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Heat Exchangers equipment available in Equatorial Guinea

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    GIG Karasek - Heat Exchangers

    Our comprehensive portfolio includes tubular heat exchanger with a pipe length up to 24m in various embodiments - from conventional exchangers to specialized equipment, tailored to customer requirements. Our experienced team works with modern weld- and roll Equipment and because of our in-house process Technology you can choose between exchangers ...

    By GIG Karasek GmbH based in Gloggnitz, AUSTRIA. from Special Process Equipment Product line

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    ennox biogas - Model HE-sw - Sludge Heat Exchanger

    For the heat exchange in sludge in waste water/sludge treatment systems as well as biogas installations, our heat exchanger sludge/water HE-sw is used, which has been uniquely developed for the waste water sector.  A turbulent sludge circulation is generated by an innovative turning chamber construction. The temperature profile is balanced ...

    By ennox biogas technology GmbH based in Hard, AUSTRIA. from Digester Equipment Product line

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    Model WT - Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger

    Our double-pipe heat exchanger is used to efficiently heat sludge at biogas and waste water treatment plants.Using the counter-flow principle, sludge is heated evenly, and flows back to the process. Our WT is custom-designed, manufactured entirely in stainless steel.

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH based in Fussach, AUSTRIA. from Digester Equipment Product line

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    Bühler - Model BWT Series - Plate Heat Exchanger

    High exchange efficiency. Equally distributed turbulent flow. Little installation space required. High pressure resistance. Low water consumption. Maintenance free. Broad temperature range. Easy installation..

    By Bühler Technologies GmbH based in Ratingen, GERMANY. from Fluidcontrol - Oil- / Water Coolers Product line

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    GE - Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers (EGHE)

    Exhaust gas heat exchangers (EGHE) utilise waste heat from the exhaust of the GE's Jenbacher gas engine cogeneration plant. They are typically located adjacent to the engine or are mounted on the roof of a containerised co

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Heat Recovery for Ancillary Equipment Product line

  • HRS - Model G Series - Heat Exchanger

    The G series heat exchanger is a specially designed heat exchanger for thermal energy recovery from exhaust gases. Its design is based on the traditional K Series but with dimensions optimized for exhaust gas cooling applications. The G series has corrugated inner tubes, ensuring higher heat transfer ratios than smooth tube designs. This means ...

    By HRS Heat Exchangers based in Lorquí - Murcia, SPAIN. from Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers Product line

  • MEDIUM - Model T2 - Heat Exchanger

    AISI 316 Stainless steel plates.Stainless steel socket.Plates min. 9 – max. 65.

    By Varem S.p.a. based in Limena Padova, ITALY. from Plate Heat Exchangers Product line

  • Platevarem - Model SMALL T1 - Heat Exchangers

    AISI 316 Stainless steel plates.Stainless steel socket.Plates 35

    By Varem S.p.a. based in Limena Padova, ITALY. from Plate Heat Exchangers Product line

  • Heat Exchangers

    From pilot scale to commercial scale production, our custom fabricated heat exchangers provide the necessary heat transfer requirements, along with the corrosion resistance for the demands of your chemical or pharmaceutical production. Our alloy heat exchangers are constructed of Tantalum, Zirconium and Niobium and our exchangers with Silicon ...

    By Pfaudler India based in Mumbai, INDIA. from Heat Transfer Technology Product line

  • Kenics - Heat Exchangers

    Kenics® Static Mixer technology, available exclusively in Kenics® Heat Exchangers, offers the highest available coefficients for fast, uniform heat transfer. Capable of reliable operation in a wide range of process applications, including those in the polymer, plastic, and food and beverage industries, Kenics Heat Exchangers require less ...

    By National Oilwell Varco based in Dayton, OHIO (USA). from Kenics Product line

  • Heat Exchanger

    Heat exchanger is used in the winterization (freezing-out) line and is intended to heat the product to increase the productivity of the filtration process. Apparatus is a cylindrical vessel with pipe coil. During circulation in the pipe coil the oil is heated from 6 ̊C up to 15 ̊C. The water is used as heating agent. Heat exchanger can ...

    By Metan FZCO based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Flex Turbine - Model GT1300S - Heat Exchangers

    Integrating four (4) Flex Turbine GT333S into a single ISO container, the Flex Turbine® GT1300S provides a cost-effective energy solution for larger capacity energy projects. The Flex Turbine® GT1300S keeps the Flex Turbine® broad fuel flexibility, machine durability, and efficient full to part-power efficiency. Built-in redundancy ...

    By FlexEnergy Inc based in Portsmouth, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Heat Exchanger

    Heat Exchanger for fluids or gases, including or excluding phase transition, in all TEMA design variants, stationary tube bundles including or excluding shell expansion joints, removable tube bundles including floating heads, packed glands, ...according to specific customer requirements, of special high-pressure designs, as element coolers ...

    By AEL Apparatebau GmbH Leisnig based in Leisnig, GERMANY.

  • Heat Exchangers

    The heat exchangers are studied to abate the fumes' temperatures and realized in according to the specific needs of the industrial air cleaning and abatement  plant, of which normally it uses to be complement. They are realized  in vertical version, with double stages and the fumes' inlet from the top downward inside ...

    By O.M.A.R S.R.L based in Spresiano, ITALY. from Pre-abatement and Accessories Product line

  • Bayonet - Heat Exchangers

    Bayonet recuperators are low cost conventional heat exchangers designed to deliver preheated combustion air to the burner. They're frequently paired with tube firing burners to provide fuel savings up to 30%.

    By Eclipse, Inc. based in Rockford, ILLINOIS (USA). from Tube Firing Burners Product line

  • Heat Exchanger

    Epcon's unique patented systems and our commitment to innovation keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Epcon is one of the few companies to have it's own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on site. Our 150,000 Sq. Ft. shop is full of modern fabricating machines such as lathes, drilling machines and drill presses. Contact us today for the ...

    By Epcon Industrial Systems, LP based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA). from Specialty Systems Product line

  • Holo-Scru - Heat Exchanger

    The “Holo-Scru” Processor is an indirect heat exchanger comprising of a series of rotating helical ducts or hollow flights. Heat is transferred via a heat exchange agent through the inner surfaces of the hollow flights and shaft. And since the principle of the conveyor is employed – the particles of the material within the mass ...

    By Therma-Flite Inc. based in Benicia, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Heat Exchanger

    All heat exchangers are assembled in modules. The size is determined mainly by the gas flow and output and, to a lesser extent, by the parts. The most important features are: materials of PE, PP, PVDF, allowed operating temperature is from -30° C to + 140° C depending on the material selected, allowed operating pressure is between 3 and 16 bar ...

    By Colasit AG based in Spiez, SWITZERLAND. from Environmental Technology Product line

  • Model TK series - Heat Exchangers

    The TK series heat exchangers, equipped with an integrated surge tank, are used to cool down closed-circuit hydraulic installations.

    By Emmegi S.p.A. based in Cassano d`Adda (MI), ITALY.

  • ATTSU - Model IVL - Heat Exchanger

    The IVL is a heat exchanger specifically designed for heat all kind of liquid with steam.

    By ATTSU TERMICA S.L. based in Cerla, SPAIN. from Other Steam Equipment Product line

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