hazardous area equipment in Missouri

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    TDHI - Model TD-4100XD - Continuous On-Line Oil in Water Monitor

    The TD-4100 XD is a ruggedized version of the TD-4100 continuous on-line oil in water monitor. The XD is designed specifically for offshore oil production, refining, petro-chemical, mining, and other industries that require robust on-line hardware for severe duty and hazardous area locations. The monitor is skid or wall mounted and constructed of ...

    By Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. Office in Kirkwood, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Premium

    ProMaxion - Model MS - Online Gas Analysis for Weatherproof or Hazardous Area Locations

    AMETEK's ProMaxion process mass spectrometer offers real-time analysis in a reliable easy-to-use package for a wide range of industrial applications. Real-time process monitoring of up to 32 components is straightforward with ProMaxion's powerful, easy-to-use Process 2000 software. Complex overlapping spectra are handled automatically and data ...

  • SHP-PRO - Fire Detection and Fire Protection System

    SHP-PRO is THE reliable, conventional fire suppression system for smaller applications. Unmatched in the industry for sheer versatility and ease of installation, this single-hazard control system boasts incredible power and can be easily configured for use within a wide range of industries and fire suppression applications: High value asset ...

    By Fike Corporation based in Blue Springs, MISSOURI (USA). from Fire Detection and Fire Protection System Product line

  • Floor Mounted Walk-in Hoods

    UniMax Floor Mounted (Walk-in) Hoods are designed to safely isolate materials and procedures from the surrounding area, and exhaust hazardous fumes.

    By HEMCO Corporation based in Independence, MISSOURI (USA). from Floor Mounted Walk-in Hoods Product line

  • EnviroMax - Vented Enclosures

    A Vented Enclosure offered in Unitized & Modular Designs for exhausting fumes from Robotic & Automated processes Designed to protect personnel from potentially hazardous fumes, vapors and odors. The enclosure can connect to in-house exhaust system or a dedicated exhaust blower, to provide the internal negative pressure needed to safely ...

    By HEMCO Corporation based in Independence, MISSOURI (USA). from Vented Enclosures Product line

  • Premium

    Dycor - Model ProLine - Process Mass Spectrometers

    With outstanding sensitivity, stability and unequaled clean mass separation across the whole mass range, these analyzers offer process MS at a process GC price. Available in benchtop, weatherproof and hazardous area configurations, the analyzers can sample from up to 32 inlet ports each of which can be assigned different analysis methods. Now you ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Distributor in MISSOURI (USA). from Process Mass Spectrometers Product line

  • Ultra-TrackPans

    Capture Hazardous Spills From Railroad Tanker Cars Ultra-TrackPans have been designed to provide spill containment at industrial rail sidings and locomotive maintenance facilities. Available in virtually any length, Ultra-TrackPans may be used to collect small spills and leaks OR to capture and channel off significant spills caused by defective ...

    By UltraTech International, Inc. Distributor in MISSOURI (USA).

  • Leakator® 10 Combustible Gas Leak Detector

    The Leakator® 10 is an ideal instrument for pinpointing combustible gas leaks in a number of residential, commercial and industrial applications, including gas pipeline surveying and valve, regulator and gas meter inspection. It uses a long-life (5 years typical) sensor and is easy to operate with one hand, giving you a reliable, easy-to-use ...

    By Bacharach, Inc. Distributor in St. Charles, MISSOURI (USA). from Leakator® 10 Combustible Gas Leak Detector Product line

  • Informant®2 Gas Leak Detector

    The Informant®2 is a uniquely flexible leak detector designed for residential and commercial heating and cooling contractors. It’s the only dual-purpose leak detector that can be switched from refrigerants to combustible gases (and back again) in seconds. This one unit replaces two dedicated leak detectors, saving space in your truck and money in ...

    By Bacharach, Inc. Distributor in St. Charles, MISSOURI (USA). from Informant®2 Gas Leak Detector Product line

  • VeloDyne - Silo Systems

    VeloDyne is a leading silo manufacturer producing both single and two piece silo systems in industrial and municipal applications.  This includes but no limited to soda ash silos, PAC silos, and lime silos.  Our two piece silo system design provides a solution which allows for equipment to be installed and tested upright in-house without ...

    By Velocity Dynamics, LLC. Distributor in Lee`s Summit, MISSOURI (USA).

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