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Hand-Held Carbon Dioxide equipment

  • Onset HOBO - Model Telaire 7001 - Hand Held Carbon Dioxide Sensor

    The Telaire 7001 handheld carbon dioxide sensor features patented Absorption Infrared technology. Each sensor measures CO2 and temperature and can calculate and display real-time ventilation rates. When combined with the HOBO U12 or ZW Series it can record CO2, and when connected to an analog input on a H22, RX3000, or U30 Series it can ...

    By Onset Computer Corporation based in Bourne, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from External Sensors Product line

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    Telaire - Model TEL-7001 - 7001 CO2 Sensor

    The Telaire 7001 hand held Carbon Dioxide sensor feature patented Absorption Infrared technology. Each sensor measures CO2 and Temperature and can calculate and display real-time ventilation rates. When combined with the HOBO U12 or ZW Series it can record CO2 and when connected to the H22 or U30 Series can record Temperature & CO2.

    By MeterMall USA based in Marysville, OHIO (USA). from Sensors - Carbon Dioxide Product line

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    ESC - Model Z-800 - Hand Held Ammonia Monitor

    Environmental Sensors Co.'s Ammonia Meter is a hand held instrument that measures ammonia concentration in a range of 0-100 ppm and a resolution of 0.1 ppm. The instrument makes it possible to monitor ammonia vapor in air. The insturment has an LCD display giving concentrations in ppm, a low battery indicator, and an audible alarm that can be set ...

    By Environmental Sensors Company based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA). from Ammonia Monitoring Product line

  • CO2 Portable Analyzer

    The OxyGuard CO2 Portable is a reliable and easy to use instrument that measures the free dissolved carbon dioxide concentration directly in the water. The CO2 concentration is shown on the display, and there is an analogue output. A version with built-in data logger is available.

    By OxyGuard International A/S based in Farum, DENMARK. from Hand-Held and Portable Product line

  • Kidde - Carbon Dioxide System

    The Kidde Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System is an engineered system available in three application configurations: total flooding (for unoccupied areas), local application or hand-hose line. System includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles. Gaseous carbon dioxide rapidly suppresses fire by a ...

    By Kidde Fire Systems based in Ashland, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Carbon Dioxide Systems Product line

  • Amerex - Carbon Dioxide Stored Pressure Extinguishers

    Amerex manufactures a full line of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, both 'compliance' (code required) and 'specialty' types.

    By Amerex Corporation based in Trussville, ALABAMA (USA). from Hand Portable Extinguishers Product line

  • Model CO2-SS-20 - Carbon Dioxide CO2 Analyser

    NEW simple and highly accurate handheld Carbon Dioxide (CO2) analyser, specially developed to measure, verify and validate CO2 levels in CO2 incubators, proving popular in medical departments, research and laboratories, and by field service engineers to repair, validate and calibrate CO2 incubators and equipment.

    By Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd based in Churston Ferrers, UNITED KINGDOM. from Portable Detectors - Personal Detectors Product line

  • INSPECTAIR CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor

    The INSPECTAIRâ„¢-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor is a compact, hand-held instrument which accurately measures carbon dioxide concentrations over a wide range. High precision, repeatable and reliable measurements up to concentrations of 5 percent (50,000 ppm) CO2 are attained using our proven Non-Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR) sensor technology. Unlike ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Exposure Monitoring Product line

  • KANE - Model 100-1 Series - Hand Held CO And CO2 Indoor Air Quality Analyser

    The KANE100-1 handheld gas analyser measures and logs ambient carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. It helps prove flueless gas appliances like space heaters, water heaters and kitchen equipment operate safely. The KANE100-1 also measures CO and CO2 for indoor air quality (IAQ) checks. Inadequate ventilation and poorly working ...

    By Kane International Ltd based in Welwyn Garden City, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flue Gas Analysers Product line

  • cubic - Model RHB-10 - Handheld Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector

    Specifications: Measurement method NDIRRange CO2 0-5000ppm up to 10%CO2Resolution Measurement 0-5000ppm, resolution: 10ppm; Measurement 0-10%vol, resolution: 0.01%Accuracy Range 0-0.5%, error, 0.1%; Range > 0.5, error, 0.05%+5% of readingsResponse time 25sWorking environment Pressure 86-106kpaWorking temperature 0-40Storage temperature ...

    By Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd based in Wuhan, CHINA.

  • Model HCO202 - Handheld Carbon Dioxide Meter/Monitor

    HalTech's HCO202 handheld carbon dioxide meter makes it easy to take quick and accurate measurement of CO2 levels.  Featuring the dual-beam, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption gas sensor technology, the HCO202 has a wide measuring range and quick response to ambient changes in carbon dioxide concentration with long-term stability and ...

    By Hal Technology, LLC based in Fontana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Meters/Monitors Product line

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    AdvancedSense - Model RH-AS2 - Humidity and Temperature Probe

    The RH-AS2 from GrayWolf is a new humidity and temperature probe for our cutting-edge AdvancedSense handheld HVAC/OH/FM/IAQ test meter. Additionally, the RH-AS2 can be connected to multiple probes for parameters including Differential Pressure, Air Velocity, Volume Flow, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, VOCs, Formaldehyde, Surface Temperature and ...

    By GrayWolf Sensing Solutions based in Shelton, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Differential Pressure Product line

  • Ambience Data - BlueJay

    The BlueJay is an indoor portable hand-held device that is capable of sensing the pollutant levels wherever you go, whether it’s in a hospital going from one patient room to another, or the gymnasium in school. The BlueJay is able to monitor carbon dioxide, particulate matter 2.5 and 10, as well as temperature and humidity.

    By Ambience Data Inc based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Kanomax - Model 2211 - Handheld IAQ Monitor

    The Kanomax IAQ Monitor 2211 features quick start-up and high accuracy in measuring carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide concentration levels in the environment. Temperature and humidity are also simultaneously measured in ah handy lightweight design.

    By Kanomax USA, Inc. based in Andover, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • PAC CHECK - Model 325 - Headspace Analysers

    The PAC CHECK Model 325 is a cordless single-handed Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide gas analyser for checking modified atmosphere packaging materials.

    By Appleby Instrumentation based in Bloubergstrand, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • PAC CHECK - Model 333 - Headspace Analysers

    The PAC CHECK Model 333 is a cordless single-handed Triple Gas Analyser (Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen) for checking modified atmospheres inside packages.

    By Appleby Instrumentation based in Bloubergstrand, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • AGC Veri-GAS - CO2 Gas Analyser

    To measure % Carbon Dioxide (CO ) in Welding Gas Applications. Lightweight and portable handheld analyser that gives a fast and accurate Carbon Dioxide (CO ) sample measurement in your welding gas mix (e.g. CO ). The levels of Carbon Dioxide gas are measured using a specially customised nondispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) and are displayed in ...

    By AGC Instruments Ltd. based in Shannon, IRELAND. from Welding Gas Handheld Analysers Product line

  • C2 Low Power CO2 Sensor

    The C2 is a high sensitivity Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor offering ultra low power (3.5mW). The sensor reaches full accuracy just two seconds after powering-up. Combination of very low power and fast warm-up make it ideal for use in portable instruments, especially battery powered applications -hand held devices, wireless systems –where low ...

    By Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd based in Churston Ferrers, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gas Sensor Range Product line

  • Gas Data - Model GFM226 - Hidden Person Stowaway Detector

    The Gas Data GFM226 hidden person stowaway detector is a portable carbon dioxide detector developed especially for the detection of people hiding or trapped in confined spaces such as trailers, rooms or vehicles. Working primarily by detecting the elevated levels of carbon dioxide and reduced levels of oxygen in human breath, the GFM226 is now ...

    By Gas Data Ltd based in Whitley, UNITED KINGDOM. from GFM Series Portable Gas Analysers Product line

  • AZ-Instrumen - Model 7752 - CO2/Temp. Meter

    Low cost portable meter checking poor indoor air quality in office, Dual display 2 parameters simulatneously:co2, temperature, Warning carbon dioxide level, Big lcd display with high resolution, Design with ndir (non-dispersive infrared) waveguide technology sensor, Manual calibration is recommended

    By AZ Instrument Corp. based in Taichung City 406, TAIWAN. from CO2 Meter – Handheld Product line

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