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hydrocarbons contamination equipment

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    VacuDry - Soil Remediation Plant for Hydrocarbon Contaminants

    Remediation of hydrocarbon contaminants from oil lagoons and refinery waste; In 2007 econ industries delivered an indirectly heated thermal desorption plant to a client in Kuwait. The plant was designed to treat various types of waste with hydrocarbon contaminant content, in particular refinery waste, oil lagoons and down hole drilling waste. The ...

    By econ industries services GmbH based in Starnberg, GERMANY. from Other Product line

  • SuperAll - Hydrocarbon Contamination

    Hydrocarbon contamination is inevitable and ranges from cooking grease on the countertop to major oil spills. SuperAll products have been providing solutions for hydrocarbon based spills, contaminates, odors, and hazards since 1991. We focus on a sole competency which is SuperAll. In spite of this we continually invest in research and development ...

    By SuperAll Products, LLP based in Tomball, TEXAS (USA).

  • Absolute - Hydrocarbon Contaminated Asset Valves

    At ABSOLUTE we take your hydrocarbon contaminated asset, and we return it to you clean…normally within a few hours. ABSOLUTE’s unique process, starts with our proprietary organic solvent selected over years of testing. Our specially designed mechanized equipment allows for full submersion of the asset. This allows our organic solvent ...

    By Absolute Throughput Solutions Inc. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Bio-Absorbent for remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils

    Natural Fibers - make this product ideal for remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils . Encapsulating the oils so it won't leach out while oil eating microbes degrade the hydrocarbons. Highly valued by our clients worldwide using this renewable resource. Rated the best performing absorbent by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Oil Sponge.

    By Clean It Up based in Surprise, ARIZONA (USA). from Bioremediation Product line

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    UltraZyme - Hydrocarbon Powder

    UltraZyme HydroCarbon Powder (UZHC) has been created to suit unique effluent treatments as well as oil spills on land and in water. UZHC is a blend of environmentally friendly cultures specifically designed to consume, digest and reduce oil / gas as well as a number of other hydrocarbon-related spills and contamination in a wide variety of ...

    By Cypher Environmental Ltd. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from UltraZyme Product line

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    J.U.M. - Model H100 - Trace Hydrocarbon in Hydrogen FID-Analyzer

    Our HFID Model H100 is a compact heated FID analyzer for high purity hydrogen applications. The H100 measures low trace total hydrocarbon concentration in Hydrogen. For fastest response and highest accuracy except the pressure regulator all components in contact with sample are housed in a 190 deg Celsius heated oven.. The Model H100 is ideally ...

    By J.U.M. Engineering GmbH based in Karlsfeld, GERMANY. from Heated FID Analyzers - Speciality Heated FID`s Product line

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    COSMOS - Model N2/ZN2 - Nitrogen Gas Generator for GC

    The COSMOS N2 / ZN2 is designed to produce safe regulated supply of high purity up to 99,9995% for GC Make-up, GC Carrier gas, headspace vial pressurization, purge and trap, tube conditioning for thermal desorption. The COSMOS Nitrogen use the reliable and efficient pressure swing absorption (PSA) technique using carbon molecular sieve to remove ...

    By F-DGSi based in Evry, FRANCE. from Gas Generators - Lab Nitrogen Generators Product line

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    Model HLT - Hydrocarbon Liberation Technology

    Our patented mechanical process works on oil and gas drill cuttings, as well as contaminated soils from spills, to reduce Diesel Range Organic (DRO) content enough to satisfy state and federal agencies' requirements for on-site burial. It reduces the DRO/GRO levels significantly on its own, but by combining it with surfactants the results are ...

    By Signet Aggregates, LLC based in Casper, WYOMING (USA).

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    Munters - Liquid - Liquid Extraction Internals

    Liquid-Liquid Extraction is a Separation process in which a feed stream containing dissolved components is contacted with an immiscible solvent which forms a second liquid phase and selectively extracts the dissolved components from the feed. It is primarily used for services where distillation is not practical, like close boiling point or heat ...

    By Munters based in Amesbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Mass Transfer Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 12.12.SA - Submersible Pump Set (Low Cost)

    This low cost submersible pump set is suitable for use in monitoring wells with a diameter of minimal 40 mm. The set includes three submersible pumps “Gigant”, three booster pumps, a roll of extension cable, sealed crimp splices (to make a waterproof cable extension), a roll of polyethylene sampling tube and a battery with battery ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Groundwater Samplers Product line

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    Nanofer - Model 25S - Aqueous Dispersion of Fe(0) Nanoparticles

    Aqueous dispersion of Fe(0) nanoparticles with biodegradable organic surface modification, which has been designed especially for in-situ groundwater remediation. Frequent target contamination is hexavalent chromium and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

    By Nano Iron s.r.o. based in Židlochovice, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles (NZVI) Product line

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    Eliminator - High Capacity Bladder Pump

    The Eliminator is a high capacity bladder pump designed for LNAPL and DNAPL. It’s also used to handle viscous contaminants, such as crude oil.

    By QED Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Product Recovery Product line

  • NANOCHEM - HCX - Inert Gas Purifier

    NANOCHEM HCX Purifiers are designed to remove trace hydrocarbons from inert gases and hydrogen. An example of a process sensitive to hydrocarbon contamination is DUV lithography. Deposition of carbon-based films from purge gas contaminants on the optical components decreases light throughput and negatively affects the patterning process.  ...

    By Chrysalis Scientific Technologies Inc. based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Gas Purification Systems Product line

  • Pollution Systems - Model CEF-5 - Rental Thermal Oxidizer

    The CEF-5 is a trailer mounted, natural gas or propane thermal oxidizer designed to treathydrocarbon contaminated air streams. It can handle both low VOC contaminated streams50% LEL. The unit and controls can be converted tooperate with a catalyst module insert. The oxidizer is designed to operate completelyindependent of the process and is ...

    By Pollution Systems based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA). from Thermal Oxidizers Product line

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    J.U.M. - Model 5-100 - High Temperature Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    The J.U.M. Engineering HFID Model 5-100 is a compact 19' rack mount or table top heated total hydrocarbon analyzer for high accuracy, sensitivity and stability for pressurized samples with conventional sample back pressure regulator.

    By J.U.M. Engineering GmbH based in Karlsfeld, GERMANY. from Heated FID Analyzers - Speciality Heated FID`s Product line

  • Remediact - Liquid Bioremediation Agent

    Soil & Water Remediation Formula This product will solve water & soil hydrocarbon contamination problems. It will bio-remediate most hydrocarbons, in deep water or soil, with a minimum amount of equipment, labor and cost.Liquid Remediact™ is a newly developed product that was created to solve soil & water hydrocarbon ...

    By EnviroLogic based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Soil & Water Remediation Product line

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    ECS's Gold Crew surfactants increase the surface area of hydrophobic compounds. Gold Crew's surfactant molecules, above their critical micelle concentration (CMC), form aggregates in water that are called micelles. These aggregates have a hydrophobic core and a hydrophilic outer surface. Gold Crew's micelles are capable of dissolving hydrocarbons ...

    By Environmental Chemical Solutions based in Gig Harbor, WASHINGTON (USA). from Gold Crew Products Product line

  • Vertek - Model VTK - Solid State Video Module System

    Contamination Confirmation Visual In-Situ Screening Vertek’s Video Module provides a view of the soil in real time, allowing the user to visually detect or confirm the presence of subsurface contaminants (hydrocarbons, NAPL) and sedimentary structures. The Video Module also shows soil texture, grain size, color, moisture and other features, ...

    By Vertek a Division of ARA based in Randolph, VERMONT (USA). from VTK Series CPT Equipment Product line

  • EcoBioClean - Model 101 COFW - Oil/Chemical Contamination Products

    For use when gasoline/motor oil/chemical/pesticide hydrocarbon contaminations occur in surrounding fresh water vegetative environments – estuaries, river banks, ponds ecosystems or land. EcoBioClean®101 COFW safely and rapidly degrades the offending element to protect wildlife, aquatic life and the ecosystem in general and reduces odors. ...

    By Jacor, LLC based in ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Synergy - Bypass Separators

    Are used in hard standing areas where there is a light risk of hydrocarbon contamination to the surface water run off, i.e. Car Parks, Roadways, Industrial Estates, Goods Yards etc. These units are designed to treat the influent up to the design nominal size of the Separator. Excess flows over and above this are allowed to ‘bypass’ the ...

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