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ion analysis method equipment

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    Metrohm - Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) for Difficult Sample Matrices

    Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) puts an end to manual sample preparation for ion chromatography. MISP stands for methods developed by Metrohm that allow you to fully automate the preparation of even the most challenging samples. Not only will you increase sample throughput but also improve accuracy and reproducibility of analyses and ...

    By Metrohm AG based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND. from Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) for Difficult Sample Matrices Product line

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    Metrohm - Model ADI 204Y - Multifunctional Process Analyzers

    Ion chromatography (IC) allows for multicomponent analysis in a single measurement. IC offers many advantages for process monitoring with several detectors, analytical columns, and sample preparation options available from Metrohm. The Process Ion Chromatograph from Metrohm Process Analytics is a complete and flexible system for online monitoring ...

    By Metrohm AG based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND. from Multifunctional Process Analyzers Product line

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    LiChrosolv solvents - high-perfomance solvents for HPLC and LC-MS

    For analytical HPLC, Merck Millipore provides LiChrosolv® solvents in 'isocratic grade' and 'gradient grade'. Gradient grade LiChrosolv® solvents enable you to minimize the gradient effect of the solvent involved (for example in enantiomeric separations on chiral phases) and are suitable for UPLC and UHPLC: Minimal baseline noise, Low ...

    By Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany based in Darmstadt, GERMANY. from high-perfomance solvents for HPLC and LC-MS Product line

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    ​​CombiFlash - Model Rf+ PurIon - Automated Flash Chromatography System

    The CombiFlash Rf+ PurIon takes the guesswork out of your purification routine with mass directed purification. Identify your peak of interest at the time of elution with the advantage of targeted fraction collection. Simply instruct the Flash system to collect only those peaks matching the mass of your target compound, eliminating the need for ...

    By Teledyne ISCO based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA). from Automated Flash Chromatography System Product line

  • INGOS - Model AAA 500 - Automatic Amino Acid Analyzer

    Automatic Amino acid analyzer AAA 500 is a compact device for quantitative determination of amino acids in protein hydrolysates and peptides, free amino acids in physiological liquids and extracts, and the determination of biogenic amines. These characteristics determine AAA 500 for wide use in biochemical research, in research in both human and ...

    By INGOS s.r.o. based in Praha 4, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Sherwood - Model 926 - Chloride Analyzer

    The Sherwood Model 926 is used for the determination of chloride ions. It is an instrumental analogue of 'Argentimetry', the traditional titrimetric methods using silver nitrate reagent. Like these classic methods it relies on the chemical formation of the very insoluble salt, silver chloride.The importance of chloride determination has been ...

    By Sherwood Scientific Ltd based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Chloride Analyzer Product line

  • Sep-Pak SPE - Sample Extraction Instruments

    Sep-Pak products are recognized worldwide and remain the most referenced SPE products for GC/MS, HPLC, and LC/MS analysis, offering a wide variety of chemistries and configurations to complement the 96-well and patented* uElution plate format. Each design configuration offers specific functional benefits, but all contain the same high quality ...

    By Waters Corporation based in Milford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Sample Extraction Instruments Product line

  • Eutech Ion 6+

    ISE: Use with any ISE with BNC connection; titration methods allow measurement of many other types of ions. Water Quality Testing: For analyzing water in pools and spas, lithographic processes, boiler and cooling tower water analysis and all types of quality. Assurance and water quality testing. Environmental/Agricultural: Use in ecology studies, ...

    By Eutech Instruments Pte Ltd based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • Model DR 2700 - Portable Spectrophotometer with Lithium-Ion Battery

    The DR 2700 portable spectrophotometer adds new power to your work. Standard analysis with 130+ pre-programmed methods. Not compatible with TNTplus. Works with all other Hach chemistries. Runs on Either Line Power or Battery Power. Use a USB Memory Stick to Update the Instrument or Transfer Data.

  • Biochrom - Model 30+ Series - Amino Acid Analyzer Physiological System

    Biochrom launches the Biochrom 30+ Series of amino acid analyzers - the gold standard in dedicated amino acid analysis. Clinical laboratories worldwide trust this well documented classical amino acid analysis method based on ion exchange chromatography with post column derivatization with Ninhydrin.This allows both qualitative and quantitative ...

    By Biochrom based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Amino Acid Analyzer Physiological System Product line

  • Model IV+ - Flow Solution

    The Flow Solution IV+ (FS IV+) is a powerful automated chemistry analyzer for performing high throughput continuous flow ion analysis methods. The FS IV+ supports and performs two types of continuous flow analysis techniques: segmented flow analysis (SFA) and flow injection analysis (FIA).The FS IV+ consists of a 360-position autosampler, a ...

    By OI Corporation - a Xylem brand based in College Station, TEXAS (USA). from Flow Solution Product line

  • Model FIA - Automated Analytical System

    The FIA system of MLE GmbH Dresden is an automated analytical system designed for laboratories of water and environmental analysis. Parameters of samples are photometrically measured with standardised procedures. The applied technique of flow injection analysis has been become a standard method for ion analysis of aqueous samples, food extracts ...

  • ADI - Model 2018 - Ion Analyzer

    The ADI 2018 Ion Analyzer is based on a Dynamic Standard Addition (DSA) method, using high precission burettes and high performance Ion Selective Electrodes. In DSA, the standard addition volume is adapted to the sample concentration by a dynamic differential approach. Moreover it takes into account ISE slope values over several ranges. This means ...

    By Metrohm Nederland based in Schiedam, NETHERLANDS. from Ion Analyzer Product line

  • AWA - Model CL Series - Colorimetric Online Analyser

    Waste water treatment plants. Industrial applications. Surface water monitoring. Ultra-pure water. Steam and condensate water. Osmosis plants. Ion exchange systems. Boiler feed water. Demineralisers. Process control. Process optimisation of waste water treatment plants. Monitoring activated sludge basins. Monitoring waste water treatment plant ...

    By Awa Instruments based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • OndaVia - Model OV-PP-B005 - Analysis System With the Selenium Analysis Cartridge

    The OndaVia Analysis System with the Selenate Analysis Cartridge provides a fast, easy selenate measurement. The bench-top instrument consumes single-use, disposable analysis cartridges that provide a fast, easy-to-understand measurement of selenate levels in water. The method is specific to the Se-6+ ion, enabling differentiation from the ...

    By OndaVia, Inc. based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Analysis System With the Selenium Analysis Cartridge Product line

  • Pharmaceuticals And Personal-Care-Products In Water

    Dynaflow has expertise in identification and quantifying polar pharmaceuticals and personal-care-products (PPCP) in water and wastewater, including raw sewage influent. We have analyzed over 500 water and wastewater samples for PPCP; including over 300 using the USGS 1433 method (other methods can be used or developed for special analysis). The ...

    By Dynaflow, Inc. based in Jessup, MARYLAND (USA). from Pharmaceuticals And Personal-Care-Products In Water Product line

  • Water Treatment Systems

    We design Customized Water Treatment Plants as per Water Analysis Report at source. Our Water Treatment Plants come with and without Reverse Osmosis System depending on the Water Analysis at source and application. Reverse osmosis (RO) systems frequently are used to reduce the levels of total dissolved solids and suspended particles within water. ...

    By Envirokleen Solutions based in Ahmedabad, INDIA.

  • Parameters

    Our analysis machines are available in two variations (Wetronic A 1 and Wetronic A 2). The following parameters can be analyzed: Ortho-phosphate, total phosphate, molybdenum, sulfite, remaining hardness (total hardness), silicates, iron, nickel, chlorine (free and total chlorine), acid capacity, hydrazine, complex builders (NTA, EDTA, IDS) and ...

    By Weidner Wassertechnik GmbH based in Herten, GERMANY.

  • URG - Model 9000 Series - Ambient Ion Monitor

    The 9000 Series Ambient Ion Monitors consist of four configurations. The URG-9000A Ambient Ion Monitor (AIM) provides time-resolved direct measurements of anion particulate Nitrate, Sulfate, Nitrite, Phosphate and Chloride found in PM2.5. Nitrite and Sulfate aerosols are produced as a result of the interaction of ammonia (NH3), NOx, SO2 and other ...

    By Enviro Technology Services Ltd based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ambient Ion Monitor Product line

  • Burkard - Model SIA2000 Series - Selective Ion Analyser

    The SIA2000 is a low cost simple system using ion selective electrode (ISE) technology. It offers fast analysis for small sample numbers. Methods include SULPHUR DIOXIDE in wines & beers, FLUORIDE in waters & biological samples, AMMONIA in fertilisers & sewage, NITRATE in soils water & plant tissue, SODIUM & CHLORIDE in boiler ...

    By Burkard Scientific (Sales) Ltd based in Uxbridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Selective Ion Analyser Product line

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