hazardous area equipment in Pennsylvania

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    ProMaxion - Model MS - Online Gas Analysis for Weatherproof or Hazardous Area Locations

    AMETEK's ProMaxion process mass spectrometer offers real-time analysis in a reliable easy-to-use package for a wide range of industrial applications. Real-time process monitoring of up to 32 components is straightforward with ProMaxion's powerful, easy-to-use Process 2000 software. Complex overlapping spectra are handled automatically and data ...

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    Model ATEX - Hazardous Area UV Systems

    As a key water treatment technology, UV systems are increasingly required to be design for use in hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres.  Whilst there are many UV systems available on the market, there are very few that can meet the strict requirements of the ATEX & IECEX directives for installation into explosive atmospheres and ...

    By atg UV Technology Distributor in Warrendale, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model BZ1 - Area Monitors

    When it comes to choosing equipment to protect your worksite from hazardous gases, rely on the Radius BZ1 Area Monitor. No other area monitor protects your workers longer in the field with less setup, user training, and time in the shop.

    By Industrial Scientific Corporation based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Area Monitors Product line

  • Model MGT14 - Safe Area Fixed Gas Detectors

    The Model MGT14 is a stand-alone fixed gas detector for continuous industrial gas monitoring applications in non-hazardous areas where there is no risk of potentially explosive gases being present. The detectors can be powered from either a mains power supply of between 85 and 265VAC or a DC power supply of between 9 and 30VDC.

    By Neutronics, Inc based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Safe Area Fixed Gas Detectors Product line

  • Steri-Trac - Continuous Air Area Monitors

    Steri-Trac Area Monitors offer continuous gas monitoring for potentially hazardous chemicals including Peracetic Acid, Ethylene Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ozone.

    By ChemDAQ, Inc. based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Hyde Marine - LPG / LNG Tankers

    Hyde Marine offers multiple solutions with both ATEX-rated hazardous area systems for installation in hazardous areas, and compact, customizable solutions for installation in the engine room and other safe areas of the vessel. Having a completely scalable solution, the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS can match your vessel needs.

    By Hyde Marine - a Calgon Carbon Company based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model SCA - Single Channel Stand Alone Fixed Gas Detector

    The Model SCA is a single-channel stand-alone fixed gas detector and/or control panel for continuous gas monitoring in industrial and laboratory applications. This versatile unit can be used in multiple ways – fitted with an integral sensor for safe area use, connected to a remote fixed gas detector for safe area use, fitted with a safety ...

    By Neutronics, Inc based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Single Channel Stand Alone Fixed Gas Detector Product line

  • Ice Qube - Model TXSXP2 - Top Mount Extra Slim Hazardous Location

    Designed for purged and nonpurged enclosed systems. Third party certified byUL, ETL, and CSAfor Class 1Division 2 areas.

    By Ice Qube, Inc. based in Greensburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Top Mount Extra Slim Hazardous Location Product line

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    Codel - Model 125 - Explosion-Proof Smoke Monitor

    In the event of a fire in a building or other structure, such as an oil rig, Health and Safety regulations require that immediate action be taken to prevent the ingress of smoke and fume into air-conditioning and ventilation ducts. The Model 125 explosion-proof smoke monitor is specifically designed to be mounted in ventilation ducts and to comply ...

    By Codel International Ltd Office in Keswick, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Explosion-Proof Smoke Monitor Product line

  • Hyde Marine - Oil Tankers / Chemical Tankers

    Hyde Marine offers ATEX-rated hazardous area solutions to meet the tanker and chemical carrier market needs. The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) also has a completely scalable solution.

    By Hyde Marine - a Calgon Carbon Company based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • ATI - Model D12-IR - Infrared Gas Transmitter

    ATI's Series D12 Gas Transmitter line now includes a versatile infrared system that can be configured for LEL or select toxic gases. The D12-IR utilizes a compact IR sensor in a corrosion resistant housing with sintered flame arrestor to meet hazardous area classification requirements, and is suitable for most plant environments.

    By Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) based in Collegeville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Infrared Gas Transmitter Product line

  • Model GCS400 - Cylinder Scales

    Brooks Instrument's GCS400 Series cylinder scales are used to accurately measure the remaining mass of liquid or gas in supply vessels. They employ a sealed load cell and heavy gauge stainless steel housing for exceptional durability and reliability in all applications. The GCS400 Series are additionally certified intrinsically safe for use in NEC ...

    By Brooks Instrument based in Hatfield, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Cylinder Scales Product line

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    Dycor - Model ProLine - Process Mass Spectrometers

    With outstanding sensitivity, stability and unequaled clean mass separation across the whole mass range, these analyzers offer process MS at a process GC price. Available in benchtop, weatherproof and hazardous area configurations, the analyzers can sample from up to 32 inlet ports each of which can be assigned different analysis methods. Now you ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Process Mass Spectrometers Product line

  • CSE - Extension Probes

    Using a CSE Extension Probe you can reach out for safer, quicker readings in a hazardous area, up to thirty-five (35) feet away. The telescoping probe includes a cradle and spring clamp to easily mount and extend a hand-held digital monitor for a quick response to gas readings in less than seven (7) seconds. CSE has a full line of extension probes ...

    By CSE Corp based in Export, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • MSA Ultima - Model X Series - Gas Monitors

    Ultima X Series Gas Detector for indoor or outdoor continuous monitoring of hazardous gases. Designed to provide thorough, continuous monitoring of many hazardous gases, the indoor/outdoor Ultima X Series Gas Monitors offer excellent performance and MSA quality craftsmanship. DuraSource Technology offers extended sensor life, while HART provides ...

    By Mine Safety Appliances Co (MSA) based in Cranberry Township, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Gas Monitors Product line

  • Model Mini-ICS XP - Oxygen Monitoring System (OMS)

    The Mini-ICS XP cart system combines the convenient mobility of a portable cart with a complete oxygen monitoring and inert gas control system. Designed for use in hazardous areas, the system provides all of the components required to quickly and safely connect the cart to a process vessel and start monitoring and controlling oxygen levels. Robust ...

    By Neutronics, Inc based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Oxygen Monitoring System (OMS) Product line

  • Fendall - Emergency Eye Wash Wall Stations

    These wall stations mount easily for high visibility in any eye hazard area, ready for emergency flushing and decontamination of the eyes and face. Available in two sizes, a single wall station and a double wall station. The single wall station holds one 32 oz. bottle of Eyesaline® flushing solution while the double wall station contains two ...

    By Honeywell Safety Products Office in Franklin, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Emergency Eye Wash Wall Stations Product line

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    Solenoid Valves

    Rotork Instruments offers a comprehensive range of pneumatic and hydraulic solenoid valves for hazardous and safe area installation. Available in stainless steel, brass and aluminium with threaded and NAMUR connections. Rotork solenoids offer the highest levels of safety factors and global certification.

    By Rotork plc Office in Export, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Solenoid Valves Product line

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    Rotork - Valve Position Sensors

    Rotork extensive range of valve position sensors offer visual indication with digital, and analogue feedback and HART protocol. Our Soldo limit switch range is based on our unique twin shaft design which enables easier and safer disassembly for installation and maintenance. All designs are corrosion resistant and suitable for a wide range of ...

    By Rotork plc Office in Export, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Valve Position Sensors Product line

  • Wastewater and Solid Waste Engineering Services

    When companies or entire communities need assistance with the management of wastewater and solid waste, Performance Environmental can help by offering several services. We assist municipalities by providing expertise in the area of landfill engineering, assessing environmental factors such as soils and the risk of hazardous waste contamination to ...

    By Performance Environmental Services, Inc. Office in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

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