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Model AF Series - Compressed Air Filter

by Omega Air d.o.o.     Office in Zagreb, CROATIA

AF filter housings are designed for high eficient removal of solid particles, water, oil aerosols, hydrocarbons, odour and vapours from compressed air(1) systems. To meet the required compressed air quality appropriate filter element (B, P, R, M, S, A, A², H²) must be installed into filter housing. ⁽¹⁾For any other ...

HORIBA - Model ZNV-7 - Zero Gas Generator

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in CROATIA

HORIBA’s compact designed Zero Gas Generator ZNV-7 is used for mobile, stationary or laboratory scale zero point checking & diluting span gas sources for the calibration of ambient air analyzers.

HORIBA - Model MEXA-ONE-QL-NX - Laser Spectroscopic Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in CROATIA

HORIBA ONE Series Introduces New N-Compounds Analyzer. High accurate nitrogen compounds measurement system using QCL-IR method newly employs 'HORIBA ONE PLATFORM'. This system provides the usability and expandability for your test laboratories, as well as other HORIBA ONE series instruments.

Model GA-40Tplus - Gas Analyzer With Built-in Sample Conditioner

by madur Polska Sp. z o.o.     Distributor in Zagreb, CROATIA

Professional flue gas analyser that combines high quality of sample conditioning with great measurement accuracy contained in a compact soft casing. Analyser is equipped with heated hose with heated filter, built-in high efficient condensation dryer. It can be fitted with up to 9 sensors (electrochemical cells and NDIR sensors). Has built-in ...

Model GA-12plus - Hand-Held Gas Analyser

by madur Polska Sp. z o.o.     Distributor in Zagreb, CROATIA

GA-12plus hand-held analyser that can be equipped with up to 4 EC cells. Larger cousin of GA-12 analyser that share very similar functionality and options. Thanks to larger housing fits more sensors, is equipped with Li-ion battery by default. Manufactured according to the principles of EN50379.

Model GA-21plus - Portable Gas Analyzer

by madur Polska Sp. z o.o.     Distributor in Zagreb, CROATIA

Advanced, yet still at a favourable price, equipped with up to 9 electrochemical and NDIR sensors. Has a built-in pressure sensor, large internal memory for results and built-in ribbon printer for standard (non-thermal) paper. Optional condensation “miniDryer” completes the offer for our best-selling portable device.

HORIBA - Model PS-100E - Portable Permeation Dryer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in CROATIA

The HORIBA permeation dryer PS-100E is designed as a compact and portable sample gas conditioning system in combination with the multi-component gas analyzer PG-250.

Model MDA60 - Pressure Drop Indicator

by Omega Air d.o.o.     Office in Zagreb, CROATIA

Pressure drop indicator MDA 60 is designed for accurate indication of pressure drop across the filter element in compressed air system ⁽¹⁾. MDA60 is optimised for installation on the head of the filter housing. MDA60 can be used in variety of applications. For applications not listed please contact producer or your local ...

Combustion Systems

by Kohlbach Holding GmbH     Office in Varaždin, CROATIA

The combustion systems from Kohlbach are already equipped with a pre-dedusting device for the flue gas located in a re-burning zone specially designed for the purpose. Further dedusting is implemented with multi-cyclones (centrifugal separators), electrostatic filters, fabric filter, etc. depending on the size of the plant and legal stipulations. ...

Model Photon - Portable Gas Analyzer

by madur Polska Sp. z o.o.     Distributor in Zagreb, CROATIA

Photon is a state-of-the-art gas analyser. It is a class of its own, equipped with up to 6 NDIR sensors, supplemented with up to 3 electrochemical cells. Large, colourful VGA display for data presentation. Compact-flash disk for results (stored in a database form). All administered by PC-104 industrial class computer with Windows CE operating ...

HORIBA - Model OCMA-25 - Automatic Oil Content Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in CROATIA

Over the past several decades, HORIBA has designed and manufactured a complete line of high-quality non-dispersing infrared analyzers and analyzer systems. HORIBA has extended infrared gas analyzer technology to the continuous measurement of oil in water for process monitoring and waste water alarm applications. The OCMA oil content analyzers are ...

HORIBA - Model APDA-371 - Ambient Dust Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in CROATIA

The APDA-371 automatically measures and records airborne particulate concentration levels (in milligrams or micrograms per cubic meter), using the industry-proven principle of beta ray attenuation. Thousands of this Dust Analyzer units are currently deployed worldwide, making the unit one of the most successful air monitoring platforms in the ...

Model H250 M40 - Metal Cone Indicator

by Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG     Office in Zagreb, CROATIA

The new standard solution for the process industry. The H250/M40 flowmeters are setting a new standard in variable area flowmeter technology. They combine tried and tested flow measurement with latest communication capabilities like Foundation Fieldbus.

Model Photon S - CEMS System with NDIR Sensors

by madur Polska Sp. z o.o.     Distributor in Zagreb, CROATIA

Photon S is madur’s most recent and most sophisticated apparatus. It was created based on portable gas analyser - Photon. As its precursor it also uses NDIR gas sensors as the main measurement method - it can have 9 of them supplemented with 4 EC cells. Along with power supply with control center and the most efficient gas dryer this modular ...

FloBox - Model 951/954 - Digitize Up to Four Analog Mass Flow Controllers

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     Distributor in CROATIA

Sierra Instruments' FloBox Models 951 and 954 include a compact, single channel device for operation of one mass flow meter or controller and a deluxe, multi-channel device for operation of up to four devices. Designed specifically for use with the Sierra Model 830 flow meters and Model 840 flow controllers, both of these powerful digital systems ...

Soot-Trak - Real-Time Diesel Soot Mass

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     Distributor in CROATIA

The Sierra Instruments Soot-Trak laser measures real-time engine soot particle mass emissions and performs characterization of soot particle particle size, primary particle surface area and number. Soot-Trak provides researchers and engine developers the accurate information they require about particle transport. With measurement accuracy of 5% ...

Sierra - Model BG-3 Elite - High Performance Partial Flow Dilution System

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     Distributor in CROATIA

In use since 2004, BG3 PFD (Partial Flow Dilution) technology effectively performs engine research and development to accurately sample exhaust PM (Particulate Matter) emissions over both steady state and transient test cycles (Read Case Study). On January 7, 2011, PFD was signed into law and is now included in the United States Federal Register ...

Coal Dryers

by Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.
 / Carrier Europe S.C.A     Distributor in ZAGREB, CROATIA

Carrier vibrating fluid bed thermal dryers are typically used for coals with a larger size fraction, such as run-of-mine coal.  Carrier offers vibrating fluid bed units up to 8 ft. wide x 50 ft. long with capacities up to 250 TPH in a single unit, depending on the thermal load.

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