hazardous materials Equipment in Europe

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    UN-BOXX and UN-BOXX max - Containers for Solid Hazardous Materials

    Applications: Admissible as packaging in accordance with packing instruction P002 and derived for solid hazardous materials of packaging groups I, II and III. Additional equipment: none. UN approval no.: 1H2W/X…/S../../…/TGM-. Approved for transport according to ADR.

    By P. Henkel GmbH based in Kreuztal, GERMANY. from Other Product line

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    TopTurbine - Model TT20 - Firefighting Turbine for Fire & Hazardous Materials

    TT20 is an innovative turbine. It atomizes up to 3.500 l/min water into fine droplets and throws them over high distances. The huge water surface provided by the droplets and the massive volume covered by the water mist ensures a high efficient abatement of hazardous materials, an extraordinary cooling effect as well as an outstanding fire ...

    By EmiControls based in Bolzano, ITALY.

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    LCD Depollution - Fully Automated Process to Remove Hazardous Waste Materials

    LCD screens are an example of electronics which have not been designed with recycling in mind. Most LCD screens which are now end of life use mercury lamps as a backlight for the screen. Because mercury is very toxic in small amounts it is necessary to contain the mercury which is liberated during recycling. The easiest way to do this would be to ...

    By AD REM N.V. (Valtech Group) based in Menen, BELGIUM. from Recycling Systems Product line

  • Hazardous Materials Storage Cupboards

    Can be used to satisfy the COSHH regulation requirements. For the ultimate in storage and protection of hazardous materials, these high quality hazardous materials storage cupboards look attractive and provide security. Constructed in the UK, these extremely popular cabinets are made from galvanised steel that is tightly welded and fitted to ...

    By ESE Direct based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hazardous Storage Cabinets Product line

  • Hazardous Material Storage Cabinets

    Third party approvals for Hazardous Material Buildings have been around since 1991 in the form of FM class 6049. FM began approving hazardous material storage buildings with the first edition of CLASS 6049 in that year. Manufacturers that receive FM approval have submitted their designs to a third party and then to FM for review in accordance with ...

    By Denios AG based in GERMANY. from FM Approved Storage Cabinets Product line

  • Hazardous Materials Spill Kits

    Chemical spill cleanup goes much more smoothly with New Pig's line of hazardous material spill kits. When you need chemical spill and cleanup spill kits, you can trust New Pig. Our Spill Kits come in a wide range of sizes and varieties to speed cleanup of acid spills, chemical spills and hazardous waste spills. When your priorities include spill ...

    By New Pig Corporation Distributor in Blantyre, UNITED KINGDOM. from Spill Kits Product line

  • Hazardous Material Mats & Absorbents

    Soak up small or large spills of corrosives and chemicals with our PIG® Hazardous Materials Heavy-Weight and Light-Weight Spill Absorbents. Our perforated Mat Rolls let you use as much of our absorbent pads as you need, while our Absorbent Socks and Dikes help you contain hazardous spills. Play it safe with New Pig's full line of absorbents, leak ...

    By New Pig Corporation Distributor in Blantyre, UNITED KINGDOM. from Absorbents Product line

  • Sure-Grip - Model 863028 - Hazardous Material Steel Safety Cabinet

    Justrite Hazardous Material Safety Cabinets have the same quality safety features as the cabinets for flammables. All models come with double-wall construction, dual vents, grounding wire connections, adjustable shelves, leakproof sills, three-point self-latching doors and leveling feet. Self-close door(s) shuts and latches automatically when a ...

    By Justrite Mfg. Co., L.L.C. Distributor in UNITED KINGDOM. from Safety and Storage Cabinets Product line

  • PIG - Heavy-Weight Hazardous Materials Mat Rolls

    Quickly absorb chemical spills. PIG® HAZ-MAT Rolls are specially treated to absorb high concentrations of acids, bases or unknown liquids better than any other absorbent in the market.

    By New Pig Corporation Distributor in Blantyre, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Hazardous Waste Shredding

    The disposal of hazardous waste requires special handling to ensure that safety and regulatory requirements are met. Preparing the waste for incineration or burial requires equipment that is durable and reliable so that the materials are processed safely and in accordance with the regulatory requirements. Granutech’s Saturn Shredders are ...

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems Distributor in NETHERLANDS. from Industrial Recycling & Shredding Applications Product line

  • Model Type SAP-1 - Special Waste Container

    For the international transport of solids and paste-like substances according to the ADR/RID/IMDG codes, packing groups I, II and III.

    By Bauer GmbH based in Südlohn, GERMANY. from Hazardous Materials Containers Product line

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    OZONATOR - Model NG-3000 - Medical and Bio-Hazard Waste Treatment Technology

    The OZONATOR is the complete solution to your bio-hazardous waste needs. With zero emissions, ease of operation, quick cycle time and low operating costs the OZONATOR is not only a better solution but also a more cost-effective solution. The functional part of this system is a combined process that loads un-segregated, bio-hazardous waste directly ...

    By OZONATOR Industries Limited Distributor in Stockholm, SWEDEN.

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    Hazardous Waste Treatment System

    AVA has developed systems for pre-treating hazardous waste prior to incineration, which leads to higher throughput performance in combination with lower construction and maintenance costs and additional low pollution emissions, in comparison to conventional techniques. The system is based on the principal that constant gross calorific values and ...

    By AVA - Huep GmbH u. Co. KG based in Herrsching, GERMANY. from Environmental Technology Product line

  • Showa - Model 240 - Glove

    Forged with flame-resistant materials, the SHOWA 240 has a 13 Gauge knitted liner which contains Kevlar®, Modacrylic and Fibreglass, making the glove extremely strong and resilient.

    By Globus (Shetland) Ltd based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Primary Hazard Glove Product line

  • Floc Storage Tanks

    Floc’ is a sludge like material which is classed as intermediate level waste. It is currently being retrieved from storage tanks at Sellafield and being processed and encapsulated in cement before being stored in modern fit-for-purpose stores pending long term disposal.

    By Sellafield Ltd based in Cumbria, UNITED KINGDOM. from Risk & Hazard Reduction Product line

  • Hazardous Substance Cupboards

    Substances that pose potential health and safety risks, such as chemicals and paints and other hazardous materials need to be kept in a safe place. Hazardous substance cupboards are designed to hold them securely. These hazardous substance cupboards are constructed out of steel and are fitted with reinforced doors. Additional security is provided ...

    By ESE Direct based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hazardous Storage Cabinets Product line

  • Justrite Sure-Grip EX Flammable Storage Cabinets

    Keep hazardous and dangerous materials out of harm’s reach in this bright yellow storage cupboard. This double walled cabinet is constructed from fire resistant steel, it also features integral flame arresters which help to prevent fuel combustion by putting out the flame. These sturdy cabinets include four adjustable self-levelling feet ...

    By ESE Direct based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hazardous Storage Cabinets Product line

  • GDS - Model C105-B - Remote Fixed Detector for Flammable Oxygen and Toxic Gases

    Extremely high quality and cost effective sensor providing a wide choice of sensor elements. Compact innovative design ensures fast response to gas with high accuracy measurement. Designed to operate in a full range of environments from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications which may require hazardous area sensing. A range ...

    By GDS Technologies Ltd. based in West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sensors - Hazardous Area - Flammable Product line

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    Oxford Instruments - Model X-Strata980 - Coating Thickness Measurement and Materials Analysis

    Coating thickness measurement and materials analysis to improve process and quality control with X-ray fluorescence (XRF). The X-Strata is a compact, rugged and reliable quality control XRF benchtop system for simple, rapid, non-destructive coating thickness measurement and materials analysis. It performs excellent coating thickness analysis and ...

    By Oxford Instruments plc based in Abingdon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Coating Thickness Analysers for Quality Control & Laboratory Product line

  • First Generation Reprocessing Plants

    Constructed during the late 1940s and early 1950s, the First Generation Reprocessing Plants carried out the first stage of reprocessing for fuel from the Windscale Pile Reactors and later for oxide fuel before it closed in the 1970s.

    By Sellafield Ltd based in Cumbria, UNITED KINGDOM. from Risk & Hazard Reduction Product line

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