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High-Rate Dissolved Air Flotation Unit equipment

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    WesTech - R5™ DAF Pre-Engineered Dissolved Air Flotation Units

    The R5 DAF is a pre-engineered, modular, and skid-mounted dissolved air flotation unit with variable tank sizes, flow, and recycle rates. It provides a flexible, easy-to-install, and affordable solution for smaller municipal and commercial water and wastewater treatment operations, plant pilot testing, and backup for unexpected plant equipment ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Dissolved Gas Flotation Product line

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    Dissolved Air Flotation System

    Fluence’s dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems provide high-quality, efficient clarification of suspended particles from wastewater. Fluence has been developing and continually improving dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems for decades, and has successfully implemented installations in a variety of applications.

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Products Product line

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    BMI - Model BMC-HR - High Rate Dissolved Air Flotation System

    Modern concept for circular shaped DAF systems: High rate dissolved air flotation units BMC-HR, are innovative high rate machines, developed as a result of long experience and experimentation, where the flotation process fulfils each of the third generation technologies, as defined in the acts of the most recent international specific conferences ...

    By Bio Mass Impianti srl (BMI) based in Trezzano s/N, ITALY.

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    BMI - Model BM-LDAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Units with Lamella Technology

    The flotation units BMI series LDAF, due to the lamella technology, incorporate a large separation surface.The LDAF flotation systems incorporate lamella packs, made with fibreglass wavy sheets, to obtain a high surface area into a small volume. The lamella packs are positioned at an angle higher than 50 degrees to avoid the possibility of ...

    By Bio Mass Impianti srl (BMI) based in Trezzano s/N, ITALY.

  • Model SWL & SWF - Flotation Units

    Compact units for fats and TSS removal. Could be delivered as stainless steel units, as well as concrete build for high flows. Designed in The Netherlands for top quality.Flotation unit for activated sludge – FBR: Designed for aerobic activated sludge. Used in flotation aerobic reactors or in sludge thickening/recovery.

    By Symbiona SA based in Warszawa, POLAND. from Dissolved Air Flotation and Clarifier Systems Product line

  • Model WFL and QUICKSEP - Water Filtration Units

    High speed systems for surface water treatment, both for industrial and municipal use. Typically delivered as stainless steel or concrete build for high flows.

    By Symbiona SA based in Warszawa, POLAND. from Dissolved Air Flotation and Clarifier Systems Product line

  • Model DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

    The Dissolved Air Flotation Unit clarifies animal wastewater by removing suspended organic material using micro bubbles that float the tiny solid particles to the surface. The particles form a layer of sludge on the surface which is skimmed off by a rake assembly. The sludge contains a high percentage of NPK.

    By Manure Systems Inc. based in Abbotsford, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Model DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation System

    Colloide’s high rate Dissolved Air flotation (‘DAF’) unit has been developed using the most advanced solids/liquid separation techniques available.  The performance of our DAF unit is superior to that of similar or alternative technologies, both as a clarifier of primary or secondary effluent waters and as a thickener for ...

    By Colloide Engineering Systems based in Cookstown, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  • Enflo-Vite - Dissolved Air Flotation System

    We have been at the forefront in being able to offer technologies that operate at high rate, reducing footprint and land requirements. Doosan Enpure introduced Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) into the UK in 1972.  More recently we introduced Enflo-ViteTM which is part of the Enflo-DAFTM family.  This is another major breakthrough in ...

    By Doosan Enpure Limited based in Parklands, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Tenco Hydro Clari-Float - Model DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation

    Tenco Hydro Clari-Float provides high performance  by the use of proprietary design features to maximize DAF performance. These include a proprietary inlet chamber and recycle pressurization system.The inlet chamber dissipates energy and turbulence from the mixing of feed and depressurizing flows. It is then transformed to an evenly ...

    By Tenco Hydro, Inc. based in Brookfield, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Maxiflot - Model LC - Jet Flotation Equipment

    Flotation unit MAXIFLOT LC is used for purification of wastewater and technological water with high contents of BOD5, COD, fats and suspended solids. The equipment is appropriate especially for wastewater from meat processing plants, rendering plants, starch factories, poultry farms, canneries and for technological waters from paper mills and ...

    By INKOS CZ, s.r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Flotation Equipment Product line

  • H2Flow - Gamma Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system:

    The Gamma flotation units are designed to treat #3;waste water with light to medium solids loading #3;and very high flows. The capacity of the Gamma #3;units range from 1300 usgpm to 2425 usgpm #3;(225 to 600 m3/hr). The Platepack System #3;multiplies the separation surface for effective #3;separation, making it possible to treat a large #3;amount ...

    By H2Flow Equipment Inc. based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • H2Flow - Alpha Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system:

    The Alpha flotation units are designed to treat #3;wastewater with high solids loading. The capacity #3;of the Alpha units range from 9 usgpm to #3;264 usgpm (2 m3/hr up to 60m3/hr).The Alpha series are designed to create the best #3;conditions for easy separation of the solids. #3;The open style design with the large free surface #3;area and long ...

    By H2Flow Equipment Inc. based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • H2Flow - Sigma Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system:

    The sigma flotation unit is designed to treat waste water with medium to high solids loading. #3;The capacity of the Sigma units range from #3;2200 to 4400usgpm (500 to 1000 m3/hr).The Sigma series are designed to create the #3;best conditions for easy separation of the solids. #3;The large free surface area and long retention #3;time guarantee an ...

    By H2Flow Equipment Inc. based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Model PWL Series - Open Tank Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

    PWL DAF systems are open tank, low-built separators, meaning the tanks are only built as high as 8 to 10 ½ feet tall, as opposed to PCL plate pack DAF units which have side walls reaching upwards of 16 feet. Reason being, the PWL design is optimized for treating wastewater heavily loaded with solids that require significant amounts of free ...

    By FRC Systems International, LLC - part of JWC Environmental based in Cumming, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Disolved Air Flotation

    Response Group manufacture a range of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewaters. DAF technology is the process by which suspended solids, oil, fat and grease (OFG) are separated from wastewater by dissolving pressurized air into a recycled stream of the liquid to be treated. Micro-bubbles ...

    By Response Group based in Charleville, IRELAND.

  • Air Jammer - Aerator System

    The Air Jammer aerator is a unique device for injecting atmospheric oxygen into wastewater. The Air Jammer utilizes micron-size bubble diffusion along with hydraulic shear within a pressurized aeration chamber to produce a well mixed, highly oxygenated and conditioned liquid. Wastewater, the primary target, is pumped through the Air Jammer’s ...

    By The Environmental Company based in Ruth, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • OKO-aquaclean - Flotation Plants

    Flotation is traditionally considered as one of the most energy-efficient and flexible methods for treating industrial waste waters. OKO-tech has refined this method by developing a sensor-controlled high-performance flotation process. Separation efficiency and automation were significantly increased. It meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 by a ...

    By OKO-tech Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG based in Hess. Oldendorf, GERMANY.

  • Model TAURO TAM - Lamella Flotation - Horizontal Orientation

    High performance Dissolved Air Flotation clarifier combining free flotation and lamella separation in one unit, Increased effective flotation area in respect to the installation area, Universal Dissolving System (UDS) with a state of the art air dissolving technology, Rectangular design with lamella technology for less space requirements, All the ...

    By Meri Environmental Solutions GmbH based in Munich, GERMANY. from Primary Treatment Product line

  • Planotex - Flotation (DAF)

    Flotation PFP with corrugated plate pack. The effective surface of the plate pack is, depending on type, between 7 and 12 times the size of the free surface such making the PFP a high efficiency DAF.

    By Planotex GmbH based in Neuried b. M√ľnchen, GERMANY.

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