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  • Premium

    Yamato - Model WL320A/320B - Labo Cube Water Purifier

    Yamato’s Labo Cube® WL320 water purifier is space saving and can be installed under a fume hood or sink, or on a table. It comes with rubber legs (WL320A) or movable casters (WL320B). Standard equipped with membrane filter at the sampling port of the one touch coupler connecting resin hose. A water leakage detector forcefully shuts off ...

    By Yamato Scientific America Inc. based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Labo Cube Water Purifier Product line

  • Icam - Model BAF - Suction Filtered Benches

    Suction filtered benches BAF were designed for all companies or industries where there is the need to aspirate and purify fumes and dust arising from occasional, non-continuous operation. The bench is equipped of an internal compartment, easily inspected, where filters are accommodated. The bench may be provided with an articulated arm.

    By Icam Srl based in Casalserugo (Padova), ITALY. from Suction Filtered Benches Product line

  • OILMISER - Reservoir Aspirator

    The ORA has two independent passageways in one body. The Inflow Control Gate lets outside air enter the reservoir through the air filter, and prevents internal air from exiting through the air filter. The Exhaust Control Outlet is also a unidirectional passageway. Fumes and gasses generated inside the reservoir, must exit through the ECO port, ...

    By JLM Systems Ltd based in Richmond, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Model BV570H-C - Desktop Fume Cabinet

    The BenchVent BV570H-C, a small desktop fume cabinet to contain and filter for a cleaner, healthier working environment within dental labs, electronic design and rework, pharmaceutical labs, education and more.

    By BenchVent based in Killinghall, Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM. from Desktop Fume Cabinet Product line

  • Model HE705 - Particle Filter

    EPA particle filter HE705. Pleated EU10 particle filter for fine dusts and powders and solder fume particles. For units BV200S, (A200S), BV100H (A100H), BV930H-C (T930H-C) and BV700S-C (T700S-C)

    By BenchVent based in Killinghall, Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM. from Particle Filter Product line

  • Smokes Filter Sleeves

    System for filtering ash out of exhaust fumes from boilers.

    By Mion & Mosole I.A.I. Spa based in Candelù (TV), ITALY. from Smokes Filter Sleeves Product line

  • Model SR 510 P3 R - Particle Filter

    SR 510 P3 R is a mechanical filter with extremely low inhalation resistance. SR 510 protect against all types of particles (dust, fume, fog, spray, asbestos), even bacteria, viruses and radioactive pollution. SR 510 also fits on all Sundström filterrespirator products. Combinations of filters can be used if gases/vapours and particles occur ...

    By Sundström Safety AB based in NV Industriområdet, SWEDEN. from Particle Filter Product line

  • Cabin Air Filter

    Inside your car, our filter removes dust and other particulates, fumes, 239+ gases, and pathogenic bacteria from the air.  We love to make a difference in the air you breathe, wherever you happen to be.

    By Purafil, Inc. - Filtration Group based in Doraville, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Cabin Air Filter Product line

  • Hydro Filters

    The wet cleaning filter, type with under water tubes, is a  hydro filter with a high efficiency, using the water head to abate dust particles and hydrophilic fumes. The hydro filter is complete of an inlet plenum of dirty air that conveys the same air from the top toward the collecting tank though a range of conveying tubes, ...

    By O.M.A.R S.R.L based in Spresiano, ITALY. from Hydro Filters Product line

  • Cartmaster - Model 2 x 2 - Mobile Cartridge Filter Unit

    Mobile cartridge filter unit. Suitable for long-lasting fume extraction involving unalloy steels, galvanized material and and aluminium involving a strong fume production. The specially developed dedusting system guarantees optimal separation efficiency during the whole operation. The advantage of the Power-Spray- System is not only its low ...

  • Smog-Mobile - Fume Extraction Unit

    The SMOG-MOBILE is built for rigorous industrial use, captures pollution “at source” - filters and returns the valuable heated air to the workshop. SMOG-MOBILE fume extraction units are easily wheeled to any factory location where fume extraction is needed. Units are available with electrostatic filtration elements or mechanical ...

    By Horizon International based in Avonmouth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fume Extraction Unit Product line

  • Model KLF803 eco - Filter Systems For Solder Fumes

    Air power: continuous (not adjustable). Air flow rate (unimpeded): 390 m³/h. Air flow rate (real): 320 m³/h. Total pressure difference: 4000 Pa. Motor: 0.24 kW. Voltage: 230 V. Rated current: 1,0 A. Rated speed: 8200 U/min. Frequency: 50 Hz. Filter class according to EN 1822: H13. Filter material: Fiber optic paper. Filter area: 3 ...

    By Klepp Absauganlagen GmbH based in Otterfing, GERMANY. from Filter Systems For Solder Fumes Product line

  • VAPORSORB Reusable Vapor Removal Pouch: Rids Solvent & Gas Fumes in 300 Sq. Ft.

    Vaporsorb™ Reusable Vapor Removal Pouch removes toxic vapors & fumes without harmful chemicals. Vapor & gas doesn't stand a chance. Vaporsrob™ is reusable & lasts a year. Safe for people, pets & planet. This eco-friendly vapor filter really works for fume extraction and smell removal!

    By IMTEK Environmental Corporation based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Model CAPT and CARH - Platinum/ Palladium/ Rhodium Refining System

    This system uses a completely new refining process. There are three Pyrex glass reactors each with a volume of roughly 20 l, 50 l or 100 l. The special module integrates filter units, extraction hood and components made from special glass.On the glass reactors there are three glass condensers with reflux separators where the acid vapours are ...

    By Koras GmbH based in Engelsbrand, GERMANY.

  • Model MFS - Mobile Extractor

    Mobile welding fume extractor with self-cleaning filter. The MFS is a mobile extractor. It extracts dry welding fumes near the source. This mobile unit contains a self-cleaning filter and can be equipped with either a plastic extraction arm, type Flex and UltraFlex or flexible hose. Mobile units are ideal for welding activities on the spot.

    By Plymovent Group BV based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Mobile Extractor Product line

  • MobileGo - Mobile Fume Extractor

    A mobile fume extractor for light use to capture and filter welding fumes.

    By Plymovent Group BV based in Alkmaar, NETHERLANDS. from Mobile Fume Extractor Product line

  • Compressed Air Filter

    Compressed air is a very common source of energy. For effective utilization of compressed air, it has to be clean. Filter Concept offers a range of compressed air filters for removal of dirt, dust, rust, condensates, moisture contents, oil impurities & exhaust fumes. Filtered compressed air results into low down time & reduces the ...

    By Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. based in Ahmedabad, INDIA. from Compressed Air Filter Product line

  • Fume Hood

    Our Fume Hood allows for great versatility with any of our system.  It attaches to your existing exhaust system, so that you can work on the bench top.  The Fume Hood includes a HEPA filter and duct tubing to connect to the laboratory's negative flow exhaust system.  If you do not have a negative flow exhaust, you can order an ...

    By Thomas Cain, Inc. based in Mequon, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Caremaster - Model 2 - Mobile Welding Fumes Filter Systems

    Mobile welding fumes filter, IFA - certified. Appropriate to fumes suction during welding jobs with unalloyed steels and precious metals. This mobile welding fumes filter has a separation efficiency of ≥ 99 %. The unit corresponds to the security requirements for units of the welding fume category W3 (high-alloyed steels). When handling the ...

  • EMW - Coarse Dust Pocket Filters

    EMW® coarse dust filters are primarily used in turbomachinery air intake systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical plants as well as in fume removal hoods at workplaces. These pocket filters - available in stitched and welded versions - are made of synthetic media fulfilling Filter Classes G3 ...

    By EMW filtertechnik GmbH based in Diez, GERMANY. from Coarse Dust Pocket Filters Product line

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