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gas turbine exhaust equipment

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    J.U.M. PreFilter - Model VE 112WP - Panel Mount Heated Sample Filter and Interface

    The VE 112WP is the wall or panel mount version of our time proven VE112 heated sample filter and interface. Can be mounted in a separate NEMA 4 type housing or the system with all analyzers and sample cooler. With our unique sample back purge system, typically no sample filter at the stack probe is needed. During back purge not only the internal ...

    By J.U.M. Engineering GmbH based in Karlsfeld, GERMANY. from Heated FID Analyzers - Sampling Accessories Product line

  • ISL - Turbine Body, Diffuser and Exhaust Collector Insulation

    ISL’s Turbine Structures Thermal Insulation Jackets provide a pre-shaped high temperature flexible wrap-around cover, constructed from the highest quality heat resistant materials to suit the specific application required, typically used for gas turbine exhaust collectors, diffusers and turbine body insulation.

    By Isolated Systems Ltd (ISL) based in Heanor, UNITED KINGDOM. from Thermal Insulation - Turbine Structures Insulation Product line

  • Lectrodryer - Water Injection Skid Pump

    The Lectrodryer Water Injection Pump Skid increases the pressure of Demineralized Water supply for injection into the combustion chamber of the gas turbine. Utilizing a Water Injection Pump Skid decreases the amount of NOx in a gas turbines exhaust.

    By Lectrodryer based in Richmond, KENTUCKY (USA). from Turbine Auxiliaries Product line

  • Model SCR DeNOx - Reduction DeNOx DeDioxin Selective Catalytic

    SCR technology converts flue gas NOx to nitrogen and water by cataltically promoted reaction in the presence of reducing agent such as ammonia, urea, etc. SCR technology offers an optimal and effective solution to control Nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions during combustion processes. TYPICAL NOX SOURCES > Gas turbine exhaust > Lean-burn ...

    By Ranido based in Praha 6, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Model CSM2000 - Smoke Meter

    The CSM2000 is a rugged, rack mountable gas turbine engine exhaust smoke measurement system, fully compliant with SAE ARP1179. It is not intended for in-flight testing.

    By Chell Instruments Ltd. based in North Walsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Custom Calibration and Test Systems Product line

  • Absorptive Silencer

    Absorptive silencers are very effective on high noise frequencies (500-8,000 Hz). At frequencies above or below this range, attenuation performance progressively diminishes. Since noise is absorbed by the packing material, absorptive silencers do not rely on internal baffles, tubes or other restrictive devices to achieve noise reduction. ...

    By B&W Universal based in Stoughton, WISCONSIN (USA). from Gas Turbine Inlet / Exhaust Systems Product line

  • Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration

    Ammonia absorption refrigeration is time-tested technology that has come of age. Waste heat recovery can be combined with absorption chilling to reduce or eliminate the electric power bill of mechanical refrigeration. For instance, if a company has a power-generating gas turbine, the high temperature exhaust heat can be converted to refrigeration ...

    By Sep-Pro Systems, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Engine Exhaust Silencers and Systems

    B&W Universal's exhaust silencers provide the best performance for all engine applications. We offer silencers crafted for four different attenuation grades, and in a variety of styles and configurations, including spark-arresting silencers for gas engine applications. Engine packagers in power generation, oil & gas, and OEM markets look ...

    By B&W Universal based in Stoughton, WISCONSIN (USA). from Gas Turbine Inlet / Exhaust Systems Product line

  • TECCON - Industrial Stacks

    TECCON supports its customers in the selection of structural shape and materials of industrial stacks in order to reach the best suitable design for a given location, flue gas composition, temperature and volume. The dimensioning and the evaluation that the construction will withstand the expected static and dynamic loads due to corrosive media, ...

    By TECCON Engineering GmbH based in Lieserbrücke, AUSTRIA. from Steelworks Product line

  • Ductwork Expansion Joints

    We provide the complete engineered solution to on-site problems associated with ductwork expansion. This service is based on the design and manufacturing skills of James Walker Townson in expansion joints and bellows for applications covering all ductwork temperatures and pressures. On-site surveys and full installation are vital aspects of our ...

    By James Walker Australia Pty Ltd based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Expansion Joints and Bellows Product line

  • Turbine Marine - Model TM 1450 - Pleasure/Poker Run

    Turbine engines are completely disassembled and inspected by our in-house technicians with over 25 years of turbine maintenance and turbine engine development experience from the U.S Army. Every engine’s internal parts are serviced, or replaced, and brought back to flight specifications to maximize longevity and engine life in the harsh ...

    By Turbine Marine Inc based in Pompano Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Seiris - Fabric Expansion Joints (Non-Metallic Expansion Joints)

    Single or Multiple layers of fabrics and elastomers. Tailor made according to specific shapes, sizes and operating conditions. Fabric expansion joints are primarily used for gaseous fluids. Provide flexibility to ductworks to face following problems: Expansion and contraction of the ducts due to temperature changes, Vibrations, Noise, Movements of ...

    By Seiris SAS based in Coudray Montceaux, FRANCE.

  • B&W Universal - Panel Elements

    B&W Universal offers a wide range of air filter panels for use on gas turbines, diesel engines, compressors and blowers. These filters enable effective and efficient filtration at high airflow levels with a minimum amount of pressure drop. The W-2, DD-2 and P-2 panel filters are lightweight, easy to clean and are ideally used with ...

    By B&W Universal based in Stoughton, WISCONSIN (USA). from Filtration Technologies Product line

  • ASHRAE - Model MG - Air Filtration Media

    LydAir® MG ASHRAE air filtration media provides superior strength and stiffness for improved pleating characteristics while also offering excellent filtration and dust holding performance. Providing 100% mechanical efficiency, LydAir MG ASHRAE media does not rely on an electrostatic charge and will not lose efficiency over time.  It is ...

    By Lydall Performance Materials, Inc based in Rochester, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Air Filtration Product line

  • Isoflex - Model FM-1-L - Fabric Expansion Compensators

    “Isoflex Expansion Compensators”, (E.X.J.), are designed to provide: Protection of ductwork and other hardware from the effects of thermal expansion absorb expansion, vibration and when specified, installation misalignment.  Minimise transmitted loads to the Turbine outlet flange and by their very construction, E.X.J.’s also ...

  • Model 10 MC Series - Multi-Purpose Exhaust Expansion Joints

    The 10MC is an expansion joint rated to accept the high stress demands of frequent engine start/stop and/or high vibration applications.

    By Flex-Weld / Keflex Incorporated based in Woodstock, ILLINOIS (USA). from Engine / Exhaust Products Product line

  • Model 30 MC Series - Multi-Purpose Exhaust Expansion Joints

    Fixed by Floating Flange quick, easy bolt alignment for replacement applications. Multi-Ply Bellows Construction movement rated at 30,000 cycles plus. Easier movement—less force to actuate. Greater vibration absorption. Better heat dissipation.

    By Flex-Weld / Keflex Incorporated based in Woodstock, ILLINOIS (USA). from Engine / Exhaust Products Product line

  • LydAir - Model MG - HEPA and ULPA Air Filtration Media

    LydAir MG HEPA and ULPA air filtration media is specially engineered for use in a wide range of absolute clean air applications that provide the highest available efficiency at a minimal resistance to air flow. LydAir MG media is designed to provide superior strength and stiffness for improved pleating characteristics for a broad range of ...

    By Lydall Performance Materials, Inc based in Rochester, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Air Filtration Product line

  • Ingreen - Sound Proof Ducting

    Sound Proof Ducting is designed and optimized on the basis of original prototype. The Ducting consists of flat steel shell, metallic framework, composite acoustic material, metal punching plate and surrounding flange. The space between punching plate and external shell is filled with acoustic pillow. Adopting the advanced plating processing ...

    By Ingreen Technology Inc based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • BBM - Flue Gas Silencers

    BBM Akustik Technologie, Germany is the world’s leading supplier  for  flue-gas  silencers.  We  supply  the  whole  range  of  silencers behind the gas turbine and for all kind of boilers. BBM Akustik  Technologie  has  executed  several  hundred  projects ...

    By BBM-CPG Technology, Inc. based in Laurens, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

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