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Materials Recovery Facilities Operation

by Spider Ν. Petsios & Sons S.A.     based in Ioannina, GREECE

The Company manages and operates a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Ioannina, equipped with modern machinery for sorting, compressing, packaging and standardization of recyclable products. The processing capacity is of 100 tons per day and covers all packaging waste materials from the region of Epirus. The MRF’S where the collected waste ...



Socks are an essential product used for any hazardous spill. These products are filled with 100% polypropylene material that makes them ideal for containing a spill on the spot.

Model 95 (360lt) - Overpack


95 gallon overpack salvage drum is the safe and economical solution to the transportation and temporary storage of damaged or leaking drums of hazardous materials. Rugged, UV protected polyethylene withstands the rigors of land, air, and sea transportation.

Sound Insulation Viscoelastic Panels - ALPHApro-Soundbar

by ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd.     based in Halandri, GREECE

ALPHApro-SOUNDBAR increases the transmission loss of walls and ceilings, and especially in light/dry construction. Thanks to their viscoelastic properties, their high surface weight, their small thickness, their high mechanical resistance and flexibility, SOUNDBAR are the most practical sound insulation products for light and dry partitions. They ...

HORIBA - Model MESA-50 - X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in GREECE

HORIBA has been selling the XGT-WR series of EDXRF analyzers for many years, to providing screening measurements of samples containing hazardous elements such as Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr, Br, Sb, As for RoHS, ELV, and Cl for halogen free applications. XGT systems are used daily throughout the world. HORIBA has now developed the new MESA-50 EDXRF analyzer, ...

Dust Detective Enclosure - Dust Monitor

by Casella     Distributor in Athens, GREECE

The Dust Detective based on the Microdust Pro and  TUFF sampling pump is an ideal survey tool, which is quick to assemble, easily deployed and provides data which can be downloaded for evaluation and reporting purposes.

TUFF - Personal Sampling Pumps

by Casella     Distributor in Athens, GREECE

The TUFF personal sampling pumps cover a range of applications for the monitoring of dusts, fumes gases and vapours. Ergonomically designed to suit harsh environments the TUFF offers reliability and longevity in the field.

Scalewatcher - Model Nano - Electronic Hard Water Treatment System

by Scalewatcher North America Inc.     Office in GREECE

The benefits… Prevents scale build up and descales your entire water system. Saves energy, water heats up quicker. Gentle on skin and hair. Extends filter life. Treated water cleans better and will therefore save on detergents.

Sample Gas Probes

by Bühler Technologies GmbH     Distributor in GREECE

A comprehensive range of advanced sample probes in a modular design. Heated or non heated, up-stream or down-stream filters, also for hazardous areas.

Injecta - Model Libra Series - Hydraulic Double Diaphragm Metering Pump

by Injecta S.r.l.     Distributor in GREECE

The ideal solution for applications requiring high levels of operational safety and reliability. A Line Hydraulic Double Diaphragm Metering Pumps designed according to the API 675 Standards. Their possibility of construction with various materials allows these metering pumps to satisfy every liquid dosing and mixing application. Furthermore, their ...

Model S-SM - Safety Flow Meter

by Bühler Technologies GmbH     Distributor in GREECE

Handling hazardous liquids or gases requires the use of flow meters with the vulnerable parts such as the metering glass protected against breakage. The S - SM safety flow meter provides sealed protection glass around the metering glass and an outer stainless steel shell with a sight window. A variety of construction materials is available to meet ...

ROTEC - Model RF - Desalination System

by AST Clean Water Technologies     Distributor in Piraeus, GREECE

The basic concept of the ROTEC system is smart 'flow reversal'. To avoid scaling, the system alternates the desalination process direction flow (switching of the entrance and exit of the feed stream) before reaching the critical point in which scaling forms. Flow reversal at the induction time halts the crystallization of minerals, lowers salinity ...

RUNI - Dust and airlaid nonwoven textiles

by RUNI A/S     Distributor in GREECE

Dust from manufacturing. Dust from different types of manufacturing, e.g. the wood and textile industries, is usually collected by vacuum systems or disposed off in big-bags.

BOC - Model C2H2 - Dissolved Acetylene

by The BOC Group plc     Distributor in GREECE

The hottest and most efficient of all the fuel gases, providing high levels of productivity, very efficient use of oxygen, lighter than air and will not accumulate at low levels, low ignition energy, low moisture content flame, non-toxic (may cause dizziness in high concentrations).

Protoxkit F Microbiotests

by MicroBioTests Inc.     Distributor in GREECE

24h chronic (growth inhibition) toxicity test based on the ciliate protozoan Tetrahymena thermophila. A test Guideline for a Tetrahymena bioassay is under priority development in OECD.

GilAir - Model 3, 5 - Air Sampling Pumps

by Sensidyne     Distributor in GREECE

The GilAir pumps (GilAir-3 & GilAir-5) have one of the largest user bases of any air sampling pump worldwide. These reliable 3 and 5 liter per minute air sampling pumps have automatic constant flow assuring sampling is maintained within +/- 5% of the initial set point. Setting the flow rate on the GilAir-3 & GilAir-5 is ...

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