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gravity wall equipment

  • Gravity Retaining Walls

    PRS-Neoweb gravity walls mechanically stabilize unstable slopes, prevent erosion and offer a green fascia. Installation is fast and efficient as each infilled PRS-Neoweb layer is structural stable against rotational failures and internal forces. Neoloy®-based PRS-Neoweb provides sufficient structural strength using low grade and/or local ...

    By PRS Geo-Technologies based in -, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gravity Retaining Walls Product line

  • Gabion - Gravity Retaining Walls

    Terra Aqua’s gabion gravity retaining wall systems are monolithic gravity mass structures and follow standard design methods for gravity retaining walls. The following information is provided by Terra Aqua as a design guide to assist Professional Engineers, Government Agencies, Land Developers, and Contractors in the proper design, ...

    By Terra Aqua Inc. based in Fort Smith, ARKANSAS (USA).

  • Gravity Retaining Walls

    Gravity retaining walls are a basic design and rely on the mass of the wall to retain the earth behind.

    By Virtus Concrete Solutions Ltd. based in Bromborugh, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gravity Retaining Walls Product line

  • Premium

    Ovivo G-TAD™ - Gravity Thickened Aerobic Digestion Process

    Ovivo's patented G-TADTM (Gravity Thickened Aerobic Digestion) process provides for the integrated operation of a gravity sludge thickener with two or more aerobic digesters. By operating these units as a combined system, improved treatment and efficiency is achieved.

    By Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies) based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Gravity Thickened Aerobic Digestion Process Product line

  • Rose-Wall - Model RW4100PCPDH - Well Grouter

    3-Stage Progressive cavity pump, 225 PSI, 10 GPM. Design allows for continuous mixing and pumping of grouting materials. 11 HP recoil start Honda Engine. 41 gallon capacity mixing hopper. 11 gallon capacity plumbing hopper. Gravity discharge into a pumping hopper. 85' wide, 36' long and 49' overall height. Weight - 700 LBS.

    By Rose-Wall Manufacturing, Inc. based in Greenfield, INDIANA (USA).

  • Piano Wall - MSE Precast Retaining Wall with Traffic Barrier

    Piano Wall is a combination precast traffic barrier and MSE retaining wall which is a coherent gravity structure engineered to resist specific loading requirements. The primary components of a Piano Wall consist of alternating layers of granular backfill, and linear metallic, high-adherence soil reinforcing strips to which a full height ...

    By Reinforced Earth Company (RECo) based in Reston, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Gravity Corer

    Paleoecological analysis Deep water sediments Benthic community analysis Gravity Corer Unit Includes: core head with release mechanism Delrin and stainless steel construction rubberball is held in the open or 'free-flushing' position by a release pin during penetration thus preventing frontal wave disturbance of sediments bronze messenger 300 gm ...

    By Aquatic Research Instruments based in Hope, IDAHO (USA).

  • Gravity Corer

    Paleoecological analysis, Deep water sediments, Benthic community analysis.

    By Aquatic Research Instruments based in Hope, IDAHO (USA). from Gravity Corer Product line

  • Armtec - Bin-Wall Retaining Walls

    Armtec’s Bin-Wall is an extremely versatile gravity retaining wall system made of rugged galvanized steel components. The system consists of adjoining, closed-face steel bins, filled with compacted granular material, and designed to the height and depth needed to resist overturning and sliding forces typical of gravity wall systems. The ...

    By Armtec based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Bin-Wall Retaining Walls Product line

  • Model Terratrel Type - Retaining Wall

    Flexible structures are designed to resist gravity specific load requirements. It Combines the performance and structural integrity of Reinforced Earth and retained land with economy of the steel mesh front. The primary components of a wall TerraTrel layers consist of granular fill, and the soil reinforcements to which is attached a front modular ...

    By Bio Global Group Inc based in Moore Haven, FLORIDA (USA). from Retaining Wall Product line

  • Wall Starters

    Freeflow Wall Starters allow simplified and low cost installation of most through wall connections. The normal procedure for passing pipes though walls is to leave a substantial 'Box-Out' in the wall during the original pouring process. At a later time, the contractor then passes a 'puddle pipe' through this opening, supports the pipe and builds ...

    By Freeflow Pipesystems based in Oldbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Hebeish - Gravity Application Pipes

    Rather than turbo pressure, HDPE Gravity Application pipes, used in the sewage networks, are run by the use of gravity. Their characteristics include very good resistance to laying and work stresses and ease of installation. In addition, their unique advantages include high resistance to chemical, electrochemical aggressions and abrasions as ...

    By Hebeish Group based in Cairo, EGYPT. from Gravity Application Pipes Product line

  • Model GBF Series - Gravity Bed Filter

    W.E. Inc. proudly announces its new Gravity Bed Filter (GBF) Series filtration system. The GBF is perfect for applications requiring five to fifty gallons per minute of fluid(s) filtration. The GBF is designed especially for water soluble or synthetic coolants, dirty floor wash, etc. with a typical range of 100-200 micron filtration. The GBF is ...

    By Wastewater Engineers, Inc. based in Oxford, MICHIGAN (USA). from Gravity Bed Filter Product line

  • Uwall - Retaining Wall System

    The Uwall system can be erected with any selected batter which requires no bracing during construction; has high shear values between each course; requires less fill; and offers unequaled speed of installation with a small footprint and unlimited wall heights. A hybrid system offering a true gravity interlocking wall unit with multiple engineering ...

    By Concrete Systems Inc (CSI) based in Hudson, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • CeTeau - Segmental Reinforced Block Wall

    CeTeau segmental reinforced blocks wall, Economical, Flexible, Durable, Easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing. Our block walls are gravity retaining walls consisting of concrete masonry units, which are placed without the use of mortar (dry stacked), and which rely on a combination of the mechanical tongue and groove interlock, mass and ...

    By CeTeau B.V. based in Makkum, NETHERLANDS.

  • Gravity Convection Lab Oven

    This gravity convection lab oven is ideal for drying, baking, sterilizing, evaporating, heat treating, annealing, and testing. The oven uses energy efficient, low-watt density incoloy-sheathed elements for rapid run-up and recovery times. The control panel features an illuminated on/off rocker switch, a heat/cycle pilot light, and a bimetal ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Gravity Convection Lab Oven Product line

  • Cut-Off Walls

    The traditional liquid slurry trench method is well known for creating hydraulic barriers and has been used for decades to stem the flow of subsurface water and water-borne contamination. In many cases, a backfill material with more structural strength is desired, particularly where subsurface flow rates are high or in earthen dams or dikes where ...

    By AquaBlok, Ltd. based in Swanton, OHIO (USA). from Cut-Off Walls Product line

  • Dualline - Double Wall Tanks

    Dualline Double Wall Tank’s strong, durable, quality construction is designed for the containment of all chemicals rated for contact with polyethylene. Dualline™ tanks are freestanding double wall vertical tanks with a flat bottom for indoor or outdoor stationary applications. Double wall construction provides containment in the event ...

    By Den Hartog Industries, Inc. based in Hospers, IOWA (USA). from Double Wall Tanks Product line

  • Jensen Precast - Model Type II - Cantilever Wall Design System

    4’ to 24’ spans, up to 16’ heights. Skewed ends for channel alignments, radius turns or angled turns. Longer lay-lengths, up to 16’. Faster installation using vertical gravity joint system. Accommodates lateral pipe penetrations & accesses. Cooper E-80, FAA, AASHTO, ACI 318 and designs available.

    By Jensen Precast based in Sparks, NEVADA (USA). from Cantilever Wall Design System Product line

  • WEIDA Double Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipes

    WEIDA Double Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipes are ideal for underground or aboveground gravity and low-pressure applications in the civil works and waste management sectors.

    By Weida (M) Bhd based in Kuching, MALAYSIA. from WEIDA Double Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipes Product line

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