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flood risk equipment

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    BBA Pumps - Model BA400G D500 - High Flow Flood Relief Pump

    This tractor-driven PTO pump, type BA400G, is engineered for you to invest without risk in emergency pumps that are rarely used.Tractors with PTO are available anytime and anywhere to drive the pump in case of emergency. With the BA400G, you have high flow on standby without needing much storage space. The pump has a vacuum system for quick ...

    By BBA Pumps North America based in Wando, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from High Flow Flood Relief Pump Product line

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    Bypass Separator System

    Our bypass separators provide the ideal solution for low risk floods – when there is little possibility of a combined heavy rainfall and large spillage.

    By Kingspan Water & Energy based in Co. Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Bypass Separator System Product line

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    Casella - Model Storm Guardian - Remote Rainfall Monitoring System

    STORM Guardian is an early warning system that mitigates the risk to lives from the increasing incidence of high intensity rainfall and flash flooding. STORM Guardian is an early warning system that mitigates the risk to lives and property from the increasing incidence of high intensity rainfall and subsequent flash flooding. Based on a proven ...

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Remote Rainfall Monitoring System Product line

  • Homecheck Professional Flood

    It is vital to understand the level of flood risk on a property as this affects the cost of buildings insurance.  The Homecheck Professional Flood Report includes flood risk analysis, a statement regarding insurability and critical guidance for property owners and buyers.  It comes with clear recommendations on how flood risk can be ...

    By Geodesys (Anglian Water) based in Huntingdon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Homecheck Professional Flood Product line

  • FloodBlock - Model 0.5m - Flood Barrier

    Our FloodBlock barrier provides a proven and effective flood prevention method. The barrier can be assembled to any length and be arranged to suit any direction and opening. The system can be rapidly deployed by one person. The system stacks within itself when not deployed, ensuring the absolute minimum storage.

    By Fluvial Innovations Ltd based in Poole, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Inflatable Flood Barriers

    Suitable for use by councils, industrial areas, businesses and for domestic flood barriers, especially where homes, businesses and roads are at risk of repeat flooding. Storms and floods cause damage which runs into millions. The economic costs place an enormous strain on land and home-owners, businesses, insurance companies, public ...

    By Geoline Ltd based in Co. Waterford, IRELAND. from Inflatable Flood Barriers Product line

  • FloodScore - AAL Risk Rating Layers

    Assess flood risk to individual properties across your portfolio. FloodScore AAL Risk Rating Layers enable you to visualise property-level AAL-based flood risk ratings, and integrate them with your GIS systems for advanced flood risk assessment.

    By Ambiental Risk Analytics based in Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Water-Gate - Model WL - Flood Control Barrier

    Part of the WL-Series, the Water‑Gate flood dam is specifically designed to provide full protection against flooding issues faced by cities and municipalities across the world. This unique and innovative flood response equipment combines simplicity, robustness, and effectiveness.

    By MegaSecur based in Victoriaville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Flood Control Barrier Product line

  • Domestic Flood Barriers

    For those who have experienced flooding in their home, you will know that the disruption it causes will often continue for weeks and months to follow. Even just a few inches of water can cause considerable damage and inconvenience, but with our system all of that can be avoided. It does not matter whether your property is contemporary or ...

    By Flood Ark Ltd based in Lyng, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Flood Barrier Products

    With frames constructed using our own aluminium extrusion design and individual boards manufactured from reinforced rigid uPVC, our flood barriers are designed to offer strength and integrity, whilst blending in with your property. Each of the boards measures 200mm (8 inches) in height and can be quickly built up to the required level using our ...

    By Flood Ark Ltd based in Lyng, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model IBS - Mobile Flood Protection Systems

    In Poland, the Pietrucha Group is the sole distributor of the IBS mobile flood protection systems which allow for fast and efficient prevention of damage caused by flooding, protecting housing, retail and industrial real estate. IBS systems are an advanced and effective alternative to temporary solutions such as sandbags or wooden barrages. The ...

    By Pietrucha Sp. z o.o. based in Błaszki, POLAND. from Mobile Flood Protection Systems Product line

  • NoFloods - Model PRO - Large Scale Flood Protection

    The NoFloods Barrier PRO solution offers professional, flexible and cost-efficient large-scale flood protection. The NoFloods Barrier PRO can be deployed on all surfaces (such as but not limited to sand, grass, asphalt and concrete) and in almost any configuration (circles, 45 degree turns, 90 degree turns etc.). The NoFloods PRO can be delivered ...

    By Environment Solutions ApS based in Roskilde, DENMARK. from Large Scale Flood Protection Product line

  • WIPP - Ultimate Flood Protection System

    With today’s advancements in technology, we’ve been able to more accurately predict where disasters are going to occur in nature. This is important because we can gauge whether or not there will be major flood damage, tornados or other types of catastrophe that can cause major damage to both land and property. Hydrological Solutions ...

    By Hydrological Solutions, Inc. based in Waller, TEXAS (USA).

  • SCFB - Self Closing Flood Barrier

    The Self Closing Flood Barrier SCFB, a unique effective flood defense system to protect people and property from inland waterway floods caused by heavy rainfall, gales or rapid melting snow. This system has been developed in the Netherlands to provide optimal protection against extreme high water levels. The barrier systems have proved to be the ...

    By Self Closing Flood Barrier based in Kampen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Temporary Flood Tube Barrier

    The TubeBarrier is the new temporary flood barrier. Which offers preventive measures against flooding and water damage. You have found us because you are searching for a solution, a preventive measure against flooding and water damage. You are a few clicks away from solving your problem, preventing flooding.

    By RASS International BV based in NETHERLANDS.

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    Kurita - ACF Technology For Preventing Fouling and Corrosion.

    Ammonium salt fouling is an omnipresent threat in oil refineries. It may lead to insecure operational conditions with high production losses. Salt deposition is frequently detected in fluid catalytic cracking main fractionator columns. Higher chloride concentrations in residue feedstocks can initiate ammonium salt fouling. Low main fractionator ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from ACF Technology For Preventing Fouling and Corrosion. Product line

  • Model HTD - TR - 00 108 - Flood Defences Structure Evaluation Barrier

    The IPCC predicts that sea levels will rise by 0.6 to 1.2 metres by 2100. Not only does this mean that more areas will need protection from flooding, but existing coastal and river defences are likely to prove inadequate in many cases. Not only does the Neptune System provide a lower cost and more rapid solution for new flood defences, it can also ...

    By Neptune Solutions Global Ltd. based in Failsworth, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Rapid Barriers - Flood Protection, Water Diversion, Water Storage

    Flooding, even low level flooding, can significantly damage or destroy your property. Now, you can protect your property with affordable barriers that are quick and easy to set up. Rapid Barriers are available in different heights and lengths, join end-to-end for increased length, stackable for increased height, reusable, long lasting - estimated ...

    By Rapid Barrier Systems Inc. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Orlando - Self-Priming Motor Pumps With Anti-Flooding System

    Self-priming motor pumps with anti-flooding system. Completely independent from electricity. Start and stop automatic float switch or level sensors. Battery 12 V. Electrical panel with integrated battery charger. Large passage solid (leaves /stones /mud /branches etc). Fuel tank. Diesel engine or gasoline. Delivery from 20 to 50 mc/h. Pression max ...

    By Orlando srl based in Chiavari (GE), ITALY. from Self-Priming Motor Pumps With Anti-Flooding System Product line

  • FloodScore - Postcode

    Evaluate the flood risk for any postcode in the UK. FloodScore Postcode aggregates property-level flood risk data to produce a high-quality flood risk score for any UK postcode.

    By Ambiental Risk Analytics based in Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM.

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