industrial process control equipment in United Kingdom

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    AMETEK - Model UNO - Stand Alone Radiation Thermometer

    A rugged, low-cost, standalone temperature sensor range optimised for OEMs, plant designers and process operators. A non-contact infrared thermometer range designed for standalone use, Simply power it up and UNO provides a 4-20mA output linear over its temperature range. UNO delivers precise, drift-free measurements for even the smallest target ...

    By AMETEK Land based in Dronfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Stand Alone Radiation Thermometer Product line

  • Hei-VOLUME - Automatic Distimatic Module

    The Automatic Module Distimatic is perfectly designed for the automated distillation process in your lab. Run fast, reliable, automated and continuous solvent evaporation applications at highest safety. Our engineers focused on leading safety standards, superior ease of use and reduced cost of ownership during the entire invention period. The ...

    By Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Office in Essex, UNITED KINGDOM. from Automatic Distimatic Module Product line

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    Process Combustion - Firefighting Training Systems

    Authentic fire replication. Advanced control systems. Replicates any fire scenario from oil & gas equipment to a domestic cooker, a ship interior to a motor car, an aircraft to a waste bin. Impressive portfolio of military, civilian fire service, industrial and training clients at home and abroad.

    By Process Combustion Ltd based in Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM. from Firefighting Training Systems Product line

  • Microtox - Model M500 - Biosensor-Based Measurement System

    The Microtox Model 500 (M500) analyser is a laboratory-based, temperature-controlled, self-calibrating photometer that measures acute toxicity. Microtox M500 is a biosensor-based measurement system that uses bioluminescence technology to monitor for either accidental or deliberate contamination of both water supplies and waste water. With over ...

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biosensor-Based Measurement System Product line

  • Pollution Control - Package Sewage Treatment Plant

    Pollution Control have further developed its range of packaged sewage treatment plants utilising the proven and dependable Eco-SAF Submerged Aerated Filter technology at the heart of the system.They are a tailor-made system designed to meet our customers individual requirements. This system combines, efficient processing and reliability with a ...

    By Pollution Control (UK) Ltd based in Preston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Package Sewage Treatment Plant Product line

  • Plasma Waste Disposal System

    Total destruction of waste chemicals and gases at lower cost: a system of disposal that breaks new ground technologically, environmentally and financially. Industrial pollution and odour control specialists Simdean Envirotec have been made exclusive UK agents for a pioneering new plasma-based system for treating hazardous waste. Developed in ...

    By Simdean Envirotec based in Holmes Chapel, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Tank Gauging Sensors

     Monitor Systems is the exclusive UK distributor for TMS LevelCom Tank Gauging Sensors (Tank Level Gauges). TMS LevelCom is the leader in designing and manufacturing continuous level measurement gauges using hydrostatic pulsed bubbler technology for measuring and monitoring a wide variety of liquids in marine and Industrial applications.

    By Monitor Systems Scotland Limited based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Heidolph - Model Hei-VAP - Industrial Large-Scale Rotary Evaporators

    The Heidolph large scale evaporators of the Hei-VAP Industrial series are perfectly designed for a great deal of different distilling processes, from standard evaporation without vacuum control up to complex distillation processes with vacuum control.

    By Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Office in Essex, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Large-Scale Rotary Evaporators Product line

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    Sierra MaxTrak - Model 180 Series - Industrial Mass Flow Controller

    For high-performance digital mass flow control of gases in industrial environments, MaxTrak® 180 is CE approved and meets the rigorous requirements of NEMA 6 and IP67. The 180 is suited for dirty industrial processes such as those found in metals and ceramics manufacturing and combustion control systems, as well as the washdown environments in ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc. Office in Malvern, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Mass Flow Controller Product line

  • Renby - Model Neutrapak - Effective Odour Control

    Some industrial processes create foul smelling odours. Odour Control in Waste Processing, Landfill, Sewage treatment and Animal Rendering Suppressing is a constant a challenge. Preventing the odour is often impossible. Treating odours can be very difficult, especially in remote locations where water and power are not readily available. Until ...

    By Renby Limited based in Tarvin, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

    The Inuktun Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a rugged, industrial quality video processing device. The DVR allows you to record video, images and audio, view live feeds and play back recorded feeds while in the field. While it is specifically designed to work with Inuktun cameras, crawlers and controllers, it uses standard protocols and can be used ...

    By Inuktun Services Ltd (ISL) Office in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM. from Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Product line

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    SOLOnet - Compact Digital Infrared Thermometers

    Flexible, web browser-enabled digital infrared thermometers customisable to a wide range of process control applications in manufacturing and industry. Compact digital infrared thermometers designed for web browser control, the cutting-edge SOLOnet series offer users versatility and value in a wide range of temperature monitoring applications.

    By AMETEK Land based in Dronfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Compact Digital Infrared Thermometers Product line

  • Telsonic - Model TCS5 - Machine and Process Controller

    TCS5 machine and process controller is used in TELSONIC welding systems operating in the auto­motive, packaging, medical, textile and food industries as well as in a range of other sectors. The benefits of the TCS5 can also be demonstrated on automation lines, particularly in applications that require process monitoring and statistical ...

    By Telsonic AG Office in Poole, UNITED KINGDOM. from Machine and Process Controller Product line

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    Odor Control Systems

    MEGTEC provides solutions to reduce odors from industrial processes, allowing operation in compliance with local regulations. Our technologies have been applied to a wide range of process applications including: Waste treatment (municipal and industrial), manufacture of flavors, food processing, waste water treatment (municipal and industrial), ...

    By Dürr Megtec LLC Office in Standish, UNITED KINGDOM. from Odor Control Systems Product line

  • Chemical Plants & Industrial Processes

    Any chemical and industrial processes involving a combustion step will form undesirable by-products requiring specialist emissions control. Carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and specific categories of air toxics such as volatile organic compounds (VOC), halogenated VOC (HVOC), hazardous air pollutants (HAP) ...

    By Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies based in Royston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Hollow Cone Nozzles

    Axial-Hollow Cone Nozzles. Finest drop particles. Narrow free cross-sections. Maximum spray angle: 90° Wherever a fine, uniform hollow cone is needed, e.g. for cooling and cleaning of gas, absorption processes, dust control, product dampening, oil spraying and air humidifying, axial-flow hollow cone nozzles have proved very efficient. The ...

    By Lechler GmbH Office in Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hollow Cone Nozzles Product line

  • PCME - Model QAL 181 - Particulate Continuous Emission Monitor

    The PCME QAL 181 is an approved Particulate Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) providing high quality emission measurement for low dust concentrations from industrial processes, especially in Incineration, Power Plant and Cement Kiln applications. The instrument provides a proven solution for applications where CEN standards EN 14181 / EN 13284-2 ...

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    ERG - Air Pollution Control and Industrial Gas Treatment Systems

    ERG is a leader in the field of air pollution control through on our extensive knowledge and wealth of experience of the technology in this sector. Our tailor-made process designs are optimised to give the best air pollution solutions for the lowest capital and running cost, and our systems have been installed world-wide.

  • Protea - PC Controllers

    Protea’s range of core gas analysers use Windows-based PCs for analyser control and data storage. For use in industrial process and emissions measurement applications a rugged and robust analyser controller is required.

    By Protea Limited based in Middlewich, UNITED KINGDOM. from PC Controllers Product line

  • HYGRODAT - Model 100 - Industrial Humidity Instruments

    A precise robust humidity and temperature measurement instrument for control and regulation of industrial processes, as well as monitoring and data recording in the process control field. Air temperature – Relative humidity – Dewpoint temperature – Specific enthalpy – Mixing ratio.

    By Novatron Scientific Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Humidity Instruments Product line

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