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Landfill Gas Cleaning and Safe Incineration

by ennox biogas technology GmbH     based in Hard, AUSTRIA

Every year, millions of tons of household garbage and other refuse are deposited in landfills around the world. Bio-chemical decomposition processes of organic bonds in these landfills produce up to 150 - 250 m³ of landfill gases per tonne of household garbage. Due to a methane content of up to 60%, landfill gas ranks number six on the list ...

Biological Gas Cleaning System

by Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH     based in Fussach, AUSTRIA

Biogas and landfill gas always contains some hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Usually, it moves in the range of 1,000 to 6.000ppm, but can also reach 2% by volume or more. Often this H2S must be removed from the gas, either for reasons of environmental protection or because corrosion danger. The EnvironTec desulfurization process provides a cost effective ...

Adelmann - Waste Gas Cleaning Plant

by Adelmann Umwelt GmbH     based in Karlstadt, GERMANY

Spray dryer with lignit-coke-station: Exhaust emission volume from 1.000 to 80.000 m³/h.  Input temperature from 150 to 1.450°C. Evaporating cooler: Exhaust emission volume of 150 to 100.000 m³/h. Input temperature from 150 to 1.450°C. SNCR plant; NH4OH evaporator: Ammonia water from 20 to 3.000 kg/h. Ozone annihilator: Air ...

Model PureSOx - Wet Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

by Alfa Laval     based in Sweden, SWEDEN

Alfa Laval’s PureSOx removes sulphur oxides from the ship’s exhaust gas by scrubbing it with sea water or fresh water. The unique hybrid design of Alfa Laval’s PureSOx gives both environmental and economical advantages.

Flue Gas Cleaning System

by Doosan Lentjes GmbH     based in Ratingen 40880, GERMANY

Deliver on your environmental and emission objectives with our trusted Circoclean® flue gas cleaning (FGC) solution, using proven fluidised bed technology.

Elex - Catalytic Gas Cleaning Systems

by Elex AG     based in Schwerzenbach, SWITZERLAND

Since 1988, ELEX has been supplying installations for the catalytic cleaning of gases. The process reduces toxic elements such as NOx, dioxin and furan and hydrocarbon and ammonia in order to comply with the toughest requirements worldwide and without producing residues that will require disposal.

GAS - Model EF-051 - Multi-Purpose Restroom Odor Eliminator for Drains, Toilets, & Urinals

by Global Aqua Solutions, LLC     based in Minden, NEVADA (USA)

Is a powerful, fast acting deodorizing solution specifically designed to target and eliminate the toughest Sewer and Restroom odors in Floor Drains, Urinals, Toilets, Shower & Tub Drains and Sinks. Restroom Drain Freshener will eliminate odors from hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans, urine, feces, bacteria, mold and many other ...

Biological Exhaust Gas Cleaning Scrubbers

by Scheuch GmbH     based in Aurolzmünster, AUSTRIA

The principle of biological exhaust gas cleaning is based on microorganisms converting the contents of exhaust gas into harmless products. As the process always has to take place in a more aqueous phase than is available in the microorganisms' habitat, the microorganisms are either grown in a film of moisture on a substrate or suspended in an ...

Filcon Filtration - Hot Flue Gas Cleaning Equipment

by Filcon Filtration ApS     based in Slagelse, DENMARK

Hot flue gas cleaning equipment; To help keep our environment clean, Filcon Filtration specializes in the treatment of hot flue gas. Hot flue gas can be generated from biomass, gasification, and/or incinerator plants, and might contain high concentrations of chemical particles which are harmful for humans and the environment. Filcon flue gas ...

Clean Air Technology: Wet Gas Cleaning

by Michaelis GmbH & Co. KG     based in Veitshöchheim, GERMANY

According to the local emission regulations particles or gaseous pollutants have to be removed from the flue gas.

Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning Systems

by Paul Wurth S.A.     based in Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG

High-efficiency Gas Cleaning Systems are vital for the reliable operation and long campaign life of high temperature hot blast systems and steam generation facilities, and allow the operators to meet the relevant pollution control standards. We design and supply the full range of Gas Cleaning Systems, gas distribution equipment and processes ...

GPro - Model 500 - Oxygen Gas Sensor

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND

The GPro 500 Oxygen TDL is a unique analyzer that fits anywhere in your process thanks to the broadest range of in situ and on-line process adaptions.

GPro - Model 500 - Carbon Monoxide Sensor

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND

The most accurate and reliable instrument for efficient combustion control applications. The GPro 500 CO TDL is the most accurate and reliable instrument for efficient combustion control applications. By allowing trim control operation mode, the excess air limit can be lowered and adapted to changing conditions without jeopardizing safety.

Soil Remediation of a mercury contaminated site

by econ industries GmbH     based in Starnberg, GERMANY

70,000 tons of mercury contaminated soil and building rubble have to be cleaned in an industrial facility in the south of France until 2013. For the realization of this remediation work, an econ industries VacuDry® 12,000 has been in operation since early 2011. After the treatment the mercury free soils can be re-used on-site as building ...

Marine Scrubber for Ship Exhaust Gas Cleaning

by Belco Technologies Corporation (BELCO)     based in Parsippany, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The DuPont Marine Scrubber for ship exhaust gas cleaning reduces sulphur (SO2) and particulate emissions from ship engines, generators, and boilers. Our scrubber systems enable ships to meet sulphur emission limits as required by IMO MARPOL Annex VI regulations without switching to low-sulphur fuel.

GA - Model Series X955SS - Stainless Steel Air & Vacuum Valve

by GA Industries, LLC     based in Cranberry Township, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Figure X935SS is ideal when the fluid not clean and/or the ambient conditions are corrosive. It is ideally suited to coastal installations or when the vault is subject to flooding. The Figure X935SS is available in 2” x 1” (1” size with 2” NPT connection) or 2” x 2” (2” size with 2” NPT ...

GA - Model Series 935 - Wastewater Air & Vacuum Valve

by GA Industries, LLC     based in Cranberry Township, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Figure 935 Air & Vacuum valve is recommended when the fluid is not clean, such as wastewater or raw sewage. Its elongated body minimizes spurting and helps keep solids and debris from affecting valve performance. The Figure 935 is available with 2” or 3” (DN50 or DN80) NPT or 4” to 8” (DN100 to DN200) with ANSI or ...

Opgal - Model EyeCGas - Optical Gas Imaging Camera for Gas Leak Detection Applications

by Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd.     based in Karmiel, ISRAEL

EyeCGas is a rugged hand-held optical gas imaging camera from Opgal using thermal imaging technology for gas leak detection and fugitive emissions. A design formed by the demands of the industry. Gas leak detection equipment is vital to keeping your employees, environment and product safe. Find leaks of methane and volatile organic compounds (VOC) ...

Link Belt - Model GA - Bar Screen

by WSG & Solutions, Inc.     based in Montgomeryville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Cog Rake Bar Screen operates under the most extreme conditions, eliminating the need for manual cleaning of the bar rack. It removes large debris from the waste stream more efficiently than other types of bar screens. The drive system and all moving parts are located above the max water level in the channel, but the carriage can be designed if ...

Capital Controls ADVANCE - Model Series 1620B - Multipoint Gas Detector

by De Nora Water Technologies     based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Capital Controls ADVANCE Multipoint Gas Detector Series 1620B provides continuous detection of chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas in a normally clean air environment in up to eight (8) distinct locations. The modular gas detection system consists of a single indicator/receiver and a sensing module for each location (up to eight locations) for ...

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