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Industrial Particulate Removal equipment

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    B&W MEGTEC - Spray Dryer Absorbers (SDA) and Wet Scrubbers

    Treatment of industrial process gas streams for the removal of particulate and acid gases B&W MEGTEC offers spray dryer absorber (SDA) technology for SOX, HCl and HF removal, with applications in biofuels, incineration, iron and steel, mining and metallurgical, cement and waste-toenergy, to name a few. When integrated with our pulse jet fabric ...

  • Premium

    Tekran - Model 1135 - Particulate Mercury Testing Unit

    The Tekran Model 1135 Particulate Mercury Module connects seamlessly to the top of the Model 1130 to continuously monitor ambient air particulate bound mercury (HgP), gaseous oxidized mercury (GOM) and gaseous elemental mercury (GEM). The complete Tekran 2537-1130-1135 Atmospheric Mercury Speciation System provides fully automated, unattended ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Ambient Air Product line

  • Micro-Pleat - Model SS-500-PFS-MP1 - Heavy-Duty Industrial Fume Extractor

    The Model 500 Portable Floor Sentry Micro-Pleat fume extractor is engineered for applications that require heavy-duty and high volume fume extraction. This powerful air purification system is capable of providing up to 1300 CFM of air volume and is available in various source-capture configurations. One popular option is a 7' L by 7' diameter ...

    By Sentry Air Systems, Inc. based in Cypress, TEXAS (USA). from Particulate Filters Product line

  • Sentry Air Systems - Model 300-RND-PFS - Model 300 Roundaire

    The Model 300 Roundaire cleanable mobile fume extractor is designed to protect the operator’s breathing zone from harmful airborne fumes and particulates found in many industrial settings. Capable of providing up to 400 CFM of air volume this system ensures pollutants are arrested at the source. This system is equipped with a round, cleanable and ...

    By Sentry Air Systems, Inc. based in Cypress, TEXAS (USA). from Particulate Filters Product line

  • LaserHawk - Model 360 Series - Particulate Matter Monitor

    For continuous particulate monitors. A complete system includes an optical head, purge system, enhanced remote panel fulfilling all QA/QC requirements. The optical head is built of heavy gauge aluminum parts and finished with acid-resistant enamel paint. All exposed hardware is stainless steel. The rugged design and extremely low heat generation ...

    By Teledyne Monitor Labs, Inc. based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA). from Particulate Monitors Product line

  • Filtration Systems Industrial

    Filtration Systems are used to remove physical impurities such as sediment turbidity, suspended solids, colour, odour and smell. Filters remove particules/sediments with various sizes and density by holding them with different media layers inside the tank. Filters are backwashed automatically in order to remove these particules/sediments from the ...

    By Aquamatch Turkey based in Yeşilköy, TURKEY. from Industrial Product line

  • ESP to Fabric Filter Conversion System

    Buell APC and MET together form one of the strongest ESP-to-FF conversion teams in the industry. Not only can we design a Fabric Filter system that will increase your plant's particulate control, but we can help you determine if your casing is a good candidate for conversion by verifying :

    By Marsulex Environmental Technologies (MET) based in Lebanon, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Particulate Control Technology Product line

  • Prestige Descale

    A compact RO unit with integrated pre-filtration that accommodates a higher level of output. The Prestige Descale is combined with pre-treatment and feed water break tank, as appropriate to the needs of the customer.

    By SUEZ Water UK | Purite Ltd. based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Product line


    Fine Filter.Air filters are of many types and are designed, manufactured, and applied to meet a wide variety of industrial and commercial requirements for clean air. Commercially available filters are divided into three distinct categories based on how they operate to remove suspended particulate matter from the air passing through them. The ...

    By Enviro Tech Industrial Products based in Delhi, INDIA.

  • Skim-pak - Model Series 600 - Flow - Control and Floating Fixed Weir Surface Skimmer Systems

    skim-pak series 600 is designed to remove floating contaminants including oils, foams and particulates from limited access and smaller skimming areas.

    By Skim-pak based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from General Industrial Product line

  • Avenger - Model 91 - Particulate & Coalescing Filter

    Need analyser protection with a vengeance? Introducing the Avenger 90 Series filters: protecting your gas or hydrocarbon liquid analyser and rescuing sample integrity from contaminants with their super powered element. The Avenger Model 91 uses a disposable filter element to remove 100% of micron and sub-micron particulate suspended in a gas or ...

    By a1-cbiss based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sample Filtration & Extraction Product line

  • CycloPlus™ - Cyclone Dry Particulate Collector

    The CycloPlus collector is an advanced cyclone design scrubber that offers high retained solid particulate collection as either a primary particulate device for dust removal or recovery or to act as a precleaning stage ahead of a fabric filter collector or wet scrubber to reduce particulate loadings and to increase fabric filter life or reduce ...

    By Bionomic Industries Inc. based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Dry Collector Product line

  • AAT - Particulate Air Scrubbers

    AAT’s variable throat Venturi Orion Series Particulate Scrubber systems will remove dust and particulates from the air from almost any exhaust source. Our systems range from small point of source units to 50,000 CFM. Our unique design in particulate air scrubbers uses energy efficient geometry, incorporating dual cascading distributors and ...

    By Advanced Air Technologies, Inc. based in Corunna, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • HydroFIL - Particulate Filtration System

    The installation of local filtration systems for the removal of particles from water is not a mandatory requirement within the UK, though it is in several European countries. Hydrotec believe that the adoption of this ‘best practice’ has many beneficial effects, both for the building and the end user alike. Despite the water ...

    By Hydrotec (UK) Ltd based in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Hybrid Filters

    FLSmidth’s hybrid filter technology is the ideal air pollution control solution to upgrade your existing electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and ensure optimum and reliable particulate removal.

    By FLSmidth A/S - Airtech based in Valby, DENMARK. from Cement Industry Product line

  • Premium

    Hilliard HILCO - Model LTC - Load Tap Changer

    For over 15 years, HILCO has provided filtration systems to the utility industry to clean up LTC oil compartments. Hilsorb dryer filters remove free water as well as particulate down to 1 micron ensuring that the contacts in the LTC always operate in oil that is at its prime dielectric strength.

  • Eductor Venturi

    HEE's model HPEV Eductor Venturi scrubbers are designed to remove particulates and nuisance gases from process tanks and gas streams.Our Eductor Venturi utilizes a high pressure spray to draw the exhaust gas into the venturi (no fan required). Scrubbing action is achieved by means of impaction in the venturi. Our HPEV systems are designed to ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Industrial Products Product line

  • CRUCIAL - Model ORD - Disc Skimmers

    CRUCIAL's ORD Disc skimmers are used in applications with frequent liqiudlevel fluctuations or for situations with large amounts of particulate such as metal fines. Rotating discs collect the oil while scrapper blades remove it for pumping to appropriate storage. Discs can be arranged on either floating flame or on a fixed frame for permanent ...

    By Crucial, Inc based in Gretna, LOUISIANA (USA). from Industrial Wastewater Product line

  • Pulse-Bac - Model 2150 - High Efficiency Particulate Air Vacuum

    Pulse-Bac 2150 is a vacuum with a filter fractional efficiency rating of 98.0% @ .3 micron at a CFM flow rate up to 311. The 2150 model comes standard with Pulse-Bac Technology, our Cyclonic Debris Management system, Tank Capacity Sensor, 5 ea HEPA H-13 filters, non-marking casters and the universal bagger. The 2150 model is a industrial grade ...

    By Pulse-Bac based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Vacuums by Series Product line

  • Skim-pak - Model 17500-SH - Flow - Control Grinder Floating Skimmer

    The 17500-SH has flow-controlled weirs with adjustable flow rate capabilities. The flow control weir will automatically adjust to the flow rate being pumped. The Grinder Skimmer has a submersible grinder pump mounted to the undercarriage of the skimmer. The grinder blades are exposed to the bottom back of the skimmer sump. It will skimmer solids ...

    By Skim-pak based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from General Industrial Product line

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