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Tecam Group - Incinerator System for Waste Management (Hazardous, Solid & Liquid, NORM, Sludge, etc.)

by Tecam Group     Office in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Incinerators for Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Liquid Waste, NORM derived from industrial processes. Waste valorisation is a common and necessary practice to treat, recycle and give a new value to waste coming from human and industrial activity. Incineration is a type of valorisation that offers safe results and advantages, which make it ideal for ...

HORIBA - Model MESA-50 - X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

HORIBA has been selling the XGT-WR series of EDXRF analyzers for many years, to providing screening measurements of samples containing hazardous elements such as Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr, Br, Sb, As for RoHS, ELV, and Cl for halogen free applications. XGT systems are used daily throughout the world. HORIBA has now developed the new MESA-50 EDXRF analyzer, ...

Model 5400 and 8400 Series - Pneumatic Pumps

by CheckPoint Pumps & Systems     Office in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The 54/84 was developed for continuous, accurate injection in harsh offshore and remote locations. It’s for serious, mission-critical chemicals like methanol, drag reducer, and other expensive, hazardous, and corrosive production chemicals. From the materials of construction, to the isolated chemical head, to the switching valve, everything ...

Model 1200 Series - Chem-O-Feeder - Metering Pumps

by Lutz-JESCO America Corp.     Office in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

A low cost mechanically actuated diaphragm pump that handles the most demanding requirements of chemical metering. Proven successful in the water industry.

Dust Detective Enclosure - Dust Monitor

by Casella     Distributor in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The Dust Detective based on the Microdust Pro and  TUFF sampling pump is an ideal survey tool, which is quick to assemble, easily deployed and provides data which can be downloaded for evaluation and reporting purposes.

TUFF - Personal Sampling Pumps

by Casella     Distributor in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The TUFF personal sampling pumps cover a range of applications for the monitoring of dusts, fumes gases and vapours. Ergonomically designed to suit harsh environments the TUFF offers reliability and longevity in the field.

KEMTRON - Model KT-1967HD2 - Barite Recovery & Dewatering Centrifuge

by Elgin Separation Solutions     Office in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Whether you are working toward maximizing barite recovery or looking to get the most out of your “zero-discharge” closed-loop system, KEMTRON’s field proven solids control and dewatering centrifuges are a perfect choice. With over 500 centrifuges installed worldwide, KEMTRON adds the KT-1967HD to its portfolio.

Ashcroft - Model A-Series - Miniature Explosion Proof Pressure Switch

by Ashcroft Inc.     Distributor in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The Ashcroft A-Series miniature pressure switches are designed for tough applications where conventional designs often don't measure up. A rugged 316 SS enclosure gives uncompromising protection. Materials of construction have been selected for long life. Precision snap acting micro switches are featured and fully encased to prevent moisture from ...

Savino Barbera - Model FUS PNEU - Drum Pumps

by Savino Barbera S.n.c.     Distributor in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Single-stage vertical centrifugal pumps with twin impeller, cantilever shaft and bushings lubricated by the liquid being pumped.Practical and handy, they allow discontinuous service and are ideal for transfering non-abrasive and non-viscous chemical products contained in drums and barrels.Compatibly with the chemical resistance of the construction ...

Contenur - Model C-90 - Rear Loading Range Two-Wheeled Units

by Contenur / Contenur UK Limited     Distributor in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The C-90 container is made using the high-density polyethylene injection process with solid colour and stabilised against the combined effects of water and UV rays. The properties of the materials used in its production give its dimensions a far tighter tolerance, and the product great resistance and lightness, incorporating such important ...

Spill Sorb - Model 150L-AC - Oil Absorbent

by Equinox Global General Trading LLC     based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Activated Peat, Air Dried, Heat Treated, Non Abrasive, Non Toxic, Non Leaching, Double compressed 17Kg bag absorbs approx. 150L of Oil.

Terragon - Model MAGS - Energy from Waste - Micro Auto Gasification System

by Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc.     Distributor in Masdar City, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Most people understand waste management as a process of keeping their space clean by exporting their waste to others. In fact, our understanding of 'waste' is the unwanted materials that we haul away from our habitat. Waste, both solid and liquid, is collected by municipalities and transferred to landfills or incinerators, burned in open pits or ...

Model VA 40 - Variable Area Flowmeters

by Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG     Distributor in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The VA 40 variable area flowmeters are suitable for measuring liquids and gases. The standardized device design is available with various connections that conform to standards. The glass measuring cone, protected by a metal sleeve with a viewing glass, makes it easy to read the flow directly and observe the medium.

Contenur - Model C-360 - Rear Loading Range Two-Wheeled Units

by Contenur / Contenur UK Limited     Distributor in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The CONTENUR bins are specially designed to resolve the problems of today associated with waste collection from places that are difficult to access using large collection equipment or as recommended by the available space of produced types of waste.

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