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flow thickener equipment

  • Tons Per Hour - Thickeners & Clarifiers

    Ultra High Capacity (UHC) Clarifiers provide very high flow, high tonnage capacities, low maintenance, a small footprint, and are preassembled to minimize installation time. Our clarifiers provide nearly 95% water recovery from your process slurry and the highest underflow density in the industry. They are completely pre-fabricated and can be ...

    By Tons Per Hour, Inc. (TPH) based in Loomis, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Welders - Thickening Drums

    Thickening drums work in exactly the same way as thickening tables, except that the filter belt is mounted on a revolving drum instead of horizontally. Due to their compact construction and smaller filtration area, these machines are ideal for sludge dewatering applications up to a flow rate of 50 m³/h.

    By Welders Filtration Technology (WFT) based in Aalst, BELGIUM.

  • Clarifiers & Thickeners

    DEL has designed a versatile and mobile Clarifier & Thickener to handle the higher flow rates required by many dredging and dewatering projects with a total working capacity of 45,000 gallons. The tank is built in 2 sections, an upper and lower section, for ease of transport.  The tank requires only 2 flat bed trucks and width permits for ...

    By DEL Corporation based in Scott, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Sludge Thickener

    The sludge thickener is a machine fitted with a stake and scraper blade structure connected to the central pin that, by rotating in clockwise direction, make the gases present in the water surface and at the same time it allows conveying the debris (sludge, etc.) into the concrete basin, located in the middle of the tank bottom, from where they ...

    By FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI s.r.l. based in Vigonovo Di Fontanafredda, ITALY.

  • TiPSS - Model DAF - Dissolved Air / Gas Flotation System

    The Veolia Water Technologies  TiPSS DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) system has unique design that contains a plate pack section for enhanced efficiency and reduced footprint requirements and a pneumatic scraper system that optimizes the thickening of the float layer.

  • Model LL10 Series - Thickened Flow Mediums and Liquid Slurry Pump

    The LL10 Progressive Cavity Pump is ideally sized to handle pumping thickened flow mediums such as latex-based fluids and thickened coatings. The LL10 Flow rate of (18.8 gallons/100 revolutions) from 15 up to 140 GPM and represents one of our most popular heavy duty models of Progressive Cavity Slurry Pumps.

    By Liberty Process Equipment, Inc. based in Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS (USA). from Thickened Flow Mediums and Liquid Slurry Pump Product line

  • solidXdrain - Gravity-Belt-Thickener

    For thickening municipal surplus sludge to 5-8% DS Water drained from sludge by gravity filtration. High quality, special sieve belts, clog-free baffle plates and adjustable flow ramps are crucial to the efficiency of this solidXdrain.

    By Sülzle Klein GmbH based in Niederfischbach, GERMANY.

  • High Rate Thickeners

    High rate thickenerswith scraping bridge (with circular or rectangular cross section) have been introduced in the production range of Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. to cope withvery high waste water flow rates. This technology makes it possible to achieve a treatment capacity up 2500 m3/hour of waste water. This type of plant is mainly used in ...

    By Fraccaroli & Balzan s.p.a. based in Pescantina, ITALY. from High Rate Thickeners Product line

  • Liberty - Model LL3 Series - Thickened Liquids and Adhesives PC Pump

    The LL3 PC Pump is a non-pulsating progressive cavity pump ideal for pumping the latex backing adhesives in the carpet manufacturing industry as well as a standard thickened liquids and flow mediums with solids content such as pastes and viscous fluids.

    By Liberty Process Equipment, Inc. based in Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS (USA). from Thickened Liquids and Adhesives PC Pump Product line

  • Model VA - FD - Stainless Steel Belt Thickener System

    After the sludge has been conditioned by the VA - Injector Mixer HPI, it flows onto the proven VA - Belt Thickener through the new inlet box. Out of the inlet box the sludge is distributed evenly over the entire width of the filter belt of the VA - Belt Thickener. VA - Shifting Ploughs shift the sludge layer many times and thus substantially ...

    By W AT GmbH-Wasser Abwassertechnik GmbH based in Linz, AUSTRIA.

  • UltraFlo - Model UFDD - Digital Doppler Clamp-On Flow Meter

    The FLO-CORP UltraFlo™ UFDD Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter’s patented technology measures just about any liquid or fluid, from potable water to 30% thickened sludge and fly ash slurries.

    By FLO-CORP based in Wadsworth, OHIO (USA). from Digital Doppler Clamp-On Flow Meter Product line

  • TiPSS - Model cfCPI - Cross-Flow Corrugated Plate Interceptor

    The cross-flow CPI is applied when oil as well as suspended solids are to be separated. Generally it is advisable to use cfCPI when (average) TSS concentrations are above 200 mg/l, as the cross-flow as well as the cone shaped sludge settling zones give improved separation and thickening.

  • Vincent - Model FF - Fiber Filters

    Featuring fine filtration of high gpm throughputs, the Fiber Filter is a unique machine. It operates continuously with a fabric filter that is vibrated clean by the process flow, requiring only occasional back-flush cycles. Liquid flows with fiber contents ranging from 0.3% to 1.5% are thickened to a range of 4% to 14% solids with the Fiber ...

    By Vincent Corporation based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA).

  • SKG Slurry Knife Gate Valves

    The SKG Slurry knife gate valves are specially suited to handling abrasive and corrosive slurries. Suitable for Tailings, backfill, thickeners, fly ash, and many other slurries, the SKG allows a smooth flow with no pockets for the entrapment of media.

  • DrM CONTIBAC - Production Scale Filter Systems

    The CONTIBAC® is a slightly modified FUNDABAC® candle filter used as a continuous thickener, producing concentrated slurries. Clear filtrate at a high flow-rate is achieved. Solids are flushed back into the liquid and the thickened slurry is drawn off intermittently or continuously without interrupting filtration. This solid-liquid ...

    By DrM, Dr. Müller AG based in Männedorf, SWITZERLAND. from Production Scale Filter Systems Product line

  • Model SWL & SWF - Flotation Units

    Compact units for fats and TSS removal. Could be delivered as stainless steel units, as well as concrete build for high flows. Designed in The Netherlands for top quality.Flotation unit for activated sludge – FBR: Designed for aerobic activated sludge. Used in flotation aerobic reactors or in sludge thickening/recovery.

    By Symbiona SA based in Warszawa, POLAND. from Flotation Units Product line

  • Atlantech - Model HR MACRO - Flotation System

    The Atlantech® HR MACRO Flotation System is a high built separator designed for high-volume flow rates. The combination of corrugated plates, thickening techniques, and skimmer design produces sludge with very high dry solids content.

    By Atlantech Companies based in Charlottetown, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (CANADA). from Flotation System Product line

  • Clarifier Systems

    Clarifiers are settling tanks built for continuous removal of solids. Clarifiers are generally used to remove solid particulates or suspended solids from liquid for clarification and (or) thickening. We use lamella settlers within our clarifiers, which greatly increases the clarifier capacity and enables a much greater flow to be treated in the ...

    By Colloide Engineering Systems based in Cookstown, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  • IDRAFLOT - Model DAF - Traditional Flotation Systems

    Very compact, these units reach such a high thickening and clarification grade allowing ultra flotation with the highest removal efficiency on COD, suspended solids and fat. IDRAFLOT flotation units are protected by three patents. They are intended to assure a perfect mixing of the waste with saturated water and an uniform distribution of the ...

    By Veolia Water Technologies Italia S.p.A. based in Zoppola, ITALY.

  • Deltafloat Water Treatment

    High performance physical-chemical separation process for water clarification, sludge thickening and raw material recovery. Circular shape and low water profile. Central inlet to let an even distribution of the water from the centre toward the periphery of the tank, following a pre-calculated dynamics, allowing an optimal separation of the solid ...

    By O.M.C. Collareda S.r.l. based in Schio (Vicenza), ITALY. from Deltafloat Water Treatment Product line

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