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flood protection equipment available in Slovenia

  • Vents Flood protection

    Property air vents come in all shapes and sizes, but again we can make a cover to suit any type!

    By Flood Ark Ltd based in Lyng, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Flood Protection Barries

    The floor protection barrier consists of a hollow aluminium profile elements, the number of which varies according to the damming height. These elements possess a special seal on their undersides and are inserted in two U-shaped holding devices.

    By Metallbau Ruland GmbH based in Baesweiler, GERMANY.

  • NEUHOLD - Flood Protection Walls

    Our flood protection walls are made of aluminium alloy for the application for fixed walls, or mobile walls and they are designed for easy and simple installation and dismantling. 

    By NEUHOLD Environmental Technology based in Gleisdorf, AUSTRIA.

  • MegaSecur - Model WL-Series - Flood Protection Dam

    Part of the WL-Series, the Water‑Gate flood protection dam is specifically designed to provide full protection against flooding issues faced by cities and municipalities across the world. This unique and innovative flood response equipment combines simplicity, robustness, and effectiveness.

    By MegaSecur Inc. based in Victoriaville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Flood Protection Dam Product line

  • BIOGEST AG - Type Alpheus AH - Flow Regulator for Flood Protection

    Flood protection measures requires devices developed to be particularly suited to this. The outflow from storm water detention basins must be constantly throttled to protect downstream villages. A suitable throttle unit should not only provide 'aquatic passability' (DIN 19700) i.e. for swimming fauna, but there should also be an escape flap ...

    By BIOGEST AG based in Taunusstein, GERMANY. from Flow Regulator for Flood Protection Product line

  • NoFloods - Model Basic - Flood Protection for Shorter Distances

    During flash rains or when rivers overflow businesses and private entities are also in the need of effective flood protection. Basements, basement garages, car parks are regularly victims of floods. Even in case of a low scale event, water-damages often amount in thousands of Euros! Therefore Environment Solutions has developed a price competitive ...

    By Environment Solutions ApS based in Roskilde, DENMARK. from Flood Protection for Shorter Distances Product line

  • AquaFence - Flood Protection Barrier Systems

    AquaFence Flood Protection Barrier Systems are designed for rapid deployment around a building or opening within hours of a pending flood event. Constructed of marine grade laminate, stainless steel, aluminum and reinforced PVC canvas, AquaFence systems become stronger as floodwater pressure is applied. The unique design of the AquaFence perimeter ...

    By AquaFence AS based in Barkåker, NORWAY.

  • NoFloods - Model PRO - Large Scale Flood Protection

    The NoFloods Barrier PRO solution offers professional, flexible and cost-efficient large-scale flood protection. The NoFloods Barrier PRO can be deployed on all surfaces (such as but not limited to sand, grass, asphalt and concrete) and in almost any configuration (circles, 45 degree turns, 90 degree turns etc.). The NoFloods PRO can be delivered ...

    By Environment Solutions ApS based in Roskilde, DENMARK. from Large Scale Flood Protection Product line

  • Model IBS - Mobile Flood Protection Systems

    In Poland, the Pietrucha Group is the sole distributor of the IBS mobile flood protection systems which allow for fast and efficient prevention of damage caused by flooding, protecting housing, retail and industrial real estate. IBS systems are an advanced and effective alternative to temporary solutions such as sandbags or wooden barrages. The ...

    By Pietrucha Sp. z o.o. based in Błaszki, POLAND. from Mobile Flood Protection Systems Product line

  • Single Leaf Flood Protection Doors

    Standardized flood protection doors by IBS ensure a quick and cost effective flood protection of openings. The doors are mounted on the water side (pressure side) of the wall. The door frames are anchored using heavy-duty dowels. When the door is closed, the water pressure presses the door wing onto the door frame. There is a profile seal around ...

    By IBS GmbH based in Thierhaupten, GERMANY. from Single Leaf Flood Protection Doors Product line

  • Mobile / Demountable Walls as Flood Protection Systems

    A mobile protection system enables the elevation of flood protection systems while leaving the townscape, the sight and the traffic conditions to and across the river largely unchanged. It therefore preserves the identity and appeal of the city as well as the attractiveness and quality of life of the real estate properties close to the river. In ...

    By IBS GmbH based in Thierhaupten, GERMANY. from Mobile / Demountable Walls as Flood Protection Systems Product line

  • SCFB - Self Closing Flood Barrier

    The Self Closing Flood Barrier SCFB, a unique effective flood defense system to protect people and property from inland waterway floods caused by heavy rainfall, gales or rapid melting snow. This system has been developed in the Netherlands to provide optimal protection against extreme high water levels. The barrier systems have proved to be the ...

    By Self Closing Flood Barrier based in Kampen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Flood Barrier Products

    With frames constructed using our own aluminium extrusion design and individual boards manufactured from reinforced rigid uPVC, our flood barriers are designed to offer strength and integrity, whilst blending in with your property. Each of the boards measures 200mm (8 inches) in height and can be quickly built up to the required level using our ...

    By Flood Ark Ltd based in Lyng, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • IBS - Flood Defence Products for Buildings

    With flooding occurring more frequently than ever in the UK, home and business owners are increasingly looking to protect their properties using simple flood protection methods.

    By IBS Engineered Products Ltd based in Doncaster, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flood Defence Products for Buildings Product line

  • Model SCFB - Self Closing Flood Barrier

    De SCFB (Self Closing Flood Barrier) is the most efficient flood protection system. Since 1998 this passive flood barrier protects buildings, infrastructure and communities from the dangers of flash floods and rising tides.

    By AGGERES based in Schoten, BELGIUM.

  • Flood Guard Barrier

    Floodguards are our range of “on wall” flood protection barriers that are suitable for doors, French windows, patios, garages, outbuildings and airbrick covers up to a maximum height of 915mm.All Floodguards products are accredited to the British Standard Institute (BSi) Kitemark PAS1188:1 for door apertures and air bricks.

    By Revetment Ltd based in Henley-in-Arden, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flood Guard Barrier Product line

  • Flood Safety Door

    A new generation in flood protection products, the BSI Kitemarked Flood Safety Door features an innovative, patented design with ISIS Technology™. Requiring no human intervention, the flood door blends into its surroundings with an aesthetically pleasing structure uncommonly found in flood defence products.

    By Aquobex based in DIDCOT, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flood Safety Door Product line

  • Waterfront Flood Gates

    Waterfront Flood Gates are designed and manufactured to suit modern industrial and domestic environments and are an effective method of flood protection. Our range of Waterfront Flood Gates are designed using the latest synthetic materials combined with stainless steel allowing them to be suitable for use in most water, sewerage and effluent ...

    By Waterfront Engineering based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waterfront Flood Gates Product line

  • Flexsol - Model Barracuda - Flood Barriers

    Length 5m – 50m. Fabric PVC-PU-PUB. Applications Oil control and localization , change of its moving direction, area protection. Manufacturer RCY (France).

    By Flexsol based in Dnipro, UKRAINE. from Flood Barriers Product line

  • Glass Wall Flood Barriers

    Our glass floodwalls utilise high strength structural glass, engineered frames designed to withstand static and impact loads, structural anchoring system, and specially designed watertight and impact resisting sealing. This flood defence solution requires no operational input and causes minimal visual intrusion where flood protection is required.

    By Flood Control International Limited based in Tavistock, UNITED KINGDOM. from Glass Wall Flood Barriers Product line

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