industrial disposal equipment in Minnesota

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    Aire-O2 Triton - Pulp and Paper Aerator Mixer

    Pulp and paper mill wastewater treatment produces a large amount of residual solids, presenting a number of issues in relation to wastewater treatment, discharge, and sludge disposal.

    By Aeration Industries International (AII) based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA). from Pulp and Paper Aerator Mixer Product line

  • MistBuster - Model 500 - Mist Collector & Eliminator

    The MistBuster 500 is a mist collector designed to capture and clean mist and smoke from metalworking applications in industry. Patented technology insures high efficiency with no disposable filters in a compact machine mounted package. A variety of mounting options on this mist collector allow for maximum versatility.

    By Air Quality Engineering based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Mist Collector & Eliminator Product line

  • Harmony - Model M60CB - Vertical Cardboard Baler

    Increase the efficiency of your cardboard disposal operations and boost your bottom line with M60CB Vertical Cardboard Baler. With so many different vertical cardboard balers on the market today, selecting the one that will reduce your volume of cardboard, while still improving your bottom line, can be a daunting task. Harmony Enterprises invites ...

    By Harmony Enterprises, Inc. based in Harmony, MINNESOTA (USA). from Vertical Cardboard Baler Product line

  • Screw Conveyors Systems

    Astro designs and builds  screw conveyors systems for those in the biofuel industry. There are many different configurations of equipment and a variety of requirements for these systems when dealing with gasification from biomass. Our auger conveyors are  designed and built for high temperature operation, variable speed, and dust ...

    By Astro Engineering & Manufacturing Inc. based in Hanover, MINNESOTA (USA). from Screw Conveyors Systems Product line

  • Minotaur - Model OC - High Capacity Activated Carbon For Odor Control

    MINOTAUR OC is a patented high capacity pelletized activated carbon that has been developed specifically for odor removal from sewage treatment operations. This product provides very high adsorption capacity for H2S and adsorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs) far more effectively than other high H2S capacity media. MINOTAUR OC is a single cycle ...

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA). from High Capacity Activated Carbon For Odor Control Product line

  • Alfa Laval - Model ALDEC G2 - Centrifugal Separators

    Shifting the conventional benchmarks for sludge dewatering performance. Compared with previous generations of equipment, they provide 2–3% drier sludge cake or as much as 30% greater capacity – or any combination in between. Decanter centrifuges play a crucial role in removing the water content from sludge from waste water plants, as ...

    By Alfa Laval Corporate AB Distributor in Golden Valley, MINNESOTA (USA). from Centrifugal Separators Product line

  • Raptor - Rotating Drum Screen (RDS)

    An excellent screenings solution for applications requiring removal of small particles, the Raptor® Rotating Drum Screen’s high removal efficiency meets the needs of Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) designs. Using either a perforated plate or wedge wire basket with openings ranging from 0.02 to 0.25-inches (0.5 to 6 mm) this screen ...

    By Lakeside Equipment Corporation Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA). from Rotating Drum Screen (RDS) Product line

  • Raptor - Micro Strainer

    Ideal for small treatment facilities, the Raptor® Micro Strainer is a screen with a semi-circular basket with small apertures ranging from 0.04 to 0.25-inches (1 to 6 mm). It captures small debris that passes through other screens. A perforated plate or wedge wire basket is available for municipal or industrial applications. The captured ...

    By Lakeside Equipment Corporation Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA). from Micro Strainer Product line

  • Disposorb - Carbon Adsorber Canisters

    The DISPOSORB canisters have been developed by Calgon Carbon Corporation for rapid deployment and cleanup of low flow treatment applications such as off-spec products, accidental spills, wash water or runoff water treatment or temporary groundwater cleanups. The DISPOSORB canisters contain all of the design features of a full scale adsorber, but ...

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA). from Carbon Adsorber Canisters Product line

  • Model Eco 55 IPS™ - Inclined Plate Settler

    Water disposal costs constitute an ongoing challenge for today's dischargers. Wastewater from many types of industrial processing facilities can contain high amounts of suspended and dissolved solids that require clarification equipment. The high levels of solids create a cost burden that can be significantly reduced through the implementation of ...

    By Nexom Distributor in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Micro-Cap - Disposable Laboratory Filters

    Micro-Cap Disposable Laboratory Filters are perfect for use in product development, small batch processing and intermediate scale-up studies. With 3 different sizes available, ErtelAlsop Micro-Cap offer maximum flexibility in process development and scale-up.

    By ErtelAlsop Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA). from Disposable Laboratory Filters Product line

  • Pneumatic Ejectors Pump

    The recognition that sanitary collection and disposal of domestic waste must be considered a necessity, bringing with it, the need for systems which could adequately and proficiently carry waste for treatment. This resulted in an underground network of collection lines resembling a large stream fed by many tributaries. The same basic waste ...

    By Carter Pumps, Inc., Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA).

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