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    F&J - Model GAS-MHV300 - Mega High Volume Air Sampler System

    The GAS-MHV300 Series Air Sampling Systems are designed for remote unattended continuous air sampling applications. The GAS-MHV300 Series Air Samplers feature a brushless motor with electronic motor speed control that maintains a user selectable flow rate. The flow rate range attainable through the filter media is dependent upon the air porosity ...

    By F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA). from Mega High Volume Air Sampler System Product line

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    F&J - Model GAS-MHV300E - Global Mega High Volume Air Sampling System

    The GAS-MHV300E Series Air Sampling Systems are designed for remote unattended continuous air sampling applications. The GAS-MHV300E Series Air Samplers feature a brushless motor with electronic motor speed control that maintains a user selectable flow rate. The flow rate range attainable through the filter media is dependent upon the air porosity ...

    By F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA). from Global Mega High Volume Air Sampling System Product line

  • Vanterm - Model HV - High Vacuum Filter Units

    Designed specially for dust, fume and emission high vacuum extraction from narrow air inlets.

  • JKF SuperBlower - Under and Over-pressure Filter

    The SuperBlower filter is an under- and over-pressure filter designed to run in constant operation. Constructed as a self-supporting sheet metal construction in high tensile steel modules. Process air is passed into a filter chamber, where the larger particles settle to the bottom of the filter, from where the air is passed through filter bags ...

    By J.K.F. Industrie A/S based in Hadsund, DENMARK. from Under and Over-pressure Filter Product line

  • Topline Vessels

    Our 'Topline' series is the finest bag filter vessel available. From its high-performance design to its investment-cast components, everything about 'Over the Top' is simply the best. The side inlet, flow through the top design results in a minimum headroom of unfiltered liquid for easy bag change out, as well as providing optimum sealing of the ...

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Topline Vessels Product line

  • AER - Model 2000 - Ambient Air Unit

    Designed to filter Ambient Dust; Good for warehouses and manufacturing shops; 2000 CFM Airflow; 48 Long x 24x 24; Direct Drive Blower, 3/4HP Open Motor; 115V 60HZ Single Phase/ Optional Voltage Available; Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Welded Steel Cabinet; Power Cord with Top-Mounted 2-Speed Rocker Switch for; Easy Installation; Tool-less and Quick Filter ...

    By AER Control Systems based in New Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Ambient Air Unit Product line

  • Coral - Model MEC - Bag Filter

    Bag filter for wood dusts and shavings. The CORAL MEC mod. substation is the modular sleeve type with automatic continuous discharge, for filtering shavings, dusts and sawdust. The structure is in strong galvanised sheet panels, bolted to each other and divided as follows: upper body, containing cleaning devices, sleeve-holder frame, filtering ...

    By Coral S.p.A based in VOLPIANO (TO), ITALY. from Bag Filter Product line

  • Sedere - Gas Regulator

    The Basic and yet Essential Accessory to assure High Sensitivity and Reliability of SEDEX Detectors. This Gas Regulator with 0.01µm filter and manometer allows keeping the highest performances of SEDEX detectors. Indeed, it provides a stable gas pressure and protects the detectors from any particle or oil residue contamination coming from ...

    By Sedere based in Alfortville Cedex, FRANCE.

  • Overhoff NOBLE - Model M-9XE-NG - Gas Air / Stack Monitors

    Model FM-9XE-NG - Noble Gas Monitor determines noble gas content of air by drawing the air through a gas chamber which is under constant surveillance by a radiation detector. It is normally supplied with a six foot outlet and inlet hose so that it may draw air from the use area, duct, stack, glove box, hood or filter trap. In addition to showing ...

    By Overhoff Technology Corporation based in Milford, OHIO (USA). from Gas Air / Stack Monitors Product line

  • Standard Gas Train

    Conditioning and regulating the natural gas prior to admission into the engine is a critical part of the GTI Bi-Fuel system. The system 'gas train' includes a 50-micron fuel filter, a manual shutoff valve, an electrically operated solenoid valve actuated in the event of an emergency or for system shutdown, and a zero-pressure, demand-type gas ...

    By Altronic LLC based in Girard, OHIO (USA). from Standard Gas Train Product line

  • Vanterm - Model GF - Filter Units

    GF – model filter units are used to capture dust and particles, that are generated at dry grinding operations. The standard spark separator at the dirty air inlet filters spark particles and avoids them from entering in the filter unit.  So this minimizes fire risk and provides high work safety. The cartridge filter elements have high ...

    By VANTERM Isi ve Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. based in GEBZE, TURKEY. from Filter Units Product line

  • Centrifugal Fan Silencer

    A Centrifugal Fan Silencers needs to be carefully matched with a fan inlet or an outlet air profile in order to offer the most effective fan noise control with low additional pressure requirements. A centrifugal fan silencer comes in mild steel, aluminized steel, stainless steel construction, depending on your needs. The next requirements to be ...

    By E.I.Williams Industries based in Ajax, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Hi-Vac - Model 800 Series - Heavy-duty Industrial Vacuum

    Hi-Vac 800 Series heavy-duty industrial vacuum systems offer a simple design that is easy to operate. These heavy-duty units easily vacuum solids, liquids and anything in between utilizing two stages of filtration that include a primary radial flow inlet with a replaceable, abrasion resistant panel and a cylindrical dust collector with up to four ...

    By Hi-Vac Corporation based in Marietta,, OHIO (USA). from Heavy-duty Industrial Vacuum Product line

  • Nordic - Twist Lock Filter Cartridge

    Nordic Air Filtration's Twist Lock Filter Cartridge is available with a lock mechanism that is either 47 or 52 mm. high.We also offer a US Twist Lock Filter Cartridge which is mainly used in Gas Turbine air inlet housing.

    By Nordic Air Filtration A/S based in Nakskov, DENMARK. from Twist Lock Filter Cartridge Product line

  • Crawlair - Mobile Cartridge Filter

    Crawlair Mobile cartridge filter is designed to exhaust and filter dry impurities like fume or dust at various industrial processes (especially at welding, grinding, polishing, cutting of metals or plastics). Crawlair M is equipped with metal mesh spark trap filter and two high efficiency (99% at 1μm) polyester filter cartridges which are ...

  • DRYPOINT - Model RA HT - Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers

    Compressed air refrigeration dryers DRYPOINT RA HT are specially designed for high inlet temperatures up to 212 °F. With the DRYPOINT RA HT, two further components have been added to the well known DRYPOINT RA: a pre-cooler consisting of copper pipe and aluminium fins, and a pre-filter with a BEKOMAT condensate drain.DRYPOINT RA HT gives you ...

    By Beko Technologies based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers Product line

  • FH Schule - High Capacity Closed Circuit Husk Separator

    Via a screw in the inlet, the product is uniformly distributed over the entire width of the machine and transported into the separation chamber. As an internal cross-flow fan generates a circulating air flow, the machine does not require a filter and fan connected downstream. By means of the circulating air flow, the light particles are separated ...

    By F.H. Schule Mühlenbau GmbH based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from High Capacity Closed Circuit Husk Separator Product line

  • Dwyer - Model Series 400 - Air Velocity Meter

    Ranges to 19,200 FPM, ±2% Accuracy. Read the red figures directly in feet per minute of velocity - from 400 to 10,000 fpm No conversion tables needed for air at standard conditions. Read the black figures in inches of water column air pressure - from 0 to 10' w.c. Our most popular precision air velocity instrument, the No. 400 is used to ...

    By Dwyer Instruments Inc based in Michigan City, INDIANA (USA). from Air Velocity Meter Product line

  • Olfasense - Ventilated sampling hood

    The ventilated sampling hood is used primarily for sampling non-ventilated, odour-emitting solid or liquid area sources. When sampling liquids, floats are attached to the sides of the hood.The hood itself is automatically ventilated by two radial fans with a constant volumetric flow. The inlet fan sucks in outside air via an exchangeable orifice ...

    By Olfasense Group based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Ventilated sampling hood Product line

  • Air Injection Module

    Engine Driven Air Compressor: Up to 12.4 scfm of delivered air @ 100 psi; inlet air particulate filter; oil/water filter Engine cooled and lubricated; for air injection or downwell pump operation. PumpEngine-driven Positive Displacement Blower for Air Injection: maximum 78 SCFM @ 15 psi; pressure relief and control valve; air particulate filter ...

    By Remediation Service, Int`l (RSI) based in Ventura, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Air Injection Module Product line

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