heavy metals water equipment in Ireland

  • Heavy Metal Chlorine and Cryptosporidium Removal

    Any Water Treatment Solution Recommended By Acorn Water to remove cryptosporidium is only guaranteed to remove 99.9% of Cryptosporidium. As with all filters, people should follow the manufacturer's instructions for filter use and replacement. Water treated with a point-of-use filter that meets the above criteria may not necessarily be free of ...

    By Acorn Water based in Bandon, IRELAND.

  • Premium

    Metrohm - Model 946 - Mobile Heavy Metal Analysis Portable VA Analyzer

    Determine trace levels of arsenic, mercury, and copper in water in the field with the 946 Portable VA Analyzer. By determining heavy metals on site instead of in the lab, you are able to obtain results within minutes instead of shipping samples to the laboratory and waiting for results.

    By Metrohm AG Distributor in Dublin, IRELAND. from Mobile Heavy Metal Analysis Portable VA Analyzer Product line

  • Domestic Water Filters

    Natural Multi Stage Drinking Water Treatment.  Ensoleir provides healthy water direct from your tap. Sacrificial  Magnesium  Anode  reduces  lime,  rust  and activates pipe rehabilitation. Physical filtration removes bacteria, heavy metals, hormones, specific toxins and odours

    By Ensoleir based in Co Galway, IRELAND.

  • Filter Media for Drinking Water Purification

    When used in pressure vessels or gravity flow filtration beds, our zeolite-clinoptilolite filter media offers a far more efficient (superior) solution than other conventional options such as sand, sand and anthracite or multimedia. Our zeolite granules are very pure and because of the minerals unique honeycomb structure, and special ion exchange ...

    By Irish Zeolite based in Little Island, IRELAND.

  • Premium

    Reflux Digestion - Solutions

    For COD, heavy metal and hydroxyproline determination. You deal with limited lab space, changing samples and demands for different analytes requiring reflux digestion. We offer a modular all-in-one solution for both Kjeldahl and reflux digestion matching pre-existing external analytical instruments.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Distributor in Dublin 8, IRELAND. from Reflux Digestion - Solutions Product line

  • Premium

    SpeedDigester - Model K-425 / K-436 - Entry Level IR Digester

    Set new standards in terms of digestion speed, flexible use and result reproducibility with the IR SpeedDigester. Achieve an increased sample throughput and multiply instrument functionality whenever needs are changing.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Distributor in Dublin 8, IRELAND. from Entry Level IR Digester Product line

  • Premium

    SpeedDigester - Model K-439 - IR and Block Heating Digestion Systems

    The SpeedDigester K-439 revolutionizes IR digestion. It combines the benefits of IR and block digestion in one unit. Fast digestion at controlled temperatures enables an increased sample throughput. Multiply the instrument functionality whenever needs are changing.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Distributor in Dublin 8, IRELAND. from IR and Block Heating Digestion Systems Product line

  • Premium

    THERMOX - Model WDG-HPII Series - Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer

    The WDG-HPII Series offers a unique chimney-effect/convective sampling technology that incorporates the advantages of insitu probe high particulate sampling with high temperature and corrosion resistance of extractive analyzers. The HPII is ideal for combustibles and oxygen measurement on applications in cement and lime kilns, foundry and metals ...

    By Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX Distributor in Balbriggan, IRELAND. from Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer Product line

  • ecoStorm Plus - Model 400 - Stormwater Filtration System

    ecoTECHNIC presents ecoStorm plus, an affordable stormwater filtration system designed to remove sediments, heavy metals and nutrients. Surface water runoff contains significant  concentrations of heavy metals and other soluble pollutants. Structural Stormwater treatment systems are effective in  removing sediments, but do not remove ...

    By ecoTechnic GmbH & Co KG Distributor in Longford, IRELAND. from Stormwater Filtration System Product line

  • Universal Degreaser

    Fully biodegradable, Water-based, Non-toxic, No halogenated solvents, No noxious odours, No volatile vapors, Nonflammable.

    By SARGO s.a. Distributor in IRELAND. from Universal Degreaser Product line

  • pH Monitoring

    What is pH? pH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity. The concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) causes a liquid to be either acidic (high concentration of hydrogen ions) or alkaline (low concentration of hydrogen ions). The pH range is from 0-14. Values below 0 or above 14 are possible but rare and cannot be measured with our electrodes.

    By Partech (Electronics) Ltd. Distributor in IRELAND. from pH Monitoring Product line

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