household waste equipment in United Kingdom

  • Household Waste Box

    Designed for the safe collection and storage of household hazardous waste. The Hazardous Waste Box can then be put out onto the kerbside for collection or taken to a drop off point for safe discharge of the contents.

    By Straight Ltd based in Hull, UNITED KINGDOM. from Household Waste Box Product line

  • Municipal and Household Waste System

    Household waste is waste which is collected in a mixed and unsorted manner. Approx. 250 kg of household waste is generated in the European households per capita every year. Household waste mainly contains materials such as: Organic waste (garden and kitchen waste), Paper/cardboard, Mineral substances, Plastics, Textiles, Glass, Metal, Leather, ...

    By Sutco UK Ltd based in Purley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Municipal and Household Waste System Product line

  • Sorting Systems - Household waste

    This sorting system processes bags of domestic waste. On arrival, the bags are automatically opened. The material is then pre-sorted and led across a star screen or through a sorting drum, where the material is sorted on the basis of four different particle sizes. The recyclable materials are processed manually in three sorting lines and collected ...

    By Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions Office in Rugeley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sorting Systems - Household waste Product line

  • UK Waste - 1100 Litre Wheelie Bin

    The UK Waste Series of bin presses can compress refuse into a variety of different containers with forces in excess of 5 tones. The UK Waste Series of bin presses offers a variety of styles and sizes, which are available to suit every level of waste output. The benefits of a UK Waste Bin Press is its ease of use, provides remarkable reduction in ...

    By UK Waste & Recycling Ltd. based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from 1100 Litre Wheelie Bin Product line

  • Holden Environmental - Model 4 Cubic Yard - Skip Hire

    Mini skips are perfect for general household waste, property renovations or garden waste clearance.

    By Holden Environmental based in Perth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Skip Hire Product line

  • Module Systems

    Module Systems is waste which is collected in a mixed a nd unseated manner. Approx. 250 kg of household waste is generated In the European households per capita every year. Household waste mainly contains m a-terials.suchas: organic waste (garden and kitchen waste), paper/cardboard, mineral material, plastics, textiles, glass, metals, leather, ...

    By Sutco UK Ltd based in Purley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Module Systems Product line

  • Garland - Refuse Sacks Black 55ltr (20 Per Roll)

    These black refuse sacks are made from recyclable polythene. Great for all general household waste. Roll contains 20 x 55ltr capacity bags.

    By Garland Products Ltd based in Kingswinford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Refuse Sacks Black 55ltr (20 Per Roll) Product line

  • Ecosack - Wheelie Bin Paper Liner

    On a hot summer day a wheelie bin containing household waste can be a very unpleasant experience. An ideal solution to avoid this problem is the use of paper wheelie bin liner.

    By Ecosack based in Rochester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Material Recycling Facility (MRF)

    I.C. Electrical Ltd has successfully completed a waste materials recycling facility. The materials recycling facility takes mixed recyclable waste material generated by household waste. These waste materials including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal, are sorted and baled in this facility.

    By I.C.Electrical Ltd based in Burton upon Trent, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Strimech - Heavy Duty Refuse Bucket and Claw

    Heavy Duty Refuse Bucket & Claw The Strimech heavy duty refuse bucket and claw has been designed to work within the waste industry for use with general household waste. A bolt on wear edge is fitted as standard to help extend the working life of the bucket.

    By Strimech Engineering Ltd. based in Bentley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Heavy Duty Refuse Bucket and Claw Product line

  • EcoSack - Waste Paper Collection

    What can be more natural than using paper sack or liner for collecting paper from offices and households. Both the sack and collected paper can be converted into recycled paper at paper mills - so the circle is completed. Following the success of the paper sack for the kerbside collection of garden waste the next step is the collection of paper ...

    By Ecosack based in Rochester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Presona - Model DH & XH - Unique Two-Step Pre-Press System

    The DH and XH balers are all equipped with Presona’s unique two-step pre-press system. This system allows a feed opening of 2200 mm – all the way from the feed opening down to the bottom of the press chamber. The powerful XH balers with a combined press force of 210 tons, channel format 1100 x 1100 and a power pack of 2 x 75 kW ...

    By Presona AB Office in Bridgwater, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Thermal Treatment Plant

    Duringthe delivery of the waste and the pre-treatment of domestic waste the pre-sorting meets the special requirements for control, pre-sorting, crushing and homogenization. The industrial and household waste and specific to the products as well as the bulky waste are correspondingly treated prior to a charge into the waste bunker. The Sut-co ...

    By Sutco UK Ltd based in Purley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Thermal Treatment Plant Product line

  • Dosing Feeder / Bag Opener

    The Sutco dosing feeder is used for dosing and bag-opening of the following materials: household waste, DSD (Du-ales System Deutschland) packing materials (yellow bag), plastic bottles, plastic waste etc. Hopper volume from 16 to 35 m3 and throughputs of up to 25 t/h (depending on the material) are possible. The use of a stand-alone controller ...

    By Sutco UK Ltd based in Purley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dosing Feeder / Bag Opener Product line

  • Wind Shifter

    This unit has especially been developed foran air-supported separation of tabular-light and heavy materials and is used for EBS (substitute fuel) production - and for DSD (Duales System Deutschland) sorting of household waste as well. Throughputs of up to 20 t/h are possible. The 5 main adjustment positions ensure an exactly defined separation. ...

    By Sutco UK Ltd based in Purley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Shifter Product line

  • Model ROC-35MB - 35 Gallon Metal Catch Bar Roll-out Cart

    ROC-35MB Roll-out Carts are designed for both automated and semi-automated collection of household waste and recyclables. Injection molded with premium quality, resilient, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin, Rehrig Pacific Roll-out Carts are designed to provide many years of quality service and look good at the curb in virtually any ...

    By Rehrig Pacific Company Office in Ascot, UNITED KINGDOM. from 35 Gallon Metal Catch Bar Roll-out Cart Product line

  • Bulk Collection Banks

    The bigger the better. Bulk collection solutions to suit all. Where there is a need for collecting textiles on a large scale Wilcox have a solution. Whether it’s located on a supermarket car park, Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) or Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) there is a bulk container to suit your requirements. With over 50 ...

    By Wilcox Textile Reclaimers based in Bilston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bulk Collection Banks Product line

  • Model MRF - Material Recovery Plants

    Sorting plants of various combinations and capacities: for paper, card and board material , for bio waste, for building waste, for mixed building waste, for household and industrial waste, for post consumer plastics, for paper and card separation.

    By Rodan Engineering Company Ltd. based in Leigh, UNITED KINGDOM. from Material Recovery Plants Product line

  • SULO - Sorty

    A full range of plastic waste bins in sizes from 10 litres to 110 litres for all purposes - especially suitable for the separate collection of domestic waste, organic waste and recyclables at the source in households or restaurants.

    By SULO Umwelttechnik GmbH Office in Westmidland, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Eco Green - Large Trailed Shredders

    20 cubic metres Eco Green in operation at a landfill site reducing volume of tip waste.20 cubic metres Eco Green being operated in conjunction with an eco green screener by a Yorkshire local Authority.Eco Green shown processing household green waste at a Nottinghamshire composting facility.Eco green being exhibited at JCB waste day.Twin hopper 22 ...

    By King Feeders UK based in Macclesfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

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