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gas treatment plant equipment

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    FRP QUENCH (including Separator casing + Condenser hood ) with these specifications (design temperature: 200 °; length : 12,7 m; Height : 4,8 m ; Width : 4,8 m)GCER had the opportunity to do all the detail engineering, the supply ,manufacture and transport of the “FRP Equipment” for the construction of 1 Line of Flue Gas Treatment ...

    By GCER based in Ksibet, TUNISIA.

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    ZETIAN - Model GCOM-3000 - VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds Online Analyzer

    GCOM-3000-VOCs is a VOCs monitoring product which use international mainstream chromatographic methods. It can monitor organic pollutant gases such as methane, the total hydrocarbon, non methane total hydrocarbon, low-carbon aldehyde ketone, benzene series( benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl benzene, isopropyl benzene) and part of halogenated ...

    By HANGZHOU ZETIAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD based in Hangzhou, CHINA. from Flue Gas Analyzer - VOCs Product line

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    AERZEN - Negative Pressure Stage With Pre-Inlet Cooling

    For Conveying Air. Proven 2- or 3-lobe blower technology for plant engineering for forced conveyance at extreme negative pressure up to 80% vacuum. Oil-free and extremely robust. Belt or direct drive version. For stationary and vehicle application.

    By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH based in Aerzen, GERMANY.

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    GWT - Model I-Series - Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection Systems

    Standard Features:316 Stainless Steel Electro-polished & Passivated UV Chamber Construction. UV Lamp Status Indicator. Fan Cool Feature. Simple Dual Compression Seals. UV Sensor Port and Drain Port. UV System Run Time Meter. UV Resistant O-Rings and Gaskets. High Output UV Lamps. System capable of using 185nM or 254nM UV Lamps. Horizontal or ...

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA).

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    Aerzen - Bulk Vehicle Blowers

    Rotary Lobe Blowers for installation in Tankers and Silo Trucks. Aerzen bulk vehicle blowers have been developed for installation in tankers and silo trucks with extended pressure differentials of up to 1.2 bar. Conveyance in two directions possible using either horizontal or vertical flow. Proven technology, oil-free.

    By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH based in Aerzen, GERMANY.

  • Waste Gas Treatment Plants

    Realisation of different waste gas treatment techniques, including biological, chemical and mechanical abatement techniques.

    By TREVI nv based in Gentbrugge, BELGIUM.

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    SERVOPRO - Model DF-150E - Safe Area Gas Analyzers

    High performance percent and trace Oxygen measurements in pure gas, designed for process and quality control in heat treatment applications. The DF-150E provides highly stable Coulometric sensing measurements of O2 in pure gas streams and is specifically designed to meet the needs of process/quality control in heat treatment applications, glove ...

    By Servomex - a Spectris Company based in Sugar Land, TEXAS (USA).

  • Flue Gas Treatment Plants

    Flue Gas treatment plants for industry. Our solution for process is compact unit, which can be also pre-installed one to ease up final installation on site. Typical process includes lamella clarifier, filtration and sludge de-watering.

    By Fenno Water Ltd Oy based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Other Product line

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    BioControl 4 and 8 - Combined Measuring Device for Professional Process Monitoring

    The premium system for professional process optimisation: economical - versatile – reliable. Multitec BioControl is the professional system for continuously and automatically measuring and monitoring the volume and composition of gas. It is economical, versatile and reliable. Whether in biogas plants, landfills, sewage treatment plants or ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH based in G├╝tersloh, GERMANY. from Landfill and Biological Gas Product line

  • ATN - Gas Treatment Plant Stage 3

    No more expensive condensing of collected gas from refrigerant equipment stage one and two. With the ATN gas treatment plant you will be able to transform harmful gas into harmless salt and a little bit of CO2. That means a CO2 reduction of 50%, because there is no energy needed for a condensing unit and no CO2 is being produced during transport. ...

    By ATN Engineering B.V. based in Stadskanaal, NETHERLANDS. from Refrigerator Recycling the ATN way Product line

  • HOFGAS - Model APM - Gas Treatment Plant for Recovery

    The HOFGAS-APM is a complete pump, treatment and flare station for the safe and economic treatment of methane gas from anaerobic fermentation. Apart from the plant components, a detailed regulation and operational concept is supplied for the specific adaptation to the particular process. In particular, the discharge pressure for recovery is ...

    By Hofstetter BV based in Schiphol-Rijk, NETHERLANDS. from Biogas Product line

  • Spent Carbon Reactivation

    Mediacarb manages the spent carbon reactivation service. The spent carbon is sent to up-to-date reactivation kilns equipped with effective off gas treatment plants, that can guarantee the best environmental respect. Our spent carbon reactivation service is carried out for activated carbon used in water phase and air treatment. The service offered ...

    By MediaCarb Sagl based in Tenero, SWITZERLAND.

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    Komline-Sanderson - Rotary Atomizer

    Komline-Sanderson's variable-speed rotary atomizers represent a dependable approach to atomization and spray drying. The compact, rugged, direct-drive, high-speed motor, utilizing only a few parts in one rotating assembly (no gear, pulley, gearbox or coupling), reduces the need for traditional mechanical maintenance. High quality, oil-mist ...

    By Komline-Sanderson based in Peapack, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Filtration Plant for Cupola Furnace

    TVT Termoventiltecnica has developed technology of cupola gas treatment. The plant is composed of CO and unburnt substances after-burning system, gas cooling and energy recovery (in the form of hot air and / or heated water depending on the customer's needs), dedusting system and composed acids neutralization.

    By TVT Termoventiltecnica S.r.l. based in Ponzano Veneto (Treviso), ITALY. from Melting Furnaces Product line

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    Lime Filtration

    The use of lime for treating flue gases is a proven technology. Flue gas is generated from the thermal treatment process in Energy from Waste plants (EfW) and contains acidic gases such as hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen fluoride. The use of lime in the three main flue gas treatment processes of; dry, semi-dry and wet processes ...

    By Inciner8 Limited based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pollution Control Systems - Others Product line

  • Pro2 - Gas Extraction Stations - Gas Treatment

    Pro2 compressor plants and disposal units with energy saving rotary piston blowers are optimally adapted to disposal conditions and downstream gas utilisation and gas disposal plants. Any required gas treatment – e. g. condensate separation, gas cooling/drying or gas purification – is designed for the required gas quality. ...

    By Pro2 Anlagentechnik GmbH based in Willich, GERMANY. from Other Product line

  • Sulfur Recovery Catalyst

    PSR Sulfur Recovery Catalyst is used to treat with the acid gases containing H2S for the sake of recovery sulfur element and environmental protection in oil refinery, chemical factory, Iron & steel plant and natural gas treatment processes. The conversion of sulfur can reach to 65~75% in a ordinary bumer, for two stages Clause processes can ...

    By Pingxiang Baisheng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd based in Pingxiang City, CHINA. from Catalyst Product line

  • Scrubber and Scrubbing Towers

    Scrubber and scrubbing towers enable the reduction of the concentration of substances present in a gas stream (smoke, dust or gas) and are widely used in sewage treatment plants and abatement. We realizes scrubber and scrubbing towers of all sizes, according to Customers’ design.

    By SOLME s.r.l. based in San Biagio di Callalta, ITALY.

  • Gas Filters

    Granular bed filters are used for acid mist separation in chernical industry and for fluorine absorption in ceramic industry. Gas filters are mainly employed for town gas, natural and process gas. Ceramic filter elements and filter cloth have proved suitable. There are constructions for all usual pressures. Cleaning takes place by gas reverse flow ...

    By DIDIER Filtertechnik GmbH based in Eisenberg/Pfalz, GERMANY.

  • Spectrex - Model C-30ZX - Color Bar Ozone Monitor

    The C-30ZX Ozone Monitor provides a reliable and inexpensive way of continuous monitoring for low levels of OZONE gas for water treatment plants, pulp bleaching mills, photocopier and laser printer centers, fumigation projects, indoor air quality systems, and wherever ozone exposure is possible. The C-30ZX has a very fast and continuous response, ...

    By Spectrex Corporation based in Redwood City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ozone Analyzers and Monitors Product line

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