industrial disposal equipment in California

  • Model ABS-ST - Industrial Septic Tank Treatment Product

    ABS-ST Septic Tank Treatment is used to improve the efficacy and eliminate septic tank problems and associated odors in an environmentally-sound manner in a variety of septic tanks systems including: municipal institutions, military bases, schools, office buildings, hotels, resorts, hospitals, apartments, food complexes, restaurants, ...

    By Aquatic BioScience based in Fort Bragg, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Industrial Septic Tank Treatment Product Product line

  • Bin Liners

    Poly-Corr Industries is your Bin Liner headquarters, we carry form fit disposable bin liners in every size.

    By Poly-Corr Industries based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Bin Liners Product line

  • Triple Wall Hazardous Waste Boxes

    Poly-Corr Industries has U.N. and non U.N. approved Triple Wall Boxes to keep pallet size loads easily stored and safely contained. The Cubic Yard, Triple Wall container is approved for the storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials up to and including packing groups I and II, most corrosives, flammables, oxidizers, Class B ...

    By Poly-Corr Industries based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Triple Wall Hazardous Waste Boxes Product line

  • Integrated Water Systems

    Integrated water systems allow you to pick and choose products to best support your water needs. With the difficulty and cost of disposing contaminated water, these systems greatly reduce the cost of disposal fees. In this industry it is hard to find a complete solution to problems that face the purity of water. With the EPA enforcing new policies ...

    By HF Pure Water based in Compton, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Integrated Water Systems Product line

  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

    Brine treatment and wastewater discharge is a challenge for many industries and needs to be done safely while meeting environmental regulations. But the ideal situation is ZLD (zero liquid discharge), a complete closed loop cycle where discharge is eliminated. IDE partners with customers, particularly in the oil & gas and power industries, to ...

    By IDE Technologies Office in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Product line

  • Bulk Bags

    Poly-Corr Industries carries Bulk Bags to safely contain smaller loads. Poly-Corr Industries has U.N. and non U.N. approved Bulk Bags that are approved for the storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials. Our Bulk Bag is made from sturdy Woven Polypropylene and holds up to 222 gallons. Bulk Bags store and ship easily, is ...

    By Poly-Corr Industries based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Bulk Bags Product line

  • Self-Contained Ozone Systems

    Self-Contained Ozone Systems can be designed to fit any size application. Smaller systems are used in many industrial applications to treat process water for reuse or treat effluent water to minimize disposal costs. Ozone is an effective treatment for disinfection, oxidation of carbon based contaminates, as well as odor and color removal. These ...

    By H2O Engineering, Inc. based in San Luis Obispo, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Self-Contained Ozone Systems Product line

  • High Rise Trash Compactors

    These compactors are used to meet the waste disposal requirements of high-rise residential and industrial buildings. To combat smells, these trash compactors come equipped with special air sanitation systems that keep the surrounding environment clean and odor-free. Dumpster areas with high-rise compactors are usually free of rodents, flies or ...

    By Compactor Management Company based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from High Rise Trash Compactors Product line

  • Aquasyn - Sampling Valves

    One of a Kind Aquasyn's unique sample bottle assembly with an integrated Valbow solves a number of process problems and has become an industry standard. It is designed for those that prefer a reusable component over one that is disposable. Sample bottles can be provided with any number of options including different bottle sizes, color coded caps, ...

    By Aquasyn LLC Office in Chatsworth, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Sampling Valves Product line

  • Ducon - Activated Carbon Filter

    Ducon Carbon Absorbers are custom designed to remove odor-causing components such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, organic acids, aldeheydes, and ketones in various industrial and municipal applications. Single bed units are available for capacities up to 10,000 acfm.Dual bed units are utilized for higher capacities. Ducon can also provide systems ...

    By Ducon Technologies Inc. Office in Auburn, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Activated Carbon Filter Product line

  • aspire - Membrane and Lenticular Cartridge

    aspire membrane and lenticular cartridge die cut depth media are essential for filtration in demanding process applications. aspire products ensure consistent quality in clarification and bio-burden reduction filtration in a variety of formats, including a fully disposable line, which provides a cleaner, safer finished product. Manufacturing ...

    By CLARCOR Industrial Air Office in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Membrane and Lenticular Cartridge Product line

  • Stationary Modular Systems

    KMT International offers stationary modular systems for washing railroad car tankers and auto tankers. Our first system, intended for railroad transportation, oil, and petrochemical industries, plays an important role in maintaining environmental safety. The system's pay off period is very short due to the value of the recovered petroleum ...

    By KMT International, Inc. based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Stationary Modular Systems Product line

  • UltraCap - High Capacity Capsule Filters

    A high capacity capsule filter that meets a range of critical application requirements for a single-use, high-flow, high-throughput filter system. Designed for final filtration and prefiltration in the pharmaceutical and microelectronics manufacturing industries, the UltraCap® filter capsule is available with a wide range of hydrophilic and ...

    By Meissner Filtration Products, Inc. based in Camarillo, CALIFORNIA (USA). from High Capacity Capsule Filters Product line

  • HydroCal - Fiberglass Belt System

    The HydroCal Fiberglass Belt Press treats and dewaters liquid sludge to produce a thick sludge cake with 'no flow' characteristics and greatly reduces volumes for disposal for Industry as well as small to medium sized Communities. HydroCal's innovative press has been tested and perfected for over more than a decade. From the design of roller ...

    By HydroCal Inc. based in Laguna Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Fiberglass Belt System Product line

  • Sanitec - Microwave Healthcare Waste Disinfection System

    Sanitec Industries, Inc. is the global patent holder for the Sanitec Microwave Healthcare Waste Disinfection System. Healthcare facilities nationwide, ranging from large hospital systems to single practitioner doctors' offices, utilize Sanitec systems to transform dangerous healthcare waste into low-volume, unrecognizable, non-infectious material ...

    By Sanitec Industries, Inc based in Burbank, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Vertical Balers

    Features & Benefits; Specifically designed for Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Industrial Plants, & Assembly Plants. We carry a wide variety of models to fit most applications. Bales Corrugated, Plastic, Newspaper, and other non-ferrous materials. Reduces waste and associated disposal costs. “Time under Pressure” produces a ...

    By H. West Equipment, Inc. based in Orange, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Premium

    AERZEN - Model Generation 5 - Turbo Blowers

    For the maximum of energy efficiency in waste water treatment. Designed to handle unsolved energy problems. This is the key unit for more energy efficiency, as single or combination design – and the power behind every municipal or industrial waste disposal facility: the AERZEN Turbo Generation 5. Unbeatable, AERZEN’s mix of blower, ...

    By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH Distributor in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Turbo Blowers Product line

  • Premium

    Teledyne Isco - Model GLS - Compact Composite Water Sampler

    The GLS Sampler is designed for general purpose or priority pollutant sampling in municipal and industrial applications where a full-size sampler is too large. It collects composite samples, based on time or flow intervals, in 1- or 2.5-gallon glass or polyethylene bottles, or in 2-gallon disposable ProPak® bags.

    By Teledyne ISCO Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA). from Compact Composite Water Sampler Product line

  • Track Collector Pan Systems

    Industrial and railroad facilities handle oil, fuel and chemical products during the course of their routine operations. Those substances can cause environmental contamination should a spill occur during loading or unloading. The SynTechnics Track Collector Pan Systems offer protection by collecting and isolating spills for treatment and disposal. ...

    By Syntechnics, Inc. Distributor in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Track Collector Pan Systems Product line

  • Model W2040 - 60 Gal. - Hazardous Waste Storage Cabinet

    Self-Close, Self-Latch Sliding Door. Dim: 65'H x 34'W x 34'D. Approx. 400 Lbs. Ship Weight. No. of Shelves: 1 . The safe way to collect and store Flammable Hazardous Waste is with SECURALL® Hazardous Waste Drum Cabinets. Cabinets are equipped with a shelf to hold 5 gallon containers. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) has made ...

    By Securall Cabinets, Inc. Distributor in Roseville, CALIFORNIA (USA). from 60 Gal. - Hazardous Waste Storage Cabinet Product line

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