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industrial particulate removal equipment

  • Avenger - Model 91 - Particulate & Coalescing Filter

    Need analyser protection with a vengeance? Introducing the Avenger 90 Series filters: protecting your gas or hydrocarbon liquid analyser and rescuing sample integrity from contaminants with their super powered element. The Avenger Model 91 uses a disposable filter element to remove 100% of micron and sub-micron particulate suspended in a gas or ...

    By a1-cbiss based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Particulate & Coalescing Filter Product line

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    ERG - Tray Scrubbers

    Tray scrubbers are used for cleaning gas flows which are contaminated with both particulate and soluble noxious gases. Their unique design enables them to capture particulate > 2 micron as well as soluble gases to high efficiencies of removal. They are widely used in the mining, mineral processing, fertiliser, chemical and petrochemical ...

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tray Scrubbers Product line

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    Tekran - Model 3342 - Sample Probes & Conditioning

    The Tekran 3342 is a customized version of an M&C Dilution Probe (Model SP2006-Hg). M&C probes are the industry standard and are well-known for their dependability and ease of servicing. The probe uses a titanium sintered filter to remove particulate matter from the sample stream. The sample is diluted and sent to the conditioner via a ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sample Probes & Conditioning Product line

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    Filtration System

    ln order to allow discharge straight to atmosphere or to allow treatment of VOC or odorous emissions from some industrial process, it may be necessary to remove particulate from the exhaust stream. This could be paint particulate from spraybooths, dust from municipal refuse tipping halls, inorganic material from a sewage sludge drier or a myriad ...

    By Environmental Integrated Solutions (EIS) based in Rochdale, UNITED KINGDOM. from Filtration System Product line

  • Compressor Intake Filter (CIF)

    Air compressors play an important role in an industrial environment, providing the compressed air to the pneumatic controls, valves, process applications, and various instruments throughout the plant. Corrosive gaseous contaminants in the intake airstream of your compressor can inhibit air flow, impede heat dissipation, and cause vibration. The ...

    By Twin Filter B.V. based in Zaandam, NETHERLANDS. from Compressor Intake Filter (CIF) Product line

  • Dissolved Air Flotation Plants

    These are used for the removal of small particulate matter and oil droplets, for which gravity separation can be extremely slow, requires an alternative process. Removal of free and emulsified oils and fats, reduction of C.O.D. and T.S.S. with clarification in sizes up to 100m3/h.

    By Stetfield Separators Ltd. based in Penryn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Venturi Scrubbers and Cyclonic Scrubbers

    Venturi scrubbers use high energy impaction of liquid droplets to remove particulate from contaminated air streams. Water or other liquors are directed towards a constriction, or “throat,” where the atomized liquid scrubs the particulate from the air and transfers it to the scrubber liquid droplets. This type of technology is a part of ...

    By AirPol based in Ramsey, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • SupaPore - Model Halar - High Compatibility Pleated Filter

    SupaPore Halar filters are constructed using Halar fluoropolymer media offering a unique combination of mechanical properties and thermal and chemical resistance. These filters are specifically designed to offer excellent compatibility and effective removal of particulates from solvents, solvent based liquids and ozonated water.

    By Amazon Filters Ltd based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM. from High Compatibility Pleated Filter Product line

  • SAMCO - Model PLF - Pressure Leaf Filters

    SAMCO pressure leaf filters (PLF) use internal filter leafs that provide submicron particulate removal. Sometimes pre-coated, they are designed specifically for high flow rates and can be configured for dry cake or sluice discharge and cleaning efficiency.

    By SAMCO Technologies, Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Pressure Leaf Filters Product line

  • Leopold - Model Clari-DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

    Xylem's Leopold Clari-DAF system is a clarification technology for the pretreatment of rapid gravity and membrane filter feed water. It's a highly-effective, proven technology for removing low-density particulates found in lakes and reservoirs, which are problematic for typical sedimentation systems. The Clari-DAF system excels at removing filter ...

    By Leopold - a Xylem Brand based in Zelienople, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Dissolved Air Flotation Systems Product line

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    Extran - Emulsified Oil Water Separators

    The Extran Ultrafiltration System is a proven and dependable filtration system designed to clean contaminated parts wash water for re-use and to filter oily wastewater for discharge. This system continuously removes oil and particulate from the process fluid and returns the purified solution for re-use. This is done through a series of filters and ...

    By Separation Dynamics based in Fountain Inn, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Tornado - Model 602 - Self Cleaning Filter

    The Tornado Model 602 is a continuously self-cleaning filter that protects analysers from particulates in liquid samples. In normal operation, components of interest flow through the Tornado’s element to the analyser. Contaminants are shed by the element and removed through the Bypass port. The G.U.T.S. (Genie Ultimate Thermoplastic Seal) ...

    By a1-cbiss based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Self Cleaning Filter Product line

  • Macrotek - Venturi Scrubber

    The venturi scrubber is an increasingly popular and effective air pollution control method of particulate collection. Entrained particles are collected in the venturi while agglomerated droplets are collected in the separator and mist eliminator. It is important that both particulate collection and mist elimination are optimized in order to ...

    By Macrotek Inc. based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • SupaCarb - Model RP/XP - Dual Function Depth Filter Cartridge

    SupaCarb filter cartridges feature a choice of rolled felt carbon impregnated media or a superior sintered carbon block, both combined with Amazon Filters unique spun bonded particulate removal layers resulting in a genuine dual purpose element.The SupaCarb RP/XP series offer economy with efficiency for chlorine, odour, colour and trace organic ...

    By Amazon Filters Ltd based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dual Function Depth Filter Cartridge Product line

  • Microfiltration (MF) for Membrane System

    Removal of sub micron particulate using crossflow technology. Microfiltration (MF) has significant applications in simple dead-end filtration for water, sterile fruit juices and wine, and aseptic pharmaceuticals. However, not all applications that benefit from MF operate successfully in the dead-end mode, and a large portion of the MF market has ...

    By PAPSCO, Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA). from Microfiltration (MF) for Membrane System Product line

  • Automotive Mobile Vehicle Exhaust Fume Extraction

    Metro's range of exhaust filter systems allows the operation of diesel and petrol engines in confined spaces. They have the advantage over fixed installations that the vehicle or plant can be driven around the factory or workshop without having long flexible hoses which limit movement. Filters comprise of a high efficiency pleated filter media to ...

    By Health & Safety Engineering Limited based in Sandiacre, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Filtration Systems Industrial

    Filtration Systems are used to remove physical impurities such as sediment turbidity, suspended solids, colour, odour and smell. Filters remove particules/sediments with various sizes and density by holding them with different media layers inside the tank. Filters are backwashed automatically in order to remove these particules/sediments from the ...

    By Aquamatch Turkey based in Yeşilk√∂y, TURKEY. from Filtration Systems Industrial Product line

  • Model UF Series - Industrial Ultrafiltration Systems

    Pure Aqua, Inc. manufactures a full line of Ultrafiltration Systems. UF is a pressure driven membrane separation process that removes suspended or particulate matter (including colloids & silt) from water. This solution is far more reliable than a conventional multimedia filter, which removes approximately 10 micron or larger matter, where a UF ...

    By Pure Aqua, Inc. based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Industrial Ultrafiltration Systems Product line

  • Industrial Diesel Polishing Systems

    Fast 210 Gal. per Hour. Matched Components. 99.9% Water removal. 99% Particulate removal. Weight: 70 lbs. Gauge monitoring efficiency. Eliminate the build up of Algae and Water in your tanks.

    By ASA Environmental Products, Inc. based in Stonington, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Lint Removal System (LRS)

    Commercial laundry systems are typically found in high occupancy, institutional facilities. Common problems associated with commercial laundry operations are fugitive laundry lint emissions polluting the exterior of the facility and fire hazards. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems has successfully designed and engineered a solution to these ...

    By Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation based in York, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Lint Removal System (LRS) Product line

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