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  • Premium

    AMS - Borehole Preparation Kit

    Improve effectiveness of geotechnical testing and sampling with a pre-bored hole. Includes: 5/8' threaded, 2 1/4' regular auger and 2 1/4' 5/8' planer auger, one 4' 5/8' extension, one 3' 5/8' extension, rubber-coated cross handle, black poly-canvas bag.

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Borehole Preparation Kit Product line

  • Premium

    AMS - Model 9520-VTR - Versatile Drill Rig PowerProbe

    The new 9520-VTR PowerProbe is a versatile drill rig that can be used in most environmental and geotechnical applications. While retaining many of the same features of our larger PowerProbes, the track-mounted 9520-VTR all-terrain model utilizes a smaller carrier and has the added benefits of more HP, improved fuel economy and emissions, ...

    By Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.) based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA). from Versatile Drill Rig PowerProbe Product line

  • greenWAVE

    Oceanlinx has a developed a specific shallow water oscillating water column (OWC) application, termed greenWAVE (for more on how an OWC works, please see the Our Technology page). This OWC is located in about ten metres of water depth, and is mounted on the seabed. While the structure can technically be fabricated from any material, it is ...

    By Oceanlinx Limited based in Macquarie Park,, AUSTRALIA.

  • Infrastructure Projects

    GEOCHEM ENGINEERING offers Geosynthetics in all grade of Infrastructure Projects, either as Geotechnical Problems solutions or as cost effective proposals giving the same construction result. The use of GEOCHEM ENGINEERING’s Products and Services is extended to all kind of Highway, Railway, Underground Structure and Hydraulic Projects.

    By Geochem Engineering SA based in Koropi, GREECE. from Infrastructure Projects Product line

  • Geotechnical Gauge

    Make accurate and consistent observations every time! Features include centimeter and inches scale, roundness chart, chart for estimating percentage composition, 6 common Munsell® soil colors, Unified Soil Classification System (USCS), soil compaction tests for clay and sand, and size classification chart with actual sand grains from coarse ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • Geosense - Model Wi-SOS 480 - Tilt Meter

    The Geosense Wi-SOS 480 Wireless Tilt Meter is used for long-range, remote readings in geotechnical monitoring applications. The tilt meter combines a high-precision biaxial MEMS sensor with a radio transmission network to provide accurate measurements with the benefits of long-range wireless communication and extended battery life.

    By Geosense Ltd based in Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tilt Meter Product line

  • Model LCF-2330-L - Dual Axis Inclinometer

    The LCF-2330-L offers the same performance and reliablility as the standard LCF-2330 series, but with Dimensional Drawing: LCF-2330-L Inclinometer Series a convenient 4-20mA output signal. This solution is ideal for applications that require long cable runs such asplatform/radar leveling and geotechnical monitoring.

    By Jewell Instruments LLC based in Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Dual Axis Inclinometer Product line

  • Black Diamond - Model D750-100/200 - Tiltmeter

    The D750-100/200 Tiltmeter Series is the digital version of the Black Diamond Tiltmeter sensor line for geotechnical measurement. It includes a 0.001° and an industry standard RS485 digital output signal.

    By Jewell Instruments LLC based in Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA). from Tiltmeter Product line

  • ENVIROPLUG - Model GROUT - Bentonite

    ENVIROPLUG GROUT is a patented formula bentonite product designed to be used as a water well grouting fluid, drill hole abandonment fluid, grout for geotechnical monitoring wells after casing placement, and other geotechnical construction applications requiring non-destructible sub-grade seals. Once in place, ENVIROPLUG GROUT begins to set and ...

    By Wyo-Ben, Inc. based in Billings, MONTANA (USA). from Bentonite Product line

  • Ruen - Model BK 51 - Track Mounted Geotechnical Drill

    This unit is capable of geotechnical augering and coring. It is complete with auto hammer, three winches, hydraulic powered Bean 35 water pump, and Moyno mud pump. This machine has 5100-ft. lbs. of torque. It can be track, skid, or truck mounted.

    By Ruen Drilling International, Inc. based in Clark Fork, IDAHO (USA).

  • Model RB 16 (S) - Drilling Rig

    The multipurpose drilling rig PRAKLA RB 16 is designed for different applications, e.g. drilling of water wells, mineral exploration and geotechnical investigation. The equipment of RB 16 can be easily adapted to the specific requirements, because of its modular design. This drilling rig will be delivered either on modern off-road truck (RB 16) or ...

    By PRAKLA Bohrtechnik GmbH - BAUER Group based in Peine, GERMANY. from Drilling Rig Product line

  • Kortex - Model GT PP - Geotextile Wovens

    The woven geotextile made from 100% polypropylene tapes with bi-oriented tensile strengths up to 120 kN/m for areal soil stabilization and mono-oriented tensile strengths of more than 320 kN/m for all geotechnical reinforcement applications.

    By Geofelt GmbH based in Linz, AUSTRIA. from Geotextile Wovens Product line

  • DiTemp SMARTGeoTex Fabric

    Geo-textile structures, beside reinforcing capability in the field of geotechnical engineering, can be also equipped with FO sensors for monitoring purposes. Thus DiTemp® SMARTGeoTex Fabric becomes an innovative solution that combines the benefits of using geosynthetic materials with the sensing capabilities of FO for geotechnical applications ...

    By Roctest - part of Nova Metrix LLC based in Saint-Lambert, QUEBEC (CANADA). from DiTemp SMARTGeoTex Fabric Product line

  • MARL - Model M 10 - Truck Mounted Auger Drills

    Available on tracks or truck-mounted, this workhorse is unparalleled for intermediate to deep geotechnical or environmental drilling. The M 10 is the flagship drill of our M Series, and encompasses all aspects of what a MARL drill is about. This durable, proven performer has a decades-long track record of out performing competitors on jobs all ...

    By MARL Technologies Inc. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Truck Mounted Auger Drills Product line

  • Mobile Drill - Model B45 - Mechanical Drill

    The new standard for geotechnical drilling applications. 8,085 ft-lb of torque for augers and 669 rpm for coring. 2 in. ID open spindle. Power shift transmission. Under 14,000 lbs track mounted. High return on investment. Skid, track, truck and trailer mounts.

    By Mobile Drill Intl based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA). from Mechanical Drill Product line

  • Model XL Series - Fraste MultiDrill

    Compact, versatile and powerful, the Multidrill XL series of drilling rigs is the absolute most-sold model within the Fraste rigs range.The popular XL drill series is outstanding for geotechnical, sonic, water well, and geothermal drilling.  Experience, innovation, high quality, and continual feedback from users over the years has made the ...

    By MARL Technologies Inc. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Fraste MultiDrill Product line

  • Model GCE - Polyethylene Geocells

    Polyethylene Geocells ATARWEB have high tensile and peel strength. They are used in contact with soil/rock and/or any other geotechnical material in civil engineering applications. Also Geocells made of strips of geotextiles are offered.

    By Atarfil based in Atarfe, SPAIN. from Polyethylene Geocells Product line

  • Fraste Multidrill - Model SL - Geotechnical Drilling Rigs

    FRASTE MULTIDRILL SL G - SL P * new – flexible – compact Geotechnical jobs – SPT Probes – Small water wells – Soil testing. The new MULTIDRILL SL is available in two different versions: - SL G for geotechnical applications and small water wells - SL P for SPT probes (Standard Penetration Test) LS hydraulic system and ...

    By Fraste S.p.A. based in NOGARA (VR), ITALY. from Geotechnical Drilling Rigs Product line

  • Dando - Model Multitec 9000 - Multi-purpose Drilling Rig

    A high performance, multipurpose drilling rig with 9000kgf pullback, ideal for water, mineral exploration,geotechnical investigation, core drilling and GSHP drilling applications. The track mounted machine's compact and lightweight design allows it to operate in tight spaces with limited access.

    By Sonic Drill Corporation based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA). from Multi-purpose Drilling Rig Product line

  • Soil Instruments - Dataloggers

    Instrumentation systems for geotechnical and structural monitoring often entail monitoring large numbers of sensors of different types with dataloggers often being installed in remote, inaccessible and hostile locations. itmsoil data loggers are based on the basic industry standard Campbell Scientific CR1000 and CR800 loggers, with ...

    By Soil Instruments Ltd, a Division of Nova Metrix LLC. based in Uckfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dataloggers Product line

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