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Heavy Metal Analyser equipment

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    Model PM162M - Automatic Sequential Particulate Sampler

    Automatic Sequential Particulate Sampler (TSP / PM10 / PM2.5 / PM1). Complies with  EN 12341 standard Large autonomy.

    By Norditech Pty Ltd based in Arndell Park, AUSTRALIA. from Air Quality Monitoring - Particulates Samplers and Analysers Product line

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    airmo - Model C6C12 - Heavy Volatile Hydrocarbons Analyzer

    Capable of anlaysing up to 32 compounds from C6-C12 (used in airmozone) or PAMS. The airmoVOC C6-C12 uses a valve with 1 sample trap. It also features a metalic capillary column. Miniaturization, sensitivity, mobility and flexibility are its main features.

    By Chromatotec Group based in Val de Virvée, FRANCE. from Auto GC866 Analyzers - AirmoGC Product line

  • Hitachi High-Tech - Model X-MET8000 Optimum, Smart, Expert - Handheld XRF Analyzer

    The X-MET8000 range of handheld X-ray fluorescence (HHXRF) analysers delivers the performance needed for rapid alloy grade identification and accurate chemistry of a wide variety of materials (solid and powder metals, polymers, wood, solutions, soil, ores, minerals etc). The X-MET is practical, rugged and easy to use to deliver results you can ...

    By Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Ltd. based in Abingdon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Handheld XRF / LIBS Analysers Product line

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    Reflux Digestion - Solutions

    For COD, heavy metal and hydroxyproline determination. You deal with limited lab space, changing samples and demands for different analytes requiring reflux digestion. We offer a modular all-in-one solution for both Kjeldahl and reflux digestion matching pre-existing external analytical instruments.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG based in Postfach, SWITZERLAND. from Kjeldahl - Solutions Product line

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    VoltIC - Model Pro I - Hyphenated IC and Voltammetry System

    VoltIC pro I - The hyphenated IC and voltammetry system for parallel determination of anions, cations and heavy metals. VoltIC pro I is the perfect combination of voltammetry and ion chromatography for simultaneous determination of anions, cations and heavy metals. MagIC Net controls IC devices, starts voltammetric determination, and summarizes ...

    By Metrohm AG based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND. from Polarography, VA, CVS Product line

  • Model 4330 - Voltammetric Analyser

    The Model 4330 Voltammetric Analyzer is a combination of three electrochemical instruments in one.  Thanks to the evolution of electronics and firmware, we have been able to combine all modern voltammetric techniques with Potentiometric Stripping analysis (PSA) and pH measurement. Trace analysis of heavy metals and organic compounds down to ...

    By Amel Srl based in Milano, ITALY. from Analysis Product line

  • C. F. Nielsen - Model BP 6500 HD ABCS - Heavy Duty Mechanical Press

    BP 6500 HD is a heavy duty mechanical press designed mainly for high capacity briquetting plants specialised in producing high quality consumer briquettes for ovens and fireplaces. It is equipped with ABCS, Advanced Briquetting Control System including a large 10.4' multi-colour monitor with user-friendly touch screen operation.

    By C. F. Nielsen A/S based in Baelum, DENMARK. from Mechanical Presses Product line

  • IONIX - Electrochemical Trace Metal Analyzer

    In compliance with the current regulations (i.e. EC REGULATION n° 466/2001) on the maximum concentration level, heavy metal detection in waters, air, ground, food, oil and cosmetic fields has become fundamental for the public and environmental health.

    By Steroglass S.r.l. based in San Martino in Campo, ITALY. from Scientific Instruments Product line

  • Air Contamination & Emissions Monitoring

    At SAL we have extensive experience in emmissions and ambient air analytics. Typical analyses are: dioxin and furan analysis, polychlorinated biphenyls (pcb), polyaromatic hydrocarbons (pah), heavy metals, particulates, acid gases, combustible gases.

    By Scientific Analysis Laboratories Ltd based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ιsokinetic Stack Sampling

    ENCO offers a complete range of off-line sampling equipment for dust and gaseous emissions. They are all instruments operating with standard reference methods (EN, ISO and US EPA methods) and are used for periodic measurements according to the environmental legislation, spot measurements or for calibration of continuous emission analysers  ...

    By ENCO LTD based in Athens, GREECE. from Industrial Emissions Product line

  • Model Delta - Mining and Geochemistry Handheld XRF Analyzer

    DELTA Mining & Geochemistry Handheld XRF Analyzers provide immediate results to help determine the next course of action for the entire process - exploration, ore grade/process control, environmental sustainability. On-site detection of metals, minerals & contaminants. GPS-GIS-XRF for instant metal mapping, time, cost savings

    By Innov-X Canada based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Delta Product line

  • REX - XRF System

    REX™- is an XRF system for near real-time detection of dissolved metals in liquid flow systems. All AMDS technologies are Autonomous, Save Time, and consumables, testing and cost to operate. They are rugged, in-process, real-time detectors and are highly sensitive to the parts per billion. They require no labor, no consumables and no ...

    By American Micro Detection Systems, Inc. (AMDS) based in Stockton, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    Environnement S.A. - ENVEA - Model AMESA - Dioxin Monitoring System

    Traditionally, the monitoring of pcdd/fs is achieved by taking 1–3 short-term samples per year (each of 6 hours). However, over the past 10 years it was discovered that especially during start-up and shut-down periods of (state of the art) incinerators the dioxin emissions in the flue-gas can increase compared to normal operation up to ...

    By ENVEA ( ex Environnement S.A Group) based in Poissy, FRANCE. from Dioxin Monitoring Product line

  • CFN - Model BP 6500 HD with ABCS - Briquetting Press

    The mechanical briquetting press BP 6500 HD is equipped with ABCS (Advanced Briquetting Control System) and touch screen operation system. It is mainly suitable for professional briquetting plants producing consumer briquettes. The BP 6500 HD is a very strong press with Reinforced bearing system and Advanced Briquetting Control System that allows ...

    By RENEW Energy Systems based in St. Ansgar, IOWA (USA). from Briquetting Presses Product line

  • West Systems - Environmental Radioactivity

    West Systems designs and develops integrated systems for the monitoring of environmental radioactivity. Thanks to its long experience in the field, West Systems is able to develop specific instruments for the monitoring of radionuclide pollution, systems for the measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity, for the evaluation of radon ...

    By West Systems S.r.l. based in Firenze, ITALY. from Instrumentation Product line

  • C. F. Nielsen - Model BP 6000 HD BBCS - Mechanical Briquetting Press

    BP 6000 is a sturdy and reliable mechanical briquetting press designed for companies with large demand for automatic or semi-automatic production of mainly industrial briquettes from woodwaste or agriwaste. The press is often connected to a large silo with automatic discharge system for unmanned operation. The standard BP6000 has the functional ...

    By C. F. Nielsen A/S based in Baelum, DENMARK. from Mechanical Presses Product line

  • C. F. Nielsen - Model BP 5500 BBCS - Mechanical Briquetting Press

    BP 5500 is a sturdy and reliable mechanical briquetting press designed for companies with large demand for automatic or semi-automatic production of industrial or consumer briquettes. The press is therefore often connected to a large silo with automatic discharge system, for unmanned operation. The standard BP5500 has the functional BBCS, Basic ...

    By C. F. Nielsen A/S based in Baelum, DENMARK. from Mechanical Presses Product line

  • Jeffrey Rader - Model Chip-Sizer™ - Rechipper

    The Jeffrey Rader Chip-Sizer™ rechipper was pioneered in 1996 as a result of industry concern over the high maintenance cost of typical rechippers. Jeffrey Rader is the first company in the industry to research and develop a true no-knife rechipper. Several designs were discussed and tested in our lab before determining that our current patented ...

    By TerraSource Global based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Size Reduction - Chip Sizers Product line

  • ATP - Model QG21-W - 2G Rapid Microbiological Analysis Kit

    The QG21-W 2G Refill kit is recommended for activated sludges and used water with a very high content of suspended solids (organic and mineral). The kit determines the precise amount of extracellular ATP and total ATP, as well as ATP that is specific to the filamentous biomass (a frequent contaminant of water purification systems). These values ...

    By aqua-tools based in POISSY, FRANCE. from Analysis Kits Product line

  • ZenRobotics - Robotic Waste Sorting Systems

    ZenRobotics Recycler is the world’s first robotic waste sorting system. The robots accurately separate chosen waste fractions from solid waste streams. Designed to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of waste separation, ZRR is the next generation of recycling. ZRR is available today and currently operates around the ...

    By ZenRobotics Ltd. based in Helsinki, FINLAND.

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