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gas meter Equipment

  • Showcase

    Aerzen - Model Series Za/Zc/Ze - Rotary Piston Gas Meter

    With its Za/Zc/Ze series gas meters, AERZEN provides reliable precision measurement technology for the energy supply industry – and the biggest series available on the market. Developed for measuring gaseous media in the extended range 1:160. Extremely low-maintenance, with an oilchange interval of 16 years. And approved to MID (European ...

    By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH based in Aerzen, GERMANY.

  • Premium

    HI-Q - Dry Gas Totaling Meters

    HI-Q offers a wide range of dry gas totaling meters which, when incorporated in an air sampling system, are an excellent source for recording the total volume of air sampled. The gas-totaling meter may either be connected to have gas supplied through the inlet (connected to the exhaust of a positive displacement pump) or drawn through the outlet ...

    By HI-Q Environmental Products Company based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Air Sampling Accessories Product line

  • QMC - Gas Meters

    QMC provides gas meters for commercial and institutional applications. From a single meter for a new restaurant tenant to several key load meters for LEED applications, QMC can assist in your project. Complete with communications, gas smart meters are used as part of a comprehensive energy management system.

    By Quadlogic Meters Canada Inc. (QMC) based in Coquitlam, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Meters Product line

  • Gas Meters

    QMC provides gas meters for commercial and institutional applications. QMC supplies all sizes of in-line and insertion gas meters. Gas meter pricing is dependent on BTU load, pipe size and pressure and some other calculations, such as elevation or temperature compensation, may be required. Natural Gas is a regulated utility in Canada, so all gas ...

    By Quadlogic Meters Canada Inc. (QMC) based in Coquitlam, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Gas Meters Product line

  • Model Liberty EU6v - Gas Metering

    The Liberty family covers a wide range of prepayment applications, from traditional single-phase through to dual-fuel smart metering installations. The flexible nature of Liberty greatly benefits energy suppliers, while the user-friendly features can help consumers reduce their energy costs and achieve reductions in associated CO2 emissions.

    By Secure Meters (UK) Ltd based in Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Energy - Gas Metering Products Product line

  • Model Contactless IC Card - Gas Meter

    Contactless IC Card Gas Meter is suitable for measuring the flow of natural gas, coal gas and liquid gas. One household fixed one meter and consumer uses gas by IC card. No need of house call fee-charge and avoid owing.

    By HENAN SUNTRONT TECH CO. LTD based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Datamatic FIREFLY - For Gas Meters

    The FIREFLY for Gas Meters represents a breakthrough in AMR technology. It is the first solution to deliver fixed network-level data at a mobile AMR price point.The FIREFLY Meter Interface Unit (MIU) forms the foundation of Datamatic’s data collection solution for residential and commercial gas meters.

    By Datamatic LTD based in Plano, TEXAS (USA). from Rocket™ Meter Interface Unit Product line

  • Gas Meters

    E-Mon offers a variety of gas meters equipped with pulse output to meet your specific application. The meters listed below are the most commonly required units, however if your specifications require something different, please feel free to contact E-Mon directly at (800) 334-3666 to specify the appropriate meter.

    By E-Mon based in Langhorne, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Water, Gas, and Non-Electric Meters Product line

  • Model GZ-REG - Gas Meter Refurbished

    Displacement meter for volume measurement, For measurment of natural gas and technical gas (propane, butane and air) as DVGW-Code of Practice Q260, Optional with impulse output or encoder

  • Rotary Gas Meters

    A highly machined precision piece of equipment, the rotary gas meter is a more precise instrument that handles higher pressures than diaphragm meters. These positive displacement meters are designed to measure gas, for custody transfer or technical measurement applications. CGR rotary gas meters range. Inline gas meters with wafer connections to ...

    By MWA Technology based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gas Meters Product line

  • Gas Metering Systems

    Innovative high precision microthermal measuring principle. silent and wear-free. Temperature-converted and pressure-. independent. transparent billing process. Integrated communication

    By Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG based in Nürnberg, GERMANY. from Metering Product line

  • American Meter - Model AL425 - Natural Gas Flow Meter

    Diaphragm gas meter with odometer C/F index & temperature compensation.  Residential, Commercial & Industrial.

    By Elster American Meter based in Nebraska City, NEBRASKA (USA). from Gas Meters Product line

  • Turbine Gas Meters

    Providing gas even when your meter service is interrupted, a turbine gas meter is perfect for industrial applications where gas flow continuity is crucial,Using gas velocity for measuring the volume of gas within the meter, these inferential style meters limit the measure and lower gas flow rates. Our range of turbine meters are all, space saving, ...

    By MWA Technology based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gas Meters Product line

  • Diaphragm Gas Meters

    Used in most residential and smaller commercial installations, the diaphragm gas meter can measure even a very small gas flow rate and is one of the most popular meters out there.A virtually continuous flow of gas is directed by internal gas valves which fill and expel gas. This advanced meter technology means that you can rely on gas meter ...

    By MWA Technology based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gas Meters Product line

  • Prepayment Gas Meters

    Generally installed in homes and other domestic settings a prepayment meter helps you to manage your energy use. And with no large unexpected bills you have better financial control over your energy bills with a diaphragm gas meter like this.Our gas prepayment meter range has digital or analogue displays that make reading a gas meter easy. Choose ...

    By MWA Technology based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gas Meters Product line

  • Rotary Gas Meters

    The IC card rotary meters consists of rotary gas meters and IC card controller with electronic valve for credit systems. The intelligent gas meter installs an additional IC card or wireless remote control on the basal gas meter to achieve the function of pre-payment charge and control. It has the advantage on high accuracy, wild measuring range, ...

    By ZENNER International GmbH & Co. KG based in Saarbrücken, GERMANY. from Gas Meters - Rotary Gas Meters Product line

  • Model 1 - Diaphragm Gas Meter

    1' Domestic Diaphragm Gas Meter. Qmax 6 m3/h. Fireproof to EN1359. Transco Standard Domestic Meter. OFGEM Approved. UK Construction / Proven Design. BS746 Connections. 3/4' BSP Adaptor option available. Pulse Output option available. Suitable for metering of: Natural Gas, Town Gas, LPG in Most Domestic application.

    By Bell Flow Systems Ltd. based in Buckingham Bucks, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gas Meter & Gas Flow Meters Product line

  • Model GWi - Smart Gas Meters

    G4 / U6 Domestic Gas Meter (Qmax 6m3/h). Standard or top viewing index (TVI). Maybe configured to meet your requirements. Modular Communications. Min 15 years battery Life.

    By BI Group Plc | George Wilson Industries Ltd. based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Smart Meters Product line

  • Gas Metering Systems

    Whether you need a single stream skid or a complex, fully integrated multi-stream gas metering solution with control panel and analyzer house, the knowledge and experience you will find at Alderley will deliver what you need. We have experience in all types of gas metering and associated instrumentation and are proud to have successfully supplied ...

    By Alderley plc based in Wickwar - Wotton-under-Edge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Metering Systems Product line

  • Model USZ 08 - Ultrasonic Gas Meter

    Device for Custody-transfer Metering

    By RMG Regel + Messtechnik GmbH based in Kassel, GERMANY. from Metering- Volume Meters Product line

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