Green Energy equipment in Texas

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    Brackett Green - Single Entry Drums Screens

    Brackett Green single entry drums screens utilize a rack and pinion drive instead of the chains and rollers commonly used in other drum screens. The A-frame construction provides a light but rigid structure, ideal for seismic requirements. The patented mesh panels and full-contact seals ensure zero bypassing and complete retention and removal of ...

    By Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies) Office in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Municipal Wastewater - Headworks Product line

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    Brackett Green - Debris Filters

    Most power plants employ extensive pre-screening at cooling water intakes. Despite this, additional filtration may be required at locations where the cooling water is loaded with heavy debris and marine life. Brackett Green® debris filters provide a vital line of defense related to common problems found downstream of pumps, and prevents such ...

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    Ovivo Brackett Green - Automatic Tube Cleaning System

    Removing scale from heat exchangers and condenser tubes is costly and labor-intensive. The productivity lost during such downtime can never be recovered. The Brackett Green automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS) eliminates maintenance costs associated with chemical/offline cleaning. By injecting appropriately sized elastomer balls into the tubes, ...

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    Ovivo Brackett Green - Double Entry Drum Screen

    The in-to-out flow pattern of the Brackett Green double entry drum screen eliminates bypassing and carryover. It also allows for a downward load that eliminates the risk of the screen breaking free from its foundation. The patented mesh panels can handle high differential loading for fine screening, without failing. Our robust, custom-made screens ...

  • Water-Energy - Ozone Laundry Systems

    Ozone Laundry is a term generally used to describe a philosophy of textile care that uses electricity and oxygen in a unique way to replace many of the chemicals normally used in a traditional washing process. Oxygen and electricity are used to create ozone. Ozone is dissolved into water and applied to the wash wheel in place of the chemicals. ...

    By Water Energy Technologies, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Pulley PRO Green - Model KX-3500 - Laser Pulley Alignment System

    Patented Reflected Laser Beam Technology. The Pulley PRO Green Laser Pulley & Belt Alignment System is light-weight, compact and durable. The unit magnetically attaches to the inside or outside face of any pulley or sprocket and has no small parts or targets that can get lost. We use our proven reflected laser beam technology for maximum ...

    By Seiffert Industrial, Inc. based in Richardson, TEXAS (USA). from Pulley Alignment Product line

  • Green Mountain Home

    Did you know that the traditional production of electricity is the largest source of industrial air pollution in the U.S.? That means that the electricity you use at home is a daily contributor to your carbon footprint. The good news is that you can reduce your carbon emissions by supporting cleaner energy sources like wind, solar and biomass ...

    By Green Mountain Energy based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Green Mountain Driver

    The driving you do every day may not be pollution-free. In fact, transportation is the second largest cause of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the U.S., and likely a large contributor to your carbon footprint. By becoming a Green Mountain Driver, you can help offset your vehicle's CO2 emissions for a whole year and reduce your impact on the ...

    By Green Mountain Energy based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Green Mountain Traveler

    Whether for business or pleasure, most of us find ourselves traveling on airplanes sometimes. But emissions from air travel are a significant contributor to global climate change. By purchasing the Green Mountain Traveler, you can neutralize the CO2 emissions associated with your air travel and significantly reduce your impact on the environment. ...

    By Green Mountain Energy based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • SAGE - Green Modular Classrooms

    With increasing enrollments and larger classroom sizes, we understand your school district’s need for a healthy classroom option for every child. School buildings are popping up all across the country, and with them comes more construction, more energy being consumed, and more dollars being spent. All of this use of time and resources begins ...

    By Satellite Shelters, Inc. Office in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Green Solution Hood

    The Green Solution Hood—with the breakthrough Neutrodine® system by Erlab®— offers a revolutionary turnkey solution providing a variety of installation, operational and environmental benefits to virtually any laboratory. Compared to traditional fume hoods in operation today, The Green Solution Hood enables designers to:

    By Gray and Green Laboratory Systems LLC based in Pearland, TEXAS (USA).

  • Integrated bioRefinery - Waste-Generating & Energy-Consuming Systems

    IMUS™ technology integrates effectively with other waste-generating and/or energy-consuming systems. The Integrated bioRefinery model seamlessly unites IMUS™ anaerobic digestion technology with other systems: Ethanol & bioDiesel production. Livestock feeding operations. Slaughter facilities. Food & beverage processing. Green ...

    By Himark bioGas Inc Office in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Ozone Cleaning Whitepaper

    Ozone is rapidly becoming the ‘oxidant of choice’ in commercial laundry facilities. Many benefits await organizations that adopt this new ‘green’ approach to the age-old chore of washing linens.

    By Water Energy Technologies, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model VB591 - Biodegradation Nutriation for Water Remediation

    VB591 Water is a totally green, effective treatment for groundwater remediation from hydrocarbon contamination and also water contaminated from oil spills. Using bioremediation technology ,VB591® works effectively in groundwater, rivers, coastal waterways, ship channels, harbors, marinas, lake and open seas.

    By BioNutraTech, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • SuperOx Box - Oxygenation Technology

    SuperOx Box’s Oxygenation Technology is a patented process which has demonstrated its ability to dramatically reduce costs while increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and capacity of municipal wastewater facilities. Current aeration methods are enormously inefficient and require substantially greater amounts of energy to deliver needed ...

    By SuperOx Wastewater Co., LLC based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Venturi Scrubbers and Cyclonic Scrubbers

    Venturi scrubbers use high energy impaction of liquid droplets to remove particulate from contaminated air streams. Water or other liquors are directed towards a constriction, or “throat,” where the atomized liquid scrubs the particulate from the air and transfers it to the scrubber liquid droplets. This type of technology is a part of ...

    By AirPol Office in Tomball, TEXAS (USA).

  • Smart Release - Water System

    Smart Release Technology is a simpler and safer water treatment method to deliver scale, corrosion, and biocide protection for cooling towers and other water system applications.

    By ChemTreat, Inc. - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation Office in Nederland, TEXAS (USA). from Monitoring & Control Systems Product line

  • Filtered Hoods

    Because all laboratories are concerned by risk prevention, Erlab and its 40 years of experience as a world leader in the field of molecular filtration has concentrated all its expertise and introduces a new generation of non ducted mobile filtration fume enclosures named captair Flex.Based on a new modular design, the CaptairFlex range ensures ...

    By Gray and Green Laboratory Systems LLC based in Pearland, TEXAS (USA).

  • AMC - Model 1ACOs Series - Standalone Carbon Monoxide Monitor

    The AMC 1ACOs Gas Monitor provides an economical standalone carbon monoxide monitoring package, incorporating state of the art sensing technology and micro-controller based design to provide accurate gas detection capabilities within a compact package. The AMC-1ACO incorporates a robust steel enclosure designed to provide optimal gas flow ensuring ...

    By Armstrong Monitoring Corporation (AMC) Office in TEXAS (USA). from Systems Product line

  • AMC - Model 1AVCs Series - Combination CO/NO2 Monitor

    The AMC-1AVCs Gas Monitor is an economical monitoring solution for mixed vehicle applications. With combined carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide monitoring and a rugged steel enclosure, the AMC-1AVCs turns even the simplest job into big savings. The AMC-1AVCs is ideal for smaller applications where you'll encounter both gasoline and diesel ...

    By Armstrong Monitoring Corporation (AMC) Office in TEXAS (USA). from Systems Product line

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