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ecoStorm plus - Stormwater Filtration

by ecoTechnic GmbH & Co KG     based in Gaspoltshofen, AUSTRIA

ecoStorm plus An affordable stormwater filtration system designed to remove sediments, heavy metals and nutrients. ecoStorm plus is the only available system with full size laboratory and field test results performed by renown European Universities. The ecoStorm plus systems targets on treatment of stormwater to protect watercourses and ...

Donau - Liquid-Phase Adsorbers

by Donau Carbon GmbH & Co. KG     Office in Wien, AUSTRIA

Liquid-Phase Adsorbers for the most diverse liquid and water treatment applications such as:

Ultra-Filtration Plant

by UNIHA Wasser Technologie Gmbh     based in Linz, AUSTRIA

Efficient and effective water treatment generally requires a combination of different methods and technologies. This combination depends on the raw water and the cleaned water needed. The deployment of ultra-filtration offers significant advantages over conventional water treatment methods. There are now numerous applications where ...

AQUALOOP - Water Treatment and Greywater Recycling

by INTEWA GmbH     Distributor in Eberschwang, AUSTRIA

AQUALOOP produces germ-free, bacteriological high quality drinking water, irrespective of whether the input water comes from surface water, groundwater, runoff water from wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater or grey water from houses!*

Donau - Gas-phase Adsorbers

by Donau Carbon GmbH & Co. KG     Office in Wien, AUSTRIA

Gas-phase Adsorbers are used in the most diverse gas and air cleaning applications such as:

Septic Tank

by Pipelife International GmbH     based in Wien, AUSTRIA

The septic tank is often the most efficient and cost-effective solution for waste-water treatment. Based on years of experience, innovation and the highest quality standards, Eco Pipelife has designed and produced a series of septic tanks combined with a ground infiltration system. The 2000 litre tanks are made of durable rotational moulded ...

Stormbox - Eco Systems

by Pipelife International GmbH     based in Wien, AUSTRIA

The STORMBOX is an innovative new product that finds its main application in rainwater infiltration and storage solutions. General application areas: Per building. Per group of buildings. Per build area, behind the road gullies. As a transport system in line to open water. As a buffer, box wrapped in a wa-terproof textile. As a delay in a clean ...

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