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green roofing equipment

  • Premium

    BioMicrobics BioBarrier - Model MBR - Greywater Treatment System

    BioMicrobics BioBarrier MBR Greywater Treatment System designed to treat wastewater from the sink, drain(s), and shower/bath(s) often exceeding typical local regulatory requirements! For a total greywater treatment and water recycling system, the system allows all used water from showering, laundry, washing drainage to be cost-effectively treated ...

    By BioMicrobics, Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Membrane BioReactors (MBRs) Product line

  • Wallbarn - Component Green Roof Systems

    Component green roof systems have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way of providing attractive & environmentally friendly ways for filling an open space on flat roofs.

    By Wallbarn Ltd based in South Croydon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Green Roof Systems Product line

  • Nophadrain - Extensive Green Roof System

    The ideal system for installing a low-maintenance extensive green roof system with sedums, herbs and grasses. Suitable for both flat and medium pitched roofs.

    By Nophadrain BV based in Kerkrade, NETHERLANDS. from Utility Roof Systems Product line

  • Greenyard - Green Roofs

    Specialized substrates for intensive and extensive roof gardens. Standard, light and extra-light substrates.

    By Greenyard Horticulture Belgium NV based in Gent, BELGIUM. from Horticulture - Urban Green Product line

  • Nophadrain - Model ND DGS-E - Substrate Extensive

    This substrate is specially designed for extensive green roofs. The composition of the substrate is tailored to the needs of extensive vegetation and meets the requirements of the FLL Green Roof Guidelines for the design, installation and maintenance of extensive green roofs.

    By Nophadrain BV based in Kerkrade, NETHERLANDS. from Growing Medium Layer Product line

  • De Boer - Green Roofs

    The aim of a roof is to protect us from the effect of the weather. An ordinary roof fulfils those requirements perfectly. But other ways are also possible, for example by choosing a ‘green roof’. On a green roof, the coverage mainly consists of living plants. In fact, the name “green roof” is a little misleading, after all, ...

    By De Boer Waterproofing Solutions based in Schoten, BELGIUM. from Green Product line

  • Green Roof Monitoring System

    Green roofs can reduce stormwater runoff, act as natural building insulation, and offer a more aesthetically pleasing environment. NexSens real-time monitoring systems can help assess the benefits of these green roofs.

    By NexSens Technology, Inc based in Fairborn, OHIO (USA). from Systems Product line

  • Nophadrain - Model ND RS-8 - Inspection Chamber

    Inspection chamber with an insulated cap made of galvanised steel, for monitoring the working of the ND Drainage System on extensive green roofs. The inspection chamber is equipped with apertures for the ND Strip 150 Drainage System for use as a linear drainage system for single-layer extensive green roofs.

    By Nophadrain BV based in Kerkrade, NETHERLANDS. from Inspection Chambers Product line

  • Alkorgreen - Intensive and Extensive Green Roofs

    A dedicated membrane for subsurface application, used in combination with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35121 protection layer and other RENOLIT ALKORGREEN accessories. Suitable for intensive and extensive green roofs.

    By RENOLIT Cramlington Limited based in Cramlington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Roofing Membranes Product line

  • Green Roof - Model 1900 - Main Area Drain with Standpipe

    Reduced Energy Consumption and Maintenance – The roof top plants and/or cool roof materials increase the insulation in the building and reduce heat transfer into the building thus lowering utility rates. Green roofs can reduce energy consumption of a building by up to 20%. Reduces Urban Heat Island Effect – This is where there is an ...

    By Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co. based in Montgomery, ALABAMA (USA). from Green Roof Drains Product line

  • Nidaroof - Green Roof Trays

    The nidaroof product complies with local authority regulations regarding rainwater management, and resolves technical issues in terms of space and infrastructures, and therefore provides an economical alternative solution for optimising space in urban areas. Nidaroof® honeycomb panels are very lightweight, flexible and covered with a porous ...

    By Nidaplast based in Thiant, FRANCE.

  • Envirotiss - Green Roofing Systems

    Green roofs compensate for the green spaces that are being destroyed by the building industry. They enhance housings and make buildings look nicer. Green roofs improve the air quality (hygrometry, dust, toxics). Plants function as natural dust binders and help to reduce the quantity of airborne particles.

    By Novintiss based in La Rochelle, FRANCE. from Envirotiss Product line

  • Kraitec - Reycled Rubber Granuels

    KRAITEC protect is a highly resilient building protection matting for use as a protective layer for demanding constuction projects, such as in tunnel construction, on parking decks and on flat and green roofs. This building protection matting is also recommended when laying flooring with open joints, such as slatted structures on terraces, loggias ...

    By Ludwig Kunststoffgrosshandel OHG based in Berg, GERMANY. from Building Protection Matting Product line

  • Model DBGS Drain 8 - Composite Drainage and Filter Layer

    DBGS Drain 8 is a composite drainage and filter layer in one light-weight layer. It is used in combination with the Duo FC Landscape as a green roof system. This layer helps to evacuate the water from the green roof area, it adds additional mechanical protection to the Duo FC Landscape membrane and it keeps the soil of the green roof in place. It ...

    By De Boer Waterproofing Solutions based in Schoten, BELGIUM.

  • Nophadrain - Model ND RS-30 / ND RS-50 - Inspection Chamber

    The plastic ND RS-30 / ND RS-50 Inspection Chamber, which has a sealable cap, is installed inside vegetation areas on the roof drain to monitor the drainage layer in an intensive green roof construction.

    By Nophadrain BV based in Kerkrade, NETHERLANDS. from Inspection Chambers Product line

  • Green Roof Trays

    Green Roof Trays is simple in design, easy to install, and uses our standard green roof planting method for roof maintenance and repair. Each vegetation green roof modules contains a complete hierarchy of green roof systems, including drainage, rain retention, filtration, growth media and plants. The module is mounted directly on the roof's ...

    By Leiyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd. based in Quanzhou, CHINA.

  • Nophadrain - Model ND WSM-50 - Water Reservoir Panels

    Sustainable, stable hydrophilic mineral wool panels that naturally retain water for intensive green roofs. These panels make it possible to use topsoil instead of ND DGS-I Substrate Intensive as a planting medium.

    By Nophadrain BV based in Kerkrade, NETHERLANDS. from Water Buffering & Water Retention Layer Product line

  • Flex - Single Ply Roofing

    EPT pioneered the development and production of modified PVC single-ply roofing membranes, incorporating DuPont Elvaloy®/KEE, a unique plasticizer that keeps the material indefinitely flexible, while making it highly resistant to environmental and temperature extremes and exposure to a wide range of chemicals and pollutants. They are ideal for ...

    By Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT) based in Hillside, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Application Products Product line

  • Gaussan HV AND LV

    Vector Mapping for use on Waterproofing with or without Overburden Gaussan™ LV electronic leak detection system pinpoints all penetrations in the waterproofing, even under overburden such as green roofs or plaza decks. It Is basic quality control and risk mitigation for new and existing waterproofing and recommended as part of a  ...

    By Gaussan Inc. based in Tilton, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Greenscapes - Bulk Sedum Cuttings for Extensive Greenroofs

    GreenScapes Bulk Sedum Cuttings are ½ - 2 ½ inch long spontaneously rooting stems available in a wide variety of sedums suitable for low-cost planting of extensive green roofs, over planting of plug installations, repair of damaged areas and filling in of sparse areas on extensive green roofs.

    By CETCO based in Kings Norton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Building Materials - Drainage - Green Roof Solutions Product line

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