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    Purolite - Model A170/4675 - For Sorption of Anionic Heavy Metals

    Purolite A170/4675 is a macroporous weakly basic anion resin crosslinked with divinylbenzene that is tailored for sorption of anionic forms of heavy metals from acidic processing solutions. It shows excellent mechanical strength and a resistance to osmotic and thermal shock. The macroporous matrix and ion exchange group functionality imparts an ...

    By Purolite Corporation based in Bala Cynwyd, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Weak Base Anion Macroporous Product line

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    Heavy Metal Removal Selective Removal IX Resin

    Lewatit TP 207 The selective ion exchanger made from natural material.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delft, NETHERLANDS. from Ion exchanged resins Product line

  • Heavy Metal Scraps

    Supported by advanced recycling facilities and machineries, strong expertise and a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, Superb Quality Recycling Company supplies a wide range of recyclable materials to worldwide markets including:1) Ferrous Metal Scraps - Steel, stainless steel, iron.2) Nonferrous Metal Scraps - Aluminium, brass, ...

    By Superb Quality Recycling Company based in Guangdong, CHINA. from Metal Scrap Product line

  • Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal Sampling System

    This manual system uses a wet method with suitable reagents. Additional equipment to that used for the dust method is used with a large bubbler compartment. Borosilicate conduit must be used.

    By CleanAir Europe based in La Penne-sur-Huveaune, FRANCE. from Isokinetic Sampling Train Product line

  • Trace2o Metalyser - Model HM1000 - Portable Heavy Metals Analysis System

    A lightweight portable heavy metals analysis system, offering accessories and consumables for up to ten possible parameters in a single waterproof hard-shell carry case. The intelligent handheld unit can calculate results from a single-point standard addition with ease, offering an inexpensive yet powerful screening tool for the field.

    By Trace2o ltd based in Thatcham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Heavy Metals Analysis Product line

  • Heavy Metal Sensors

    Each disposable color-coded sensor is designed for a specific heavy metal test target. Kits provide sampling tubes, syringes and cuvettes. Sensors, supplies and fluorimeter are also sold separately. ANDalyze’s proprietary Catalytic DNA sensors use a DNAzyme reaction mechanism that fluoresces in the presence of a target contaminant substance ...

    By ANDalyze based in Champaign, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Model METL-X - Heavy Metal Removal System

    Most metal finishing operations still use some form of metal hydroxide precipitation with one or more polymers, coagulants, etc. to remove metal ions to acceptable levels.  The primary problem with this method is that ions of different metals precipitate at different pH levels.  So, if you have more than one regulated metal you have to ...

    By CleanEarth Corporation based in Gallatin, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • JFE - Model A-200 Series - Heavy Metal Stabilizer

    The Heavy Metal Stabilizer A-200 Series is a high-performance chemical agent intended to trap and prevent lead and other heavy metals contained in fly ash from being eluted at the final disposal site. The A-200 Series, which is of pure polymer composition produces satisfactory effects with a small dosage reducing maintenance cost significantly and ...

    By JFE Engineering America Inc. based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Waste to Energy Plants Product line

  • Heavy Metals Elimination Systems

    This treatment is often necessary because some metals such as chromium, lead, nickel, cadmium, etc.. are toxic to biological treatment. It's possible its removal by precipitation through pH adjustment, oxidation or reduction to insoluble forms. You can also use ion exchange or reverse osmosis.

    By TECNIAGUAS based in Bogotá D.C., COLOMBIA.

  • GEA Bischoff - Heavy Metal Separation

    The off-gas of metallurgical processes such as copper smelters or zinc roasters are containing a high load of heavy metals, for instance lead (Pb), copper (Cu), chrome (Cr), nickel (Ni), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg). Most of these heavy metals are particulates, which are precipitated in the gas cleaning plant, mainly consisting of dry precipitator, ...

    By GEA Bischoff GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY. from Gas Cleaning in Process Industries Product line

  • LIGNOR - Model ARD - Treatment for Heavy Metals

    The LIGNOR-ARD process is an economically and environmentally sustainable solution for the treatment of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD). LIGNOR-ARD treats ARD to levels within the British Columbia Aquatic Life Standards and generates a biologically stable sludge, which strongly bonds the metals, preventing further leaching into the receiving environment. ...

    By NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Environmental Group Product line

  • Heavy Metal Removal Systems

    Common heavy metals like Nickel, Chrome, Zinc, Cadmium and Copper are typical byproducts of industrial and laboratory processes and can pose considerable health risks to human beings. It is required that their presence in wastewater be reduced to legal levels before being discharged into the environment as mandated by the Environmental Protection ...

    By Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc. based in Chatsworth, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Trace2o Metalyser - Model Pro HM3000 - Field Portable Heavy Metals Analysis System

    A professional portable heavy metals analysis system, combining the reliable Metalyser® handheld unit with a high-quality waterproof 10 inch tablet PC, offering enhanced levels of precision. The tablet PC permits multi-point standard addition analysis, and with the manual peak height calculation function, peaks can be measured that ...

    By Trace2o ltd based in Thatcham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Heavy Metals Analysis Product line

  • Trace2o Metalyser - Model HM4000 - Portable Soil Heavy Metals Analysis System

    A lightweight portable heavy metals analysis system, offering accessories and consumables for up to six possible parameters in dual waterproof hard-shell carry cases, separating digestion equipment from analysis equipment for more effective operation. The intelligent handheld unit can calculate results from a single-point standard addition with ...

    By Trace2o ltd based in Thatcham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Heavy Metals Analysis Product line

  • Trace2o Metalyser - Model HM2000 - Enhanced Portable Heavy Metals Analysis System

    An enhanced portable heavy metals analysis system, with a combination of electrochemical and photometric instruments for improved ranges and additional parameters. The Metalyser® offers easy field detection of cadmium, lead, zinc, mercury and arsenic, as well as low-range copper and manganese. The Metalometer offers high-range copper and ...

    By Trace2o ltd based in Thatcham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Heavy Metals Analysis Product line

  • Heavy Metals Removal Ultrafiltration Systems

    Dynatec's design of ultrafiltration systems for heavy metals separation utilizes tubular membranes operated at high velocities.

    By Dynatec Systems Inc. based in Burlington, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Industrial Wastewater Systems Product line

  • Automated Power Pack Heavy Metals

    797 VA Computrace is a modern voltammetric measuring stand that is connected to a PC via a USB port. The PC software provided controls the measurement, records the measuring data and evaluates it. As a result of the well-laid-out program structure the operation is very simple. The built-in potentiostat with galvanostat guarantees the highest ...

    By Metrohm USA Inc. based in Riverview, FLORIDA (USA). from Electrochemistry Product line

  • Model DF-610 - Heavy Metal Precipitant Tubular Membrane Filters

    DF-610 is a proprietary blend of an aqueous solution of sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate ((CH3)2NCS2Na) and cationic coagulant.

    By Duraflow LLC based in Tewksbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Chemistries Product line

  • Bairy - Ion exchange resin heavy metal removal column

    Ion Exchange Equipment / Ion Exchanger / Ion exchange Column The main part of Ion exchange equipment is ion exchange column, it is using the ion inside the resin exchange with the ion inside the raw water (liquid, fluid) and remove it and make raw water (liquid, fluid) to be purified. The Ion exchange column can use separately and also using in ...

    By Shanghai Bairy Technology Co., Ltd based in XI'AN, CHINA.

  • Heavy Metals in Solids & Liquids Testing Kit

    Heavy metal exposure causes serious health effects, including reduced growth, development, cancer, organ damage and nervous system damage. Exposure to some metals such as mercury and lead may also cause development of autoimmunity, in which a person’s immune system attacks its own cells. This can lead to joint diseases such as rheumatoid ...

    By Schneider Laboratories Global, Inc based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA). from SLGi Certified Test Kits Product line

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