heating and ventilation system equipment in USA

  • SolarWall - Solar Air Heating and Ventilation Systems

    The SolarWall air heating technology generates substantial economic, environmental, and work-place benefits in the form of reduced heating bills, CO2 displacement, and improved indoor air quality. Renowned for its high efficiency & low capital costs, the SolarWall technology uses the sun’s energy to pre-heat ventilation air for ...

    By Conserval Engineering Inc. Office in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA).

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    Sierra-CP - Test Cell Ventilation Systems

    Sierra-CP designs and manufactures custom ventilation systems to reduce the environmental variability that can effect repeatability of results and unnecessarily extend test programs. Designs are typically customized for each application and can include (or make provision for) heating and cooling units, or re-circulation and make up air. ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Test Cell Ventilation Systems Product line

  • Heating, Cooling & Ventilation System

    Plants perform at their peak when conditions are best suited to their genetics: Light needs to be sufficiently available, temperature ranges need to support growth while limiting stress, and humidity levels need to let plants freely transpire, but not so much that the water supply from their roots is limited. If even one of these variables is ...

    By Envirotech Greenhouse Solutions based in Richmond, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Heating, Cooling & Ventilation System Product line

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    ANDRITZ - Model BDC - Belt Drying System

    The ANDRITZ SEPARATION belt dryer/cooler BDC is available with gas-, oil-, or steam heating and can be applied for bulk material, food, or chemical products. The drying of the product takes place on a ventilated conveyor belt. Depending on the type of product we can offer either a single-belt dryer or multi-belt dryer.

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Arlington, TEXAS (USA). from Belt Drying System Product line

  • Model MC3 - Multicomponent Analyzer

    The MC3 is a multicomponent IR gas analyzer that is specifically designed for continuous monitoring of a flue gas stream. The infrared optical bench, sample cell and control components are all integrated into one convenient, and easily serviced ventilated enclosure.

    By EcoChem Analytics based in League City, TEXAS (USA). from Multicomponent Analyzer Product line

  • NightSolar - Solar Cooling System

    The patented NightSolar systems remove energy from the air to cool buildings without the use of compressors or refrigeration systems.  This solar cooling technology is partly based on the scientific principle of nocturnal radiation, which can cool a roof by as much as 10°C (18°F) below ambient temperature on a clear night. As warm ...

    By Conserval Engineering Inc. Office in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Wayne Electra-Kool - Filter/Ventilator Systems

    Internal components in electrical and electronic enclosures are the culprits that generate heat. If this heat is not removed or cooled down, malfunctions will most likely occur. Downtime, labor and new components/parts can be very costly. The object, therefore, is to maintain reliability of the controls.

    By Wayne Products, Inc. based in Broomall, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Filter/Ventilator Systems Product line

  • KemJET - Central Ventilation System

    KemJET is a central ventilation system for workshops where local exhaust ventilation systems are not feasible or it is used to supplement such systems. It effectively protects employees and machines from fine dust. The heated, purified air remains in the room, so that in the winter heat from the heating system is retained. This, way large energy ...

    By Kemper GmbH Office in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Central Ventilation System Product line

  • Natural Ventilation Cooling Systems

    Natural ventilation is provided by a combination of roof vents, wall vents, roll up walls, or drop walls. Wind pressure provides most of the energy for natural ventilation. Research has shown that above 80F there is normally measurable wind between 1 and 5 miles per hour.* As heated air expands and rises to the vent it escapes out the roof vent ...

    By Agra Tech, Inc. based in Pittsburg, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Natural Ventilation Cooling Systems Product line

  • RecoupAerator - Model ER80M ERV - Fresh Air Ventilation System

    Our ER80M residential ERV has a variable speed flow range of 20-100 CFM and is designed for living spaces around 1,500 square feet or less. This energy recovery ventilator offers up to 99% heat recovery, and comes with a standard two-year warranty. Additional features of the ER80M ERV RecoupAerator® fresh air ventilation system include:

    By UltimateAir, Inc. based in Athens, OHIO (USA). from Fresh Air Ventilation System Product line

  • Solar Attic Ventilation

    The Venti solar attic fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home and save you money. Benefits include, extending the life of your roof, reducing the heat load on your HVAC system, preventing damaging ice damming and reducing moisture build-up in the attic.

    By The LeverEdge based in Odessa, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Plants

    For cost-effectiveness, production quality and a pleasant indoor climate. Tailor-made ventilation systems ensure constant air temperatures and humidity levels. One of our tasks is to achieve a balance between investment and operating costs. Venti engineers design ventilation systems according to the local conditions and the customer’s ...

    By Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH Distributor in Conyers, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Plants Product line

  • HydroThrift - Conditioned Air Systems

    A cooling and heating solution for the most demanding requirements and severe environments. Television production trailers, mobile medical units, telecommunication portable units, mobile command and control centers, and custom coaches are just a few of the applications with critical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs solved ...

    By Hydro Thrift based in Massillion, OHIO (USA). from Conditioned Air Systems Product line

  • PBS - Model ECS-Y12F - Environmental Control System

    Cooling, heating and ventilation in one compact system. Ecological operation - no coolant. Minimal power consumption. The system is designed for cooling and heating the lightweight twin-propeller Y12F aircraft with a capacity for 19 passengers and 2 pilots. The system can also be modified for other applications.

    By PBS Velká Bíteš, a.s. Office in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Environmental Control System Product line

  • ALTRU-V - Model V-Ray - Ultraviolet Lamp Disinfection System

    V-RAY SUS is designed for coil irradiation of small HVAC systems such as unit ventilator PTAC units, heat pumps and single room units where space is limited and low output UVC energy is sufficient to maintain coil and drain pan cleanliness. Common applications include resort and hospitality industry rooms and school classrooms.

    By Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. based in Valencia, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ultraviolet Lamp Disinfection System Product line

  • ATMOSAIR - Model 508F Series - Self-Contained Stand Alone Units

    The AtmosAir 508F ionization system is intended to be mounted in the supply duct or air handler of a heating, cooling, or ventilating system. The unit is intended to operate only when air flow is present, thus, power to the ionization unit should be interlocked with fan opera- tion, or controlled via an air pressure switch. The size and number of ...

    By AtmosAir Solutions based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Self-Contained Stand Alone Units Product line

  • Evaporative Pad Cooling System

    Maintain maximum comfort and production levels, even in extreme heat conditions, with J&D Manufacturing's Evaporative Pad Cooling System. Our Pad System is designed to enhance the cooling capability of your current ventilation system to further reduce the temperature in your greenhouse, poultry house, hog or dairy building. Single layer or ...

    By J&D Manufacturing, Inc. based in Eau Claire, WISCONSIN (USA). from Evaporative Pad Cooling System Product line

  • Model TM-1 - Industrial-Grade Digital Thermometer

    For use in: All hot and cold fluids and/or solids Aquariums Kitchens and bakeries Hydroponics and aquaculture Freezers/coolers and heating systems Motors, generators and ventilations systems Academic, scientific and medical laboratories.

    By HM Digital, Inc. based in Culver, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Industrial-Grade Digital Thermometer Product line

  • HVAC Filters

    The main purposes of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system are to help maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration and provide thermal comfort. Proper air filtration and care for your HVAC system will result in better conditions and air quality for occupants of the building as well as increase ...

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from HVAC Filters Product line

  • HydroFLOW - Model C Range - Commercial Limescale Remover Pipe Fitting System

    The Hydroflow Commercial C Range is the commercial range designed for all areas in heating, ventilation and plumbing in commerce as well as building management and industry. The standard range is designed for pipe sizes up to 200mm, but bespoke models can be made for any pipe size. Fitting the Hydroflow Commercial C Range protects the ...

    By Hydropath Technology Ltd. Distributor in Redmond, WASHINGTON (USA).

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