storage of hydrocarbons has been specially designed for hydrocarbon storage because of its strength and permeability properties particularly suitable for hydrocarbons.

    By CITERNEO based in Amboise Cedex, FRANCE. from Flexible Tanks For Hydrocarbon Product line

  • HELI - Helitransportable Flexible Tanks

    Muststore  HELI helitransportable tanks are air portable fuel or water containers with a pillow shape. They are foldable and light. They can be easily carried and set up. Muststore  HELI helitransportable flexible tanks are specially designed for the transport of hydrocarbons, drinking water, by helicopter. Thanks to their design, ...

    By Musthane based in Willems, FRANCE. from Helitransportable Flexible Tanks Product line

  • Muststore - Model T - Transport Flexible Tanks

    Muststore T transport flexible tanks have a pillow shape and are specific water or fuel bladder tanks. They are foldable and light. They can be easily carried and set up. Muststore T transport flexible truck tanks are specially designed for the water transportation or fuel transportation on most of the transport vehicles. They are used in various ...

    By Musthane based in Willems, FRANCE. from Transport Flexible Tanks Product line

  • Musthane - Model HT - Towable Flexible Tanks

    Muststore HT towable and helitransportable flexible tanks have a circular shape. They are foldable and light. They can be easily carried and set up. These fuel or water bladders are also named APFC (air portable fuel container) or fuel drum.

    By Musthane based in Willems, FRANCE. from Towable Flexible Tanks Product line

  • Ecomembrane - Flexible Tanks for Liquids

    These tanks are primarily made using polyester PVC coated fabric membrane, and a polyurethane lacquer in the case of potable water storage.  Other materials can also be used to construct these closed tanks depending upon the type liquid being stored. Ecomembrane’s closed tanks are easily to fold, making storage simple when not in ...

    By Ecomembrane Srl based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY. from Flexible Tanks for Liquids Product line

  • Flexible Tanks for Potable Water

    Many industrial sites are situated in a region with no or poor potable water supply. We have reacted to this problem and we provide a solution for the stockage of potable water in our flexible barrels which comply to the sanitary requirements – in Europe and all over the world. The characteristics of our developed technical tissues comply ...

    By CITERNEO based in Amboise Cedex, FRANCE. from Flexible Tanks for Potable Water Product line

  • CITERNEO - Flexible Tanks For Rainwater Harvesting

    The CITERNEO self-supporting flexible tanks for the recovery of rainwater are the effective and simple solution for big savings on your water invoice.

    By CITERNEO based in Amboise Cedex, FRANCE. from Flexible Tanks For Rainwater Harvesting Product line

  • Flexible Storage Tanks

    The Vikoma flexible storage tanks are heavy-duty enclosed floating tanks. They are available in double faced polyurethane or vulcanised neoprene fabric. The tanks have inflatable cuffs running along both top sides. Once inflated these provide buoyancy for the tank. Both ends of the tank are closed using Unicon™ connectors. This allows towing ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flexible Storage Tanks Product line

  • Self-Erecting Open Flexible Tank

    Our self-erecting open flexible tanks are rapidly operational in every type of location, even the most inaccessible. These flexible storage tanks are quick to fill via the upper section and can be completely cleaned on the inside. Our self-erecting basins are used for water storage during civil safety operations, the recovery of effluents, ...


  • Self-Supporting Closed Flexible Tank

    The flexible tanks are from the assembly by welding strips of technical fabrics. These are composed of a polyester mesh (armature providing resistance) coated with PVC or PU, with UV treatment on both sides. For each liquid, fabrics with specific technical characteristics are developed with European companies.


  • Flexsol - Flexible Fuel Tanks

    Volume from 1 to 250 m3. Fabric TPU 1200 g/m2. Applications Fuel storage.

    By Flexsol based in Dnipro, UKRAINE. from Flexible Fuel Tanks Product line

  • Flexible Transport Tank

    Easily installed on a flat bed truck, a bucket, a ship/barge or aircraft, the flexible transport tank avoids renting or immobilizing devices. You convey your liquid at a given point. Once the tank emptied and collapsed, your space is available again and your tank reusable. The tank dedicated to transport is equipped with fixing harness so as to ...


  • Flexible Tanks Used for the Temporary or Permanent Storage

    Flexible tanks are used for the temporary or permanent storage of various liquids: drinking water, waste water, fire water, liquid fertilizers, liquid manure. Flexible Tanks can standard hold up to 500 m3 (higher volumes on demand), are easy to install and come with a 10 years guarantee (10 years). Flexible Tanks contain 100% high frequency ...

    By Membrane Systems Europe BV based in Overdinkel, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model FPP - Flexible Polypropylene Tank Liners

    FPP – Flexible Polypropylene – has excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance and UV stability. FPP is particularly suited to storing water from re-circulatory or reverse osmosis systems and is very competitively priced against PVC and EPDM.

    By Evenproducts Limited based in Evesham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flexible Polypropylene Tank Liners Product line

  • PRONAL - DYNAMIC Flexible Transport Tank

    Designed by PRONAL, the DYNAMIC flexible transport tank can be used for the transport of all types of liquids, whether on board ships, in aircraft or on truck beds. The range of transportable liquids encompasses all types of hydrocarbons, including the satisfaction of requirements for the carriage of drinking water. The range is available in ...

    By PRONAL based in PRONAL S.A. Z.I. ROUBAIX EST, FRANCE. from DYNAMIC Flexible Transport Tank Product line

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    Bioprocess Control - Model CSTR - Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors - Bioreactors

    The CSTR bioreactors have a modular design, built with high-quality? materials and robustness in mind. Intended for anaerobic fermentation tests, both for continuous and batch mode operations, the flexible design and user-friendly functionality makes them the ideal experiment platform for simulating full-scale fermentation processes at a ...

    By Bioprocess Control Sweden AB based in Lund, SWEDEN.

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    Hoover Ferguson - Polyethylene Tote Tanks

    The Hoover Ferguson Stainless Steel PolyCone 45 combines the low cost and low tare weight of polyethylene with the strength and durability of stainless steel. Its reusable, corrosion resistant, rotationally-molded bottle plus the 45 degree angled conical-shape bottom allows high viscosity products to flow easily and quickly. This polyethylene IBC ...

    By Hoover Ferguson Distributor in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM. from Polyethylene Tote Tanks Product line

  • Eco - Tank - Pillow Tanks for Flexible and Economic Water Storage

    Our Eco - Tanks make it safe and easy to store and transport liquid. By using state of the art materials and manufacturing, they can store most substances including: Alcohol, drinking water (WRAS approval), slurry, kerosene, oil, diesel, waste water.

    By J&J Carter Ltd based in Andover, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pillow Tanks for Flexible and Economic Water Storage Product line

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