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gas purification technology equipment

  • Oil Separators and Oil Derivatives Separators

    Oil and oil derivatives separators are used for purification of wastewater from rain drainage for all areas exposed to rainfall and with bigger quantity of residue, such as traffic routes, squares, parks, gas stations, car repair shops, garages, industrial plants, etc. Outlet of purified water is done in natural recipient or sewage system.

  • Process Gas Membrane - Process Gas Purification and Separation by Membrane Technology

    Mahler AGS process gas membrane systems are custom made package units for a wide range of applications. Various process gas mixtures can be handled with a product recovery of 99 % and product purities up to 99 vol.-%.

    By Mahler AGS GmbH based in Stuttgart, GERMANY.

  • Landfill Gas Purification Membrane System

    Biogas Technology Limited acquired the technology and patent rights to produce membranes for CO2 removal from landfill gas.

    By Biogas Technology Limited based in Sawtry, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • NeptuneCF - Water Purification System

    Our NeptuneCF Ozonation technology is a Patent Pending process combining several proprietary hardware components that improve upon the state-of-the art by dramatically lowering input power requirements for ozone production, as well as improving the volumetric efficiency of the crucial gas-fluid interface. NeptuneCF is a Chemical-Free process, so ...

    By Strategic Water Resources (SWR) based in Mystic, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Landfill Gas Purification

    Guild Associates is a leading provider of adsorption systems for the purification of natural gas and other gas streams.  This technology is built upon the Molecular Gate Adsorbent Technology and incorporates PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) systems for gas purification. Guild has a half-dozen landfill gas to high BTU methane projects, ...

    By Guild Associates, Inc. based in Dublin, OHIO (USA).

  • Model APS-1000 - Air Purification System

    Circul-Aire’s APS-1000 comes standardized with advanced gas phase and particulate filtration technology. Its design offers maximum contaminant control efficiency. The multi-stage design allows for selection of the required filters in a specific sequence to meet the requirements of each application.

    By Circul-Aire Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Air Purification System Product line

  • Genano - Model 525/5250 - Air Purification Device

    Genano 525/5250 is an air purification device based on Genano Technology. The unique technology removes even the smallest impurities from indoor air. These impurities can consist of viruses, bacteria, mould spores as well as traffic originated soot. Genano 525/5250 doesn’t have traditional fiber filters, so there is no risk for a breeding ...

    By Genano Oy based in Espoo, FINLAND.

  • Model NRMM UGET upto 1700kW - 3 Soot Filter for Exhaust Gas Purification

    Exhaust gas purification is an ever evolving technology and Agriemach are continually improving their range of exhaust gas purification systems in order to offer the most advanced, long lasting and reliable solutions. After many years of research and development into improving exhaust emissions, Agriemach now presents this innovative exhaust gas ...

    By Agriemach Ltd based in Copthorne, UNITED KINGDOM. from 3 Soot Filter for Exhaust Gas Purification Product line

  • Bioclimatic - Model MC-880 - Air Purification System

    The MC-880 Air Purification System combines bi-polar ionization technologies, or UV “C” sterilization, high-efficiency and gas filter media to offer a system capable of efficiently controlling indoor air quality problems. One of the most versatile, self-contained units available for the purification of indoor air.

    By Climate Technologies Corp. based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Air Purification System Product line

  • Genano - Model 310 - Air Purification Device

    Genano 310 is an air purification device based on Genano Technology. The unique technology removes even the smallest impurities from indoor air. These impurities can consist of viruses, bacteria, mould spores as well as traffic originated soot. Genano 310 doesn’t have traditional fiber filters, so there is no risk for a breeding ground for ...

    By Genano Oy based in Espoo, FINLAND.

  • Genano - Model Tube XS (Medical) - Air Purification System

    The GenanoTube XS (Medical) is an air purification device, based on a unique and patented technology. With this unique technology even the smallest impurities can be filtered out of the air like on the one hand viruses, bacteria, prions, spores and animal substances and on the other hand inorganic particles like soot, originating from the traffic. ...

    By Genano Oy based in Espoo, FINLAND.

  • DeSITHERM - Patented Technology

    The patented technology of thermal oxidation for siloxane containing gases.  During the oxidation of siloxane-laden exhaust, silicon dioxide (SiO2) will be created. This tends to be very sticky and fluffy in nature and typically results in clogging of the heat exchanger media in regular RTO systems.  DeSiTHERM™ avoids this problem ...

    By Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth (LTB) based in Goldkronach, GERMANY. from Patented Technology Product line

  • Flue Gas Condensate

    Flue gas condensate was traditionally treated with flocculation, precipitation and sand & carbon filter. We did so until 2006 when the last traditional purification plant was installed. Since then we used membrane technology which provides several significant advantages in terms of energy and chemical savings. By selecting the size and type of ...

    By Radscan Intervex AB based in Västerås, SWEDEN.

  • Eco-Tec AmiPur - Model CCS - Amine Purification System for CO2 Capture

    The use of amine solvents is emerging as the leading technology being considered for capture of CO2 from flue gas generated in coal-fired power stations, as part of a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) solution to global warming. Amine solvent technology has been widely used for many years to capture CO2 and H2S in oil refineries and gas processing ...

    By Eco-Tec Inc. based in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Amine Purification System for CO2 Capture Product line

  • MION - Model 9.0 - Odor Purifier/Gas Scrubber

    Odorous emissions are a source of nuisance in a community, creating the need to equip existing and new reduction systems with multiple purification technologies. Identification of a system must take into account the degree of reduction required. If necessary a feasibility study shoud be made to establish the costs and over all operating costs. ...

    By Mion Costruzioni Meccaniche SRL based in Arcade (TV), ITALY.

  • Model G200/G400/G600/G600-HP - Hydrogen Gas Generator

    The G Series bench-top generators utilize PEM technology to produce ultra high purity hydrogen consistently on-site. With efficiency in mind, they sense demand and adjust production accordingly. The generators are space-saving solutions that maintain quiet and steady operation. Well suited to meet unique purity requirements, the G600-HP ...

    By Proton OnSite based in Wallingford, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Hydrogen Gas Generator Product line

  • Ceramic Membranes for Gas Separation

    Our research priorities seek to purify gases (by separation), but also to purify them by associating a processing/reaction step. 1-Purification-separation - The applications of our developments include: The purification of hydrogen H2, which has applications in many fields: downstream purification of Water Gas Shift reactions, fuel cell power ...

    By Céramiques Techniques Industrielles (CTI) based in Salindres, FRANCE.

  • Combining Flue Gas Condensation

    Combining flue gas condensation with flue gas cleaning seems to be a natural choice. The treatment method is chosen depending on the process and cleaning requirements, but also in consultation with the customer. The cleaning is usually done with scrubbers or fabric filters with activated carbon and lime dosing. Our proprietary Intervex process is ...

    By Radscan Intervex AB based in Västerås, SWEDEN.

  • ENERVAC - Model GRU-4 Series - SF6 Gas Recovery Unit

    ENERVAC’s latest SF6 Gas Recovery Unit incorporates a new and improved high pressure,totally oil-less compressor capable of 1000 psig (7 MPag) of pressure. This new technology allows for liquefaction of SF6 gas even in the warmer climates typical of the southern United States.The cart is ideally suited for servicing small volume SF6 ...

    By Enervac Corporation based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA). from SF6 Gas Recovery Unit Product line

  • Model C-GAS - Biomethanisation of Biogenic Residuals and Renewable Raw Materials

    C-GAS covers technologies of SFCU (and its technology partner) for the production of biogas from biogenic residuals and renewable raw materials plus purification of the biogas produced, and utilization in a cogeneration plant. Furthermore, SFCU can provide a technology for methane enrichment and advanced purification of biogas so that the treated ...

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