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OmniAire - Model OA1200PAC - HEPA Filtered Portable Air Cleaner

by Omnitec Design, Inc.     based in Mukilteo, WASHINGTON (USA)

OmniAire 1200PAC Portable Air Cleaner is designed for use in hospital and medical environments or where there is a risk of bio-contaminants such as virus are a concern. The combination of a medical grade 99.99% HEPA filter and UV Germicidal-Irradiation offers the highest level of protection for both health care professionals and ...

Model HLA-E - HEPA Filter

by AFPRO Filters B.V.     based in ALKMAAR, NETHERLANDS

HEPA filters are constructed in various ways, depending on their application. AFPRO Filters endeavours to achieve the lowest possible resistance for each model, thus helping to reduce your energy costs.

Hepa Filters

by Airdot Environmental Technologies Ltd     based in Jing’an, CHINA

Airdot high efficiency HEPA filter can capture pollutants from the air, including bacteria, pollens and other.

AAF - Model HydroVee XL - HEPA Filters

by AAF Ltd.     based in Cramlington, UNITED KINGDOM

Developed from the success of the classleading HydroCel offshore unit, HydroVee filters deliver high-efficiency performance with minimal pressure loss. Employ AAF HydroVee when experiencing salt and hydrocarbon compressor fouling in high-moisture coastal or tropical environments.

AAF - Model HydroVee HXL - HEPA Filters

by AAF Ltd.     based in Cramlington, UNITED KINGDOM

The big brother to the HydroVee XL, the HXL's 450mm-deep casing allows for 28.8 m2 for longer filter life while reducing pressure loss. Featuring a huge dust-holding capacity, the HXL provides peace-of-mind performance in the harshest environments.

AAF - Model HydroShield - HEPA Filters

by AAF Ltd.     based in Cramlington, UNITED KINGDOM

Today's gas turbines depend upon sustainable filtration performance in order to maintain output and limit fouling. HydroShield uses AAF's proprietary depth-loading media and a specially formulated treatment that repels both water and hydrocarbons for low resistance and maximum filter life.

Model HEPA - Filter Box

by Airplus Air-conditioning Technologies     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

Equipment hosts HEPA filters which are used in order to ensure hygienic and homogeneous distribution of conditioned air (by the air handling units) to your sterile ambient. HEPA filter boxes are manufactured entirely with DKP sheet and they are sealed by welded. Interior and exterior surfaces are painted with RAL 9010 anti-static powder coating. ...

AAF - Model AstroCel - HEPA Filters

by AAF Ltd.     based in Cramlington, UNITED KINGDOM

Designed for use in high-volume applications up to 4250 m3 /h, AstroCel filters help provide excellent efficiency on fine particulate matter. With over 25,000 E12-class filters installed, AstroCel reliably protects F-class turbines worldwide.

AAF - Model HydroShield XL - HEPA Filters

by AAF Ltd.     based in Cramlington, UNITED KINGDOM

Gas turbines operating in wet, hydrocarbon-heavy environments face a particularly difficult challenge: maintaining airflow and preventing pressure drop even when presented with sticky, wet particulates. HydroShield XL has been designed to excel in these conditions, with a unique depth-loading filter media and membrane construction that absorbs ...

Absolute- ProSafe - Model V , VGXL, XXL - HEPA Filters

by Camfil Ltd     based in Haslingden, UNITED KINGDOM

EPA/HEPA final filtration for air conditioning systems of sensitive process industries like life science or food and beverage

D.P.Engineers - Model D.P.Engineers - HEPA Filter

by D.P.Engineers     based in DELHI, INDIA

HEPA FilterHepa filter are widely used in pharmaceutical,Clean room,Semi-conductor,Biotechnology,Photo film,Optical,Precision mechanical,Critical o.T,Defense,Air handling units etc. Hepa filters are made of imported sub micromic glass fiber. Our products are designed to clean sub-micronic airborne particles, bacteria and radia active debris. ...

HEPA Filters

by APC Filtration, Inc.     based in Flamborough, ONTARIO (CANADA)

APC designs and manufactures a diverse range of OEM HEPA Filters for Industrial, Commercial and Household Appliance/Equipment applications. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters as defined by the Institute of Environmental Science & Technology must capture a minimum of 99.97% of contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size. This means for ...


by Enviro Tech Industrial Products     based in Delhi, INDIA

HEPA Filter.Manufactured to the highest standards of performance and stability, the range of hepa filters is ideally suitable for protection against harmful particles emitted from radioactive substances. Hepa filter offered by us is in compliance with the ashrae testing and has the ability capture 99. 97% of particles 0. 3 microns in diameter. ...

Green Source - Model HEPA01 - HEPA filter

by Green Source air purification equipment Co., Ltd     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

Product description:Frame made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel as requirement. Filter media can be made of some types of materials including PP filter paper, glass fiber and compound PP and PET filter and many shapes can be made according to the requirements of the customers. Its filtering rate against MPPS (Most Penetrating ...

Ulpatek - Nuclear HEPA Filter

by ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc.     based in Esenyurt, TURKEY

High air flow rates. High quality special glass fibre media. Service life, less maintenance. Low pressure drop, less energy consumption. Large filter surface area up to 37m². Compact design, space saving. Rigid Metal frame, minimum risk of damage. Operating temperature up to120ºC. Silicon gasket.

Hepa Filter Aluminium Separator

by Airdot Environmental Technologies Ltd     based in Jing’an, CHINA

Airdot high capacity HEPA filter separator are designed to get high performance and energy save.

Hightec Triple - Model SCF -S - HEPA Filter Systems

by Caverion Group     based in Aachen, GERMANY

Krantz HEPA filter systems, type SCF hightec Triple S, are used in bio-safety laboratories class 3 and 4. The design considers the applicable rules like:

Mini-Pleated HEPA Filter

by Guangzhou KLC Co.,Ltd.     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

Final or return filtration for clean rooms It is patent technology to ensure the V type passage, low resistance and long life-span. The gasket is continuous expanded polyurethane and semi-round. The frame is extrude and anodized aluminum Metal meshed with powder coated to protect the filtration media from damage. The customized size is available. ...

Ulpatek - HEPA Filter Housing System

by ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc.     based in Esenyurt, TURKEY

ULPATEK filter housing is made out of 1,5 mm thick sheet steel, either stainless or galvanized are gas tight welded.  The filters are held in position by 4 corner brackets with screws, allowing simple and secure. Clamping of the filter unit against the housing seal face. As an option, this seal face may be equipped with a seal test groove. to ...

Model HFB-092 - HEPA Filter Box

by GMC AIR     based in Plano, TEXAS (USA)

Standard Material: AISI-304 Stainless Steel. Suitable for air supply and return air where hygenic requirements shall be met e.g hospitals, clean rooms, food industry and paharmeceutical facilites. Leakage test holes are available. Has three models: Circular Lateral Access (HFB-192), Circular Overhead Access (HFB-292), Rectangular Lateral Access ...

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