Homeland Security equipment available in Oklahoma

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific FirstDefender - Model RMX - Rugged Raman Spectrometer

    FirstDefender RMX is an all-optical Raman system designed for first responders' use, homeland security, military, law enforcement and by forensic chemistry personnel. Significant enhancements have been made in speed, performance, mixture analysis, user interface and use mode with the fixed probe and optional robot integration.

    By Thermo Fisher Scientific based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Plume Modeling

    Incident visibility is critical for first responders when managing a chemical, biological or radiological event that has put a community at risk. ADAHSI (Automated Decision Aid System for Hazardous Incidents) is a hazard prediction and agent discovery solution that provides street level hazard visualization needed by first responders for incident ...

    By Earth Networks, Inc. based in Germantown, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Model LYNX CMOS - Sensor

    The LYNX CMOS Sensor is the first operational Night Vision and Homeland Security Digital Sensor based on full solid-state technology operating in both daylight and low-light level (equivalent to quarter moon). The LYNX CMOS Sensor offers new perspectives in connecting night vision to Command and Control (C4I), in urban and suburban surveillance at ...

    By Photonis USA based in Sturbridge, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Photon Detectors Product line

  • SeaLion - Model 2 - Completely Mobile Underwater Camera Systems

    Fishers ROVs are completely mobile underwater camera systems that are controlled from the surface and capable of staying submerged indefinitely.  These ROVs are ideally suited to a variety of applications including pipeline inspections, river and ocean searches, dam surveys, oil and gas platform work, fish farming, and homeland security ...

    By J W Fishers Manufacturing Inc based in East Taunton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Remote Operated Vehicle Product line

  • PORTHOS - Single Detector FTIR Spectrometer

    PORTHOS is a small, rugged, lightweight, highly sensitive multiple chemical agent detector and identification system. PORTHOS incorporates Block's M90 sensor along with MESH's recognition software and has detection capabilities comparable to the MCAD. It functions day or night and is capable of either short or long term military or Homeland ...

    By Block Engineering based in Marlborough, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Standoff Passive FTIR Spectroscopy Products Product line

  • Radiation Detection - nanoRaider

    When radiation detection capabilities are necessary, operators must rely on the accuracy and dependability of their instruments. With the highest detector resolution available in a pager-sized device, the nanoRaider virtually eliminates the false alarms and false positives that are so common to personal radiation detectors. With both detection and ...

    By FLIR Systems Inc. based in Wilsonville, OREGON (USA). from Rediation Product line

  • CeramOptec - Optical Fiber Feedthroughs

    Optical Fiber Feedthroughs Feedthroughs seal an optical fiber within a metal sleeve. The fiber is held in a fixed position with a glass-to-metal seal. CeramOptec's pressure and vacuum feedthroughs are available in multiple configurations for various sized fibers. They offer exceptional reliability and smooth operation for even the most demanding ...

    By CeramOptec GmbH based in Bonn, GERMANY. from Vacuum Feedthroughs Product line

  • Model E Class - US Coast Guard Sea Eagle FRC

    SCOD Presents the US Coast Guard Sea Eagle; The Ultra Green Homeland Security vessel that’s tough on the bad guys, but kind to the Ecology. The first Coast Guard Cutter to provide extensive surveillance, on , above and below the ocean. The E Class Search and Rescue Sea Eagle with Helipad and underwater ROV (Remote Ocean Vehicle) uses half as ...

    By Sauter Carbon Offset Design based in Kuta, INDONESIA.

  • Sodium Permanganate

    In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) with sodium permanganate and potassium permanganate is a safe, cost-effective and rapid remediation technology for the treatment of VOCs (e.g. PCE, TCE, DCE VC etc.) in groundwater, soils and sediments.

    By Hepure Technologies based in FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Chemical Oxidants Product line

  • CONPASS - Model DV - Dual View Flexible Full Body X-ray Scanner

    The safest and most flexible Full Body X-ray Scanner available for Prisons, Customs and locations requiring high level of security. CONPASS DV (Dual View) is the most comprehensive, safe and user friendly full body scanner intended for X-ray personnel screening.   

    By Adani Systems Inc. based in Miami Lakes, FLORIDA (USA). from People X-ray Screening Product line

  • Model PTZ - Underwater Camera

    DSI’s indigenous production of the underwater operable and fully submersible pan tilt and zoom camera was a revolution in itself. It is designed for use in hazardous and corrosive environments like seawater, sewer water and industrial wastewater.

    By Digital Surveillance Inc (DSI) based in NOIDA, INDIA. from Underwater Cameras Product line

  • GA-ASI - Advanced Cockpit Ground Control Station (GCS)

    GA-ASI's Advanced Cockpit Ground Control Station (GCS) is designed for use with Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems such as the Predator and Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper and offers significantly improved situational awareness and reduced pilot workload. Innovations include intuitive interfaces that are designed to make potentially hazardous ...

    By General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. based in Poway, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ground Control Stations Product line

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific FirstDefender - Model RM - Rugged Raman Spectrometer

    FirstDefender RM is the next generation rugged, portable Raman instrument for rapid, accurate identification of unknown chemicals in the field. At less than half the size and weight of the field-proven flagship FirstDefender®, and delivering results up to 5 times faster, FirstDefender RM meets the demanding requirements of elite military ...

    By Thermo Fisher Scientific based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Sanuvox - UV Bio Wall Commercial in Duct UV Air Sterilization System

    The patented UV Bio-Wall provides a 'barrier wall' of UV Energy, destroying biological and chemical contaminants passing through it.

    By Sanuvox Technologies Inc. based in QUEBEC (CANADA). from In-Duct UV Systems Product line

  • STS - Model 812 - Ram Gene Simulator

    The STS 812 consists of a real Rotem Ram Gene with added STS electronics STS. The instrument detects the gas given off by the STS simulant, which has been applied to the surface to be monitored. This “radiation” may be detected by passing the instrument close to and slowly over the surface, as would be done with a ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd based in Wokingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Contamination Simulation Product line

  • Owlstone - Chemical Agent Monitor (OCAM)

    The Owlstone Chemical Agent Monitor is a first of its kind next generation facility air monitor. Continuous (24/7) air monitoring provides chemical detection well below IDLH levels. The Owlstone Chemical Agent Monitor (OCAM) is a first of its kind next generation facility air monitor. Providing rapid and reliable detection of chemical threats, it ...

    By Owlstone Nanotech, Inc. based in Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Other Product line

  • TruDefender - Model FTi and FTXi - Handheld FTIR Systems

    TruDefender FT is a handheld FTIR system designed to identify unknown chemicals directly in the hotzone. Built for first responders, TruDefender FT weighs less than 3 pounds (1.4 kg) and is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of field use. Using industry-proven FTIR technology, TruDefender FT complements FirstDefender to maximize in-the-field ...

    By Thermo Fisher Scientific based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Model Hi 90 - Imaging Remote Sensing System

    The Bruker Hyperspectral Imaging System HI 90 is an imaging remote sensing system based on the combination of a Michelson interferometer and a focal plane array detector. Each pixel of the array records an interferogram from the corresponding field of view. A spectrum is obtained by fourier transformation and contains the infrared signature of the ...

    By Bruker Corporation based in Billerica, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Diver Held Sonar Imaging and Navigation System

    A one man Navigation and Sonar Reconnaissance unit. The Navigator is a second generation Sonar Imaging and Navigation System, designed by Shark Marine primarily for MCM and SAR use.The Navigator is in use by many of the worlds Navies, and has become a trusted piece of their standard kit and reshaped many of their SOPs.  The modularity of the ...

    By Shark Marine Technologies Inc. based in St. Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Diver Held Systems Product line

  • Military Grade Grade Dispersive Raman Analyzer

    The Military Grade Grade Dispersive Raman Analyzer is our most rugged spectrometer. When packaged in aPelican case this spectrometer can survive the most demanding environments: drop, vibration, water, heat. The spectrometer has no moving parts and is designed to have very little thermal drift over large temperature ranges.

    By Real-Time Analyzers Inc. based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Special Order Products Product line

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