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F2 Calcium Hypochlorite: ProChlo & ProChlo Plus

by F2 Industries LLC     based in Smyrna, TENNESSEE (USA)

Calcium hypochlorite (bleaching powder) is a chemical used to disinfect wastewater and control odor, considered to be relatively stable, and has greater available chlorine than sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach).  F2’s PrimeCIO2 calcium hypochlorite is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Registered, produced by sodium process and ...

F2 Permanganates: K-Ox, F2SP

by F2 Industries LLC     based in Smyrna, TENNESSEE (USA)

Odors, such as hydrogen sulfide, from municipal/industrial wastewater collection and treatment facilities are common problems throughout the world.  Hydrogen sulfide is considered a broad-spectrum poison, meaning that it can poison several different systems in the body, although the nervous system is most affected.  The toxicity of H2S ...

Wastewater Treatment + Anaerobic Digester

by ABUTEC LLC     Office in Soddy Daisy, TENNESSEE (USA)

ABUTEC manufactures and services low-emission, low-nitric-oxide enclosed flares for the wastewater and anaerobic digester industries. We offer compact solutions and competitively priced equipment for companies that are upgrading due to new regulations, evaluating a gas-to-energy project or looking for a green technology to work in emergency or ...

Water Supply And Wastewater Treatment Plants

by BiaPlas Air     based in Crossville, TENNESSEE (USA)

BiaPlas, with its unique Bia Q Tech technology have revolutionized the possibility for industry to comply with environmental obligations while demonstrating a system with superior performance, operating within the existing operating budgets and quite often considerably lower than the competitor.

Control Panels

by Adenus Wastewater Solutions Group     based in Smyrna, TENNESSEE (USA)

Adenus produces a wide variety of control panels for use in the decentralized wastewater industry. Along with what is listed here, Adenus can design custom panels to fit your needs.

Palmer Bowlus Flumes

by Kenco Plastics, Inc.     based in Lewisburg, TENNESSEE (USA)

Kenco Palmer-Bowlus flumes are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the needs of the wastewater and chemical industry. With over 35 years of manufacturing fiberglass products and providing our customers quality service, Kenco Plastics has developed an enviable reputation. Our flumes include features and benefits such as the following:


by GM Water Technologies     Office in Memphis, TENNESSEE (USA)

KWI designs and deploys water and wastewater treatment systems for most industrial and municipal applications. With more than 3,600 installations in 77 countries, KWI is a world leader in Potable Water Treatment, Biological Treatment and Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Recycling. KWI Water Solutions are based on proven process designs ...

AppOx - Model L™ - Liquid Chlorine Dioxide Precursors

by Applied Oxidation LLC     based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA)

AppOx L™ is actually a new series of EPA registered liquid chlorine dioxide precursors. The AppOx L liquids are used for the production of chlorine dioxide and are available in various concentrations and pack sizes, tailor made for your specific use.

Mobile Treatment

by Envirogen Technologies Inc.     Office in Memphis, TENNESSEE (USA)

Envirogen Technologies, Inc. is a designer, supplier and servicer of temporary and mobile treatment solutions.  Our treatment solutions incorporate our FlexSorb, HyperSorb, and membrane treatment systems.  These treatment systems are delivered as either stand-alone or mobile mounted trailers for quick deployment and ease of relocation to ...

ABUTEC - High Temperature Rental Flares

by ABUTEC LLC     Office in Soddy Daisy, TENNESSEE (USA)

ABUTEC’s High Temperature Flares are high quality, flexible, release low emissions, are BACT compliant, CSA approved, and able to burn very low calorific gas. The High Temperature Flare has been proven in all applications and is more cost competitive than traditional enclosed flares or vapor combustors. We save you money while meeting all ...

Go-Filter - Mobile Treatment System

by AquaShield, Inc     based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA)

The Go-Filter Mobile Treatment System is a modular trailer mounted water quality device designed to reduce turbidity levels in discharge waters at construction sites or industrial facilities. Turbidity reduction is accomplished without the use of environmentally harmful flocculants or chemicals. A trash pump mounted on the trailer conveys captured ...

AppOx - Model D-3000™ - Chlorine Dioxide

by Applied Oxidation LLC     based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA)

AppOx D-3000 comes in a two-component powder mixture that, when added to a set volume of water, produces a 0.3% (3,000ppm) solution of chlorine dioxide. AppOx D-3000 enables a wider public to reap the benefits from chlorine dioxide, without the hassle of a generator. With AppOx D-3000, the generator is embedded in the powders. The powder ...

NEFCO - FRP Baffle Wall Systems

by NEFCO, Inc.     Distributor in TENNESSEE (USA)

NEFCO’s Baffle Walls are ideal for underwater flow control applications. FRP Baffle Wall panels have a longer lifecycle than concrete or steel baffle panels which are subject to rot or corrosion, making NEFCO’s Baffle Walls more cost effective than those alternatives. The lightweight panels are easy to install and can be easily removed ...

ECLIPSE - Model 706 - High Performance Guided Wave Radar Transmitter

by Magnetrol International, Inc.     Distributor in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA)

The NEW Eclipse Model 706 high performance transmitter is a loop-powered, 24 VDC level transmitter that is based upon the proven and increasingly accepted technology of guided wave radar (GWR). Encompassing a number of significant engineering accomplishments, this leading edge level transmitter is designed to provide measurement performance well ...

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