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geotextile equipment

  • GSE - Model NW 4 - Environmental Nonwoven Geotextiles

    GSE Nonwoven Geotextiles are a family of staple fiber needle-punched geotextiles. The geotextile is manufactured using an advanced manufacturing and quality system which which produces the most uniform and consistent nonwoven needle-punched geotextile currently available in the industry. GSE combines a fiber selection and approval system with ...

    By GSE Environmental (GSE) based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Geotextiles Product line

  • Geotextile

    It consists of a few types, depending on the need of the ground and the building. It is used in the structures for filtration, reinforcement and protection purposes. Since each structure has different needs, the types needed are selected by checking the technical table.

    By Bareen Construction based in Erbil, IRAQ.

  • Woven Geotextiles - Model Geotextiles - Woven Geotextile Fabric

    Weight : 100-800GSM Width: 6m Length: 100m Material : PP

    By Laiwu Starring Trading Co.,ltd based in CHINA.

  • Stopwave - Sand Containers For Erosion Control

    Robust geotextile containers for riverbanks and coastline protection. The Stopwave system consists of sand-filled geotextile containers built to form a stabilising, defensive barrier against coastal and river erosion.

    By Tessilbrenta Srl based in Pove del Grappa (VI), ITALY.

  • Woven Geotextiles

    Nilex Woven Geotextiles are often used for separation and stabilization in the construction of roads. The woven geotextile’s separation action prevents the mixing of dissimilar soils allowing each soil layer in the road structure to function as intended. The high tensile strength and low elongation properties of woven geotextiles impart ...

    By Nilex based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Fibertex - Geotextiles

    Fibertex Geotextiles are used in building and construction works for separation, filtration, drainage, protection, stabilization and reinforcement. Fibertex Geotextiles are made of virgin polypropylene fibres added HALS UV stabilizer according to EN12224. The basic strength of Fibertex Geotextiles is obtained by needle-punching the ...

    By Fibertex Nonwovens A/S based in Aalborg, DENMARK.

  • L & M - Model 270HP - High-Performance / High Strength Geotextiles

    270HP geotextile is composed of high-tenacity polypropylene yarns, which are woven into a network such that the yarns retain their relative position. 270HP geotextile is inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis, and acids. We certify that the LM 270 HP meets AASHTO M-288 Class 1 and Class 2 ...

    By L & M Supply Company based in Willacoochee, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from High-Performance / High Strength Geotextiles Product line

  • Geoplas - Geotextiles

    Geotextiles are geosynthetic products in different types of fibers used for separation, protection, drainage and filtration purposes, which are formed by processing needles of fibers having different raw material properties. Based on the project conditions, geotextiles should be selected from among 4 types of the products suitable for the project ...

    By Geoplas based in Ankara, TURKEY.

  • Geotextiles

    Nonwoven Fabrics. Woven Stabilization Fabrics. Woven Monofilaments. High Performance Woven Stabilization Fabrics. Spunbond Landscape Fabrics. Groundcover Fabric. Geogrids.

    By Earth Saver Erosion Control Products based in Woodland, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Drenflex - Geocomposite of Granular Bentonite

    Geocomposite of granular bentonite. The bentonite is enclosed between two geotextiles, a woven and a non woven geotextile. All the compounds are firmly joined by needlepunched, that grant to the final product a high sturdiness and high security level in the installation on embankments. Geotesan Geobent AS is made with strict quality controls ...

    By Geotex SA based in Minas de Riotinto, SPAIN. from Classification of Geocomposites Product line

  • L & M - Model 370 HP - High-Performance / High Strength Geotextiles

    370HP geotextile is composed of high-tenacity monofilament polypropylene yarns, which are woven into a network such that the yarns retain their relative position. 370HP geotextile is inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis, and acids.

    By L & M Supply Company based in Willacoochee, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from High-Performance / High Strength Geotextiles Product line

  • L & M - High-Performance / High Strength Geotextiles

    L & M Supplies' complete line of High Performance geotextiles also know as High Strength Geotextiles, are uniquely designed to produce a superior geotextile fabric which yields exceptional strength combined with increased water flow and filtration properties. Our high performance geotextiles are designed to provide reinforcement, separation, ...

    By L & M Supply Company based in Willacoochee, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Geotextiles Product line

  • terapro - Sealed Geocomposite

    The terapro range consist of sealed geocomposite products composed of anti-punching geotextile and a watertight sheet.

    By Teragéos based in Veurey Voroize, FRANCE.

  • GEOfabrics - Model HPS Colour - Geotextiles

    GEOfabrics can manufacture HPS products to specified colours for individual requirements. It is possible to manufacture to a specified pantone grade where required. HPS Coloured products have been used for arena events to protect sports surfaces from damage.

    By GEOfabrics Limited based in Stourton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Geotextiles Product line

  • Polyurea Geotextiles

    Standard nonwoven getoextiles have a rough surface of fibers which prevent maximum adhesion when sprayed with polyurea. IR16 Is a special heat treated nonwoven geotextile manufactured to provide a superior smooth surface for maximum bonding, and consistent surface finish for polyurea spray on liner applications. The nonwoven geotextiles ...

    By Texas Erosion Supply based in Wylie, TEXAS (USA). from Geotextiles Product line

  • Model Excel 315W - Woven Geotextiles

    Woven Geotextiles are used for separation of soil, filtration and reinforcement. Mainly used as a separation and reinforcement layer in road construction, GPEC Ltd carries a large supply of woven geotextiles. Custom sizes available upon request.

    By Green Patch Environmental Consulting Ltd. (GPEC) based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Geotextiles Product line

  • Model T-Drain 4,2 50 12T TG - Drainage Geocomposite

    High density Polyethylene (HDPE) geonet with one PP geotextile heat laminated.

    By TeMa Technologies and Materials S.r.l. based in Vittorio Veneto (TV), ITALY. from Environmental Solutions - Drainage Geocomposite Product line

  • Model MI.GE-1003 - Cross Permeability Test Apparatus

    Permeability of a geotextile must be substantially greater than that of the protected soil, so that water can pass freely from the soil through the fabric without build up of hydrostatic pressure. A high value of the permeability of the geotextile also infers that partial clogging will not reduce the permeability. The constant head test is carried ...

  • NPI - Water Storage Covering

    To counter the growth of algae and accumulation of dirt in your water storage system, there are several options. For your silo, you may choose tensioned or floating anti-algae covers made of geotextile, or a steel cover; for your excavated basin, you may choose e.g. a geotextile or polypropylene covering.

    By Nederlandse Plastic Industrie B.V. (NPI) based in Tzummarum, NETHERLANDS. from Water Storage Product line

  • teradrain - Drainage Geocomposite

    Teradrain , drainage geocomposite, a combination of geotextiles and a network of mini-drains.

    By Teragéos based in Veurey Voroize, FRANCE.

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