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Gaseous Pollutants Adsorbers equipment

  • Lührfilter - Fixed Bed Mobile Adsorber

    LUEHR fixed bed / mobile bed adsorbers are used for the adsorption of gaseous pollutants such as.

    By Lührfilter Limited based in Sutton Coldfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Products Product line

  • Mobile Bed Adsorber

    LUEHR mobile bed adsorbers are used for the adsorption of gaseous pollutants such as: PCDD/PCDF, heavy metals, i.a. mercury, hydrocarbon compounds, gaseous inorganic substances such as HCl, SO2, H2S, at grainy activated carbon/-coke or other coarse-grained sorbents. The excellent separation efficiency allows the reliable observance of extremely ...

    By Luehr Filter GmbH based in Stadthagen, GERMANY.

  • Adsorbers for Recovery of Solvents

    Ecosystems is capable of designing, constructing, and installing systems for the lowering of emissions into the atmosphere and for the recovery of solvents. This allows the client to respect the applicable legal restrictions concerning atmospheric pollution.

    By Ecosystems S.r.l. based in Pomezia, ITALY. from Plants Division Product line

  • Catalyst Reduction System (SCR)

    Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system for flue gas denitrification consists of a NOx reduction process on a catalytic bed using ammonia or urea as reagent. The right operating temperature is secured through a gas-gas heat exchanger and an external heat source. Flue gas is fed through the catalytic bed, where NOx is reduced to form nitrogen and ...

    By AWS Corporation Srl based in Cologno al Serio (BG), ITALY. from Air Pollution Control Systems Product line

  • DKFIL - Dry Scrubber Abatement System

    This innovative filter is designed to remove pollutants present in a contaminated gaseous flow through the filtering and adsorbing action of particular solid-state media. No maintenance needed.

    By Labiotest Srl based in Povoletto (UD), ITALY. from Scrubbers Product line

  • Clean Air Technology: Wet Gas Cleaning

    According to the local emission regulations particles or gaseous pollutants have to be removed from the flue gas.

    By Michaelis GmbH & Co. KG based in Veitshöchheim, GERMANY. from Clean Air Technology Product line

  • Premium

    Hi-Q - Model AGX-Series - Silver Impregnated Zeolite Cartridges

    Nuclear Grade Carbon & Silver Zeolite Cartridges used for the assay of Radioiodine. For evaluation and documentation purposes, HI-Q has all of its individual batches/lots of TEDA Impregnated Carbon and Silver Impregnated Zeolite collection media tested by an outside certified testing laboratory, at multiple flow rates in the cartridge ...

    By HI-Q Environmental Products Company based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Filter Media For Air Samplers Product line

  • Model V-PAC - Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) Air Cleaner

    According to the EPA, poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of the most urgent environmental risks to public health today. The majority of Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors (CDC) and IAQ directly impacts building occupant health. People frequently report building-related health symptoms and illnesses related to poor ...

    By Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. based in Valencia, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • VOC Recovery Technology

    Polaris has developed a new VOC recovery technology for the treatment of the gaseous polluted emissions coming from the process industries, suitable, in particular, for large volumes and moderate VOC’s concentrations. The patent application has been filed. The process is based on the adsorption of VOCs, mainly solvents, present in such ...

    By Polaris S.R.L. based in Misinto (MI), ITALY.

  • Wet Scrubber

    Wet scrubbers are used to absorb soluble gases into water or other liquids such as solutions and to remove particulates from gas streams by contacting with water or other liquid. The flue-gas flow is fed into water, hydrogen peroxide, or/and a washing solution containing part of the reagent (e.g. sodium hydroxide solution). In order to eliminate ...

    By Santes Incinerator based in Sincan, TURKEY. from Flue Gas Treatment Product line

  • Humasorb - Treatment Unit for Removal of Toxic Metals from Wastewaters

    HUMASORB is based on the natural properties of humic acid and incorporates high ion-exchange capacity, the ability to chelate metals, adsorb organics, and also reduce toxic forms of contaminants such as Cr (VI) and chlorinated organics into non-toxic components.

    By ARCTECH, Inc. based in Chantilly, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Hydrosil Spectrum - Model HS-600 - The Oxidation Heavyweight

    6% potassium permanganate impregnated media. The number one method for removing acid gasses and other airborn pollutants.

    By Hydrosil International based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA). from Air Filtration Product line

  • Dioxin Monitoring System

    The Dioxin Monitoring System is a device, which has been developed for continuous monitoring of dioxin emissions. The design furter offers versatile application for the sampling of other pollutants, like e.g. PCBs, metals, HCB, etc.

    By Monitoring Systems GmbH based in Pressbaum, AUSTRIA.

  • Premium

    Environnement S.A. - ENVEA - Model AMESA - Dioxin Monitoring System

    Traditionally, the monitoring of pcdd/fs is achieved by taking 1–3 short-term samples per year (each of 6 hours). However, over the past 10 years it was discovered that especially during start-up and shut-down periods of (state of the art) incinerators the dioxin emissions in the flue-gas can increase compared to normal operation up to ...

    By ENVEA ( ex Environnement S.A Group) based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Dioxin Monitoring Product line

  • IEG - Soil Air Circulation-Bioventing System

    IEG directed Soil Air Circulation™ systems (IEG SAC™) are employed for the remediation by Bioventing of soils contaminated with volatile hydrocarbons by enhancing the IEG Vaccum Vapour Extraction™ (IEG VVE™

    By IEG Technologies UK Ltd based in Bedfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Remediation Technologies Product line

  • IEG - Soil Air Circulation-Vacuum Vapour Extraction System

    IEG directed Soil Air Circulation™ systems (SAC™) are employed for the remediation of soils contaminated with volatile hydrocarbons by enhancing the IEG Vaccum Vapour Extraction™ (IEG VVE™) technique. In addition, they can be used to inject gas into the soil for the stimulation of biological or chemical degradation.

    By IEG Technologies UK Ltd based in Bedfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Remediation Technologies Product line

  • IQAir - Model HealthPro Plus Series - Air Purifiers

    The New Edition features the most powerful fan ever used in a residential room air purifier. And that power translates into even better air cleaning results. The new three-dimensionally optimized design now uses state-of-the-art aerodynamics to convert energy into more air and less noise. And by improving further on the HyperHEPA filter pleating ...

    By IQAir based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Home Air Purifiers Product line

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