incinerated waste equipment in Australasia

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    AEREON - Specialty/Custom Incineration Systems

    AEREON's specialty/custom incineration systems are engineered and tailored to suit the end user process and emission requirements. Below are some of our specialty incineration systems: Denoxidizers - thermal oxidation systems for nitrogen bearing compounds and these utilize staged combustion for overall reduction of nitrogen oxides. Liquid thermal ...

    By AEREON Office in Williamstown North, AUSTRALIA. from Specialty/Custom Incineration Systems Product line

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    TurboSorb - Semi-Dry Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA)

    MEGTEC offers SDA technology to treat industrial process gas streams, with applications in biofuels, incineration, iron and steel, mining and metallurgical, cement, and waste-to-energy, to name a few. Our SDAs provide effective control of SOx and HCl by the injection of calcium, potassium or sodium-based slurries. Unlike wet scrubbers, all water ...

    By Dürr Megtec LLC Office in Glen Waverley, AUSTRALIA. from Semi-Dry Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA) Product line

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    Krauss-Maffei - Model VZU-G - Gypsum Vertical Peeler Centrifuge

    The Krauss-Maffei VZU-G gypsum centrifuge is most suitable for desulfurization of flue gases from coal-fired heat/ power plants, waste incinerators, and copper smelters. Washing the flue gas with limestone slurry is the most successful method and generates reusable gypsum.

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group Office in Carrum Downs, AUSTRALIA. from Gypsum Vertical Peeler Centrifuge Product line

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    AEREON - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    AEREON's recuperative thermal oxidizers are complex incineration systems that are designed to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants that are emitted from various processes. These oxidizers include heat recovery modules to preheat combustion air and incoming waste process streams to minimize fuel consumption for ...

    By AEREON Office in Williamstown North, AUSTRALIA. from Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers Product line

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    Hoover Ferguson - Model H Series - Compactors

    316 Stainless Steel - 100% frame. Compacts all types of non-hazardous waste. Component parts are sand blasted and painted. Door with latch engineered for gradual release. Bags manufactured to a 5:1 safety ratio. Air or electric operation. Baling capabilities available upon request. Improve shipboard incinerator efficiency and reduce operating time ...

    By Hoover Ferguson Distributor in Broome, AUSTRALIA. from Compactors Product line

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    Opsis - Model 400Hg TGM - Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) System

    Waste incinerators, cement plants and power plants need good and reliable measurements of total gaseous mercury. The measurement of total gaseous mercury (TGM) is a challenge due to chemical reactions and contamination. The installed systems will often require a lot of maintanence still not giving reliable results.

    By Opsis AB Distributor in Knoxfield, AUSTRALIA. from Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) System Product line

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    Lindner Polaris - Model 1800 / 2200 / 2800 - Single-Shaft Shredder

    The Lindner Polaris is a highly specialised single-shaft shredder with enormous transmission power. Focused on the single-step production of fuels with medium calorific values (50–100 mm) from untreated municipal, industrial and commercial waste materials for co-incineration, this universal shredder has it all: sturdy design and low ...

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Single-Shaft Shredder Product line

  • Mediburn - Portable Incinerator

    Environmentally safe, compact and easy to operate, MediBurn is a diesel-fueled medical waste incinerator for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, blood banks, police departments, and veterinarians. Available in two sizes, the original model is capable of disposing of up to 8 cu ft / 0.22 cu m batch-loads of infectious and pathological ...

    By Elastec Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Portable Incinerator Product line

  • SmartAsh - Portable Incinerators

    SmartAsh cyclonic barrel burner is an innovative portable incinerator that meets EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse. Simply load a 55 gal / 208 L open-head steel drum, light the load and clamp on the lid. A whirlwind of fire and intense heat is created inside the drum, burning refuse without smoke or smell. Combustion is complete, ...

    By Elastec Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Portable Incinerators Product line

  • Model ER series - Electrohydraulic Equipment

    The ER series are electrically powered lifting accessories which incorporate an electrohydraulic control unit within the grab body. This means the units only require electrical supplies to operate. This type of equipment can be installed on harbour cranes or overhead cranes and are used in, Steel plants, incinerators and biomass plants, for the ...

    By Rozzi SpA Distributor in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.

  • Turbo Burn Electric Incinerator - TUB

    Application: The electric Turbo Burn Incinerator is a Western Australian designed and built unit that can incinerate oil, absorbents, greasy rags, oil & fuel filters, office waste, food services waste, bags, packing material and non-infectious waste without polluting the air. Small and portable Eliminates.

    By Global Spill Control based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. from Turbo Burn Electric Incinerator - TUB Product line

  • Cyclo Burn Grate Incinerator

    The Cyclo Burn incinerator operates as a 2 stage combustion process, specifically designed for the quick and clean destruction of a variety of general and industrial waste including waste oil contaminated products and bulk waste oil. The Cyclo Burn design consists of a hinged stainless steel (s/s) lid. The lid is designed to create a large ...

    By Scholer Industries based in Cannington, AUSTRALIA. from Cyclo Burn Grate Incinerator Product line

  • Heger - Model The CROCODILE Series - Drainage Systems

    Drained material is easier to process or recycle. THE CROCODILE range of Heger drainage systems are used for solid/liquid separation and the removal of residual liquids from waste products. THE CROCODILE drains out free-flowing contents from plastic cups, Tetra Pak packaging, cans or PET bottles, drains sewage sludge and industrial was- te and ...

    By Heger GmbH & Co.KG Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Drainage Systems Product line

  • Model MIR-FTIR - Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

    Measurement Technique: Installed across the majority of the UK’s municipal waste incinerators, the MIR-FT Utilises Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FT-IR) to offer multiple gas measurements simultaneously, including NO, NO2, SO2, NH3, HCl and CO. With the emissions limits tightening and new gases being introduced, this instrument allows future ...

    By a1-cbiss Distributor in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA. from Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) Product line

  • PORT-A-BURN - Model PB1 - Portable incinerator

    PORT-A-BURN THE ONLY ORIGINAL PORTABLE INCINERATOR ON THE PLANET. All others are just copy's.Don't waste your money on expensive imitations .Don't settle for seconded best.WE WILL BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTED PRICE. QUALITY DOESN'T HAVE TO COST.Cyclonic fan forced.Easiest to use of any portable incinerator. High Temperature over 1000 deg.3 time the lid ...

    By 3T Incineration Systems based in perth, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model POU - Drinking Water Filter

    In today’s heavily industrialized world, groundwater contaminations are a sad daily reality. In spite of all efforts by municipal water supply companies to treat the water, many consumers around the globe are anxious to use tap water for human consumption. That’s why they turn to bottled water as an alternative. In addition to the cost ...

  • SteriMelt - Non-Woven Polypropylene Sterile Wrap System

    Clinical wrap is a non-woven polypropylene sterile wrap that is used to maintain the sterility of instruments and equipment and also as bed sheets and covers in the operating theatre. In US hospitals, 2.2 billion kgs of medical waste is generated each year and 20% of all operating theatre waste is Blue Wrap. An average sized hospital with six ...

    By Thermal Compaction Group (TCG) Distributor in AUSTRALIA.

  • ANDRITZ MeWa - Model UC - Universal Rotary Shear

    When volume needs to be reduced, waste to be prepared for incineration or material to be shredded for subsequent treatment, the Universal Rotary Shear UC forms the basis for a successful recycling process. Whether you have bulky material, tires, textiles or massive metal parts – the Universal Rotary Shear UC shreds the material in a ...

    By ANDRITZ MeWa - ANDRITZ Group Office in Carrum Downs, AUSTRALIA. from Universal Rotary Shear Product line

  • Metso EtaPreShred - Model 4000M/S - Waste Pre-Shredder Mobile and Stationary

    The Metso EtaPreShred 4000 is a large waste shredder capable of effectively and reliably shredding virtually any type of material. This waste shredder is designed to meet the special needs of plants in which the incoming material varies greatly in terms of size and composition and can contain unknown quantities of steel, stones, and concrete. ...

    By Metso Recycling Equipment Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Waste Pre-Shredder Mobile and Stationary Product line

  • Turbo Burn Grate Incinerator

    The Turbo Burn is a Two-stage combustion process, specifically designed for the destruction of a variety of general and industrial waste including waste oil contaminated products and bulk waste oil. The Turbo Burn design consists of a hinged, round stainless steel top plate with an integrated secondary combustion chamber, a cylindrical stainless ...

    By Scholer Industries based in Cannington, AUSTRALIA. from Turbo Burn Grate Incinerator Product line

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