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Hazardous Materials Container equipment

  • Surface UV Germicidal Applications

    Germicidal UVC lamps disinfect surfaces without chemicals, which is critical in some industries. In food processing, for example, UVC can kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi in seconds, eliminating the need to use harmful chemicals on surfaces that come in contact with food.

    By Light Sources, Inc. based in Orange, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Applications Product line

  • RemOx - Model S - ISCO Reagent

    RemOx S ISCO reagent, our global brand of potassium permanganate, is a versatile oxidant used for soil and groundwater treatment. Carus provides a certificate of analysis with each shipment to document trace metals present in our product. Permanganate is a single component that does not require activation or pH adjustment and is considered the ...

    By Carus Corporation based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA). from Remediation Products Product line

  • Pompe Cucchi - Model CPP - CMP - DMP Series - Metering Pumps

    The metering pumps CPP - CMP - DMP series Pompe Cucchi have been created to solve precisely and safely all the dosage problems that appear in various industrial sectors. Aims of our technicians while realizing the pumps: - the highest reliability - remarkable dosage precision - minimum maintenance CPP metering pumps (piston pumps) and CMP pumps ...

    By Pompe Cucchi Srl based in Opera, ITALY. from Metering Pumps Product line

  • FLUXUS - Model F706 - Permanent Flowmeters

    The FLUXUS F706 combines highest precision with the advantages of non-invasive ultrasonic liquid flow measurement. With its 4 beams, in reflect mode providing 8 paths through the gaseous medium, the meter averages the result of up to 4 planes. This arrangement averagesout cross-flow and achieves the optimum non-invasive compensation. On longer ...

    By Flexim GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Permanent Flowmeters for Liquids Product line

  • Komline-Sanderson - Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters

    Komline-Sanderson continuous rotary drum vacuum filters offer great flexibility in meeting the needs of producers of many products requiring the separation of liquids from solids. Our experience ranges from simple separations to complex multi-stage applications involving filtration, clarification, extraction, cake washing, and drying.

    By Komline-Sanderson based in Peapack, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Municipal Sludge and Biosolids Product line

  • Model SRV-Series - Solvent Recovery System

    The SRV-Series is designed for system sizes handling 25-250 gallons per hour and is the simplest and highest performance system design in its price range. It is composed of a non-scraped vessel with a 70 cone design which incorporates a unique steep walled distillation chamber.  This is surrounded by a large volume oil bath heated with ...

    By SRS Engineering Corporation based in Murrieta, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Solvent Recovery and Recycling Product line

  • AOI - Model Series 3000 - Trace Oxygen Analyzer

    The Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzers are rugged, microprocessor-controlled oxygen analyzers designed for continuous or intermittent measurement of trace oxygen concentrations ranging from 0-1 PPM to 0-10,000 PPM. For complete product specifications, please click on the 'Resources' tab above.

    By Alpha Omega Instruments Corp. based in Lincoln, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Oxygen Analyzer - Oxygen PPM - Trace (PPM) Product line

  • Komline-Sanderson - Paddle Dryer / Processor

    The Komline-Sanderson Paddle Dryer / Processor are highly efficient, mechanically agitated, indirect heat transfer devices that add or remove heat from a process mass. They are used for drying, heating, cooling, pasteurization, crystallizing, and reacting of pastes, cakes, powders, and granules. Dual counter-rotating shafts with unique ...

    By Komline-Sanderson based in Peapack, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Industrial Process/Production Product line

  • Model EPL-TP-1x150LED-100 - Explosion Proof Quadpod Mount LED Light Tower

    The EPL-TP-1x150LED-100 Quadpod Mounted Explosion Proof LED Light Tower from Larson Electronics produces 17,500 lumens of light capable of illuminating an area 9,500 square feet in size. This adjustable LED light tower is designed for portability and durable operation and ideal for use in demanding conditions.

    By Larson Electronics LLC based in Kemp, TEXAS (USA). from Tank Cleaning Lights Product line

  • FreshAWL WOW-Air - Aerobic Wastewater Odor Control System

    Manufactured according to the EPA's standards for DfE, FreshAWL solutions are developed to the highest standards of environmental health and safety. And while they are safe, they are by no means mild. The powerfully safe organic chemistry of FreshAWL WOW-Air prevents anaerobic and aerobic bacteria from being inhibited by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ...

    By FreshAWL, LLC based in Concord, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Systems Product line

  • Komline-Sanderson - Paddle Dryer for Sludge and by-Products Drying

    The K-S Paddle Dryer is used worldwide for drying a variety of sludges and by-products, generating dry stable products reducing disposal cost and converting waste into marketable by-products. Drying also allows some wastes to be used as fuel.

    By Komline-Sanderson based in Peapack, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Model SFD-2 & SFI - Microwave Solids Flow Monitor

    QuantiMass Mass Flow Measurement Systems .  The QuantiMass in-line mass flow sensor measures the flow of quantities in pneumatic conveying & free-falling processes. The sensor is based on the latest Microwave Doppler Effect technology and provides fast, in-line / on-line measuring without the use of weight scales. The ...

    By Monitor Technologies LLC based in Elburn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Solids Flow Monitor Product line

  • Owl - Test Station

    With more data, the Owl is the wisest of all test stations. To understand what makes the BSI Owl Test Station so unique, it is helpful to briefly take a look at the purpose of test stations and cathodic protection in general. The concept of Cathodic Protection (CP) is not new. It is a technique that is used to control the corrosion/erosion of a ...

    By Berkeley Springs Instruments LLC. based in Cumberland, MARYLAND (USA).

  • VECTOR-e - Catalytic Oxidizer

    The VECTOR-e line of catalytic oxidizers is based on the success of our VECTOR System with the substation of an electric heating system – rather than a gas combustion system. No other manufacturer offers you the extensive knowledge - in both oxidizers and catalyst technologies - necessary to achieve the most complete and cost effective ...

    By Catalytic Products International (CPI) based in Lake Zurich, ILLINOIS (USA). from Catalytic Oxidizers Product line

  • Oil and Water Separators

    Oil/water separators are 'in-line' devices used to remove oils and greases (and sometimes solids) from industrial waste streams. O/WSs operate by employing various physical or chemical separation methods, including gravity separation, filters, coagulation/flocculation, and flotation. However, the use of any separation process depends on the ...

    By Industrial Waste Water Services, LLC based in Clarkesville, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • SmellRid - eusable Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Absorbers for Packaging & Small Items

    Eradicate all odor & moisture in small spaces. Convenient mini size for sensitive product protection. Compact & light weight but very powerful. Simple to use - tuck in space or with products. Made from 100% moso bamboo activated carbon. Very safe- Chemical, fragrance & toxin free. Eco-Friendly - Reusable & Recyclable. Can be easily ...

    By IMTEK Environmental Corporation based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Carbon Air Purifier & Deodorizer Reusable Pouches Product line

  • Aviation Gasoline

    We are committed to supplying Aviation Gasoline globally.

    By BP - British Petroleum based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air BP - Fuels Product line

  • Penergetic - W

    Water remediation: Supports water's self-cleaning capacity, Improves water quality and clarity, Activates beneficial aquatic microorganisms, Re-establishes ecological balance in water, Refurbishes groundwater resources. Supports water's self-cleaning capacity and activates microorganisms.

    By Penergetic Canada based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Water Products Product line

  • Larson Electronics - Model LEDT8-72-RP 36 Watt T-Series - LED Tube Lamp

    The Larson Electronics LEDT8-72-RP 36 watt T-series LED tube lamp is an excellent choice for upgrading existing T8 fluorescent lamp fixtures to LEDs as well as a direct replacement for our own LED light fixtures. This LED lamp is LEL listed, providing 125 lumens per watt for a total of 4,500 lumens per lamp. These T8 LED replacement lamps offer ...

    By Larson Electronics LLC based in Kemp, TEXAS (USA).

  • Asbestos Characterisation Analyses

    Asbestos is a friable fibrous mineral related to magnesium silicates that is highly appreciated for its excellent insulating, fireproofing and refractory properties. There are several types of asbestos, including, among the most frequently used forms, chrysotile or « white » asbestos, and the amphibole class with its five varieties ...

    By AxxonLab Inc. based in Ville Mont-Royal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

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