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Flocculation Systems

by Nijhuis Industries     Distributor in MARYLAND (USA)

These systems remove emulsions, dispersions and heavy metals from the wastewater by adding coagulant, flocculant or precipitant.

Chemical Treatment System

by Eco-System Technologies Inc.     Office in MARYLAND (USA)

Chemical Treatment : Neutralization, Coagulation / Flocculation, Heavy Metal Precipitation, ECODAF dissolved air flotation.

AquaBlend - Model FT - No - Shear Flocculation Tank Mixing System

by EnviroMix     Distributor in MARYLAND (USA)

The EnviroMixAquaBlend-FT system provides mixing in water treatment flocculation tanks by firing programmed short bursts of compressed air through engineered patented nozzles. AquaBlend-FT controller air injection valves fire large (e.g., 4'0) gas volumes through a distributed nozzle array located across the tank floor. Compressed air is ...

Heavy Metals Removal Ultrafiltration Systems

by Dynatec Systems Inc.     Distributor in MARYLAND (USA)

Dynatec's design of ultrafiltration systems for heavy metals separation utilizes tubular membranes operated at high velocities.

Food Wastewater Treatment Plant

by Dynatec Systems Inc.     Distributor in MARYLAND (USA)

Dynatec has the products and experience to provide wastewater solutions in the food manufacturing industry for treatment and reuse.

Oily Wastewater Treatment and Recovery Membrane Systems

by Dynatec Systems Inc.     Distributor in MARYLAND (USA)

Dynatec offers membrane systems to remove free and so-called “soluble” (emulsified) oils, as well as heavy metals, from waste streams.

Model i-DOSE - Intelligent Dosing Control Systems

by Nijhuis Industries     Distributor in MARYLAND (USA)

To effectively remove solids and COD from wastewater with flocculation-flotation systems, chemical dosing is required. Iron chloride is added to coagulate the water into small particles. By neutralizing and adding a polymer these small particles grow into larger flocs. These flocs can be separated by using a flotation system (DAF). The dosage of ...

CMC - Polymer Systems

by Charter Machine Company     Distributor in Frederick, MARYLAND (USA)

Polymer selection is one of the most important decisions in assuring the proper  performance of any belt filter press. Charter offers sludge sample testing to assist  toward that goal.

Gravity Belt Thickener

by BDP Industries     Distributor in MARYLAND (USA)

The Gravity Belt Thickener is used to thicken sludge prior to centrifuge or digestion processes.  A mix of primary or secondary sludge can easily be thickened to +7% wt, pure secondary to over 5%.

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