Irrigation equipment in Portugal

  • Aqualiju - Submersible Electric Pump

    Domestic applications, agriculture, industrial uses, irrigation (proper for 3 5 irrigators), transfers and mean pressure washing. For 'Aqualiju SA' the lower guide, in Noryl, of shaft and the rubber feet on the bottom of the pump reduce vibration making it suitable for direct  installation at the bottom of tanks.

    By OLIJU based in Esmoriz, PORTUGAL. from Submersible Clean Water Product line

  • Submersible Electric Pumps

    Submersible electric pumps are well adjusted for the extraction, pressurization and water supply from boreholes, wells, irrigation systems, and also in draining and sewage systems working with clean waters and wastewaters.

    By Ideal Delta Orlando & Araújos S.A. based in Baguim do Monte, PORTUGAL.

  • Model S6 SERIES - Solar Pumps

    DAPE S6 Series is the solution for domestic appliances, hydropneumatic systems and agricultural irrigation as well. With powers up to 45kW it is ideal to pump water from boreholes, wells, reservoirs and water channels. Installation can be vertical or horizontal.

    By DAPE New Energy based in Centro Empresarial de Braga, PORTUGAL. from Solar Pumps Product line

  • Model 4 - Borehole Submersible Electric Pumps

    Suitable for water uptake in boreholes 4'. Water systems for home and industrial uses in continuous or intermittent. Automatic distribution of water with reservoir autoclave. Irrigation. Fire-fighting installations. Aqueducts, fountains, etc.

    By OLIJU based in Esmoriz, PORTUGAL. from Submersible Clean Water Product line

  • Premium

    Eijkelkamp - Model 13.17.02 - Water discharge Measurements: RBC Flumes

    RBC flumes are used to measure the quantity of water that, for instance, flows through an irrigation channel. By comparison to known flumes, such as the WSC-and the Parshall flume, the RBC flume is the most accurate. The RBC flume has been specially designed for use in smaller water ways or earthen channels (irrigation channels, in- outlets, ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Sensors & Monitoring Product line

  • FERROPLAST - PVC-U Rigid Pipe

    PVC-U rigid pipe according the regulation UNE-EN 1452: Systems for piping in plastic materials for the water handling. PVC-U pipe could be used for water or aggressive media according to chemical resistance

    By Cepex Office in São Domingos de Rana, PORTUGAL. from Water Products Product line

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    Stevens HydraProbe - Soil Sensor

    HydraProbe is a rugged soil sensor with patented technology that provides continual, consistent accuracy measuring the three most significant soil parameters simultaneously - moisture, salinity and temperature. As the most scientifically researched soil sensor available, it has been depended on by the USDA, NOAA, NASA, leading irrigation ...

    By Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. Distributor in Lisboa, PORTUGAL. from Soil Sensors Product line

  • Premium

    BioKube - Containerized Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) for Hotels and Resorts

    BioKube has many options for treatment and reuse of wastewater for hotels and resorts in all sizes. BioKube’s technology can help you optimize your hotel or resort´s operating costs significantly, by facilitating huge saving on your fresh water bill. Treated wastewater can replace the use of freshwater for multiple purposes such as: ...

    By BioKube A/S Distributor in Vila Nova de Gaia, PORTUGAL.

  • DC-PV - Solar Water Pumps

    Solar water pumps provide independence from the public electrical grid and a quick system amortization (5 years) when compared with conventional water pumps, or 6 months when compared with a pump supplied by a fuel electrical generator. Submersible pumps generate a water flow of 0.2 to 260m3/hour and work up to 350m deep. Surface pumps for water ...

    By DC-PV Decentralized Photovoltaics based in Faro, PORTUGAL.

  • Wastewater Recycling System

    Water Resources are depleting day by day in several localities, WOG Technologies is constantly upgrading its expertise and innovating advance treatment technologies solutions especially in recycling of wastewater.

    By WOG Technologies Inc. Office in CATUJAL, PORTUGAL.

  • Model Performance Series - Compression Fittings

    Cepex offers two ranges of PP compression fittings: Performance Series and Standard Series. Both are made according to standards EN 712 / 713 / 715 / and ISO 3501 / 3503 / 3458 /3459, and are suitable for installation on PE pipes conforming to ISO 11922; DIN 8072 / 8074; and UNE 53131. These fittings allow for a quick, simple insertion of the ...

    By Cepex Office in São Domingos de Rana, PORTUGAL. from Water Products Product line

  • µMetos BLUE - Weather Station

    A full weather station with a wide range of sensors for on-site measurement of key parameters for irrigation and plant protection. Easy download through Bluetooth connection to your smartphone Management made easy.

    By Pessl Instruments GmbH Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Soil Moisture Loggers and Hydrology Loggers Product line

  • Premium

    Myron L - Model Agri-Meters™ - Analog Handhelds Measuring EC And pH

    Water & soil pH. Salinity, conductivity. Fertilizer concentration. Plant health can be greatly affected by pH (acidic or basic), salinity (soluble salts), and alkalinity, yet these factors are often ignored by growers. It is easy to test for these three important parameters using a portable MyronL AGRI-METER with Soil Test Kit.

    By Myron L Company Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Portable Water Testing Instruments Product line

  • Premium

    Landustrie LANDY - Closed Screw Centrifugal Impeller Pumps

    Our LANDY closed screw impeller pumps are ideally suited for situations where power consumption is an important issue. This type of impeller is the new generation single channel impeller performing with high efficiency and good non-clogging performance.

    By Landustrie Sneek BV Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Pumping Product line

  • Premium

    Delta-T - Model HH2 - Moisture Meter - Readout Unit

    The Moisture Meter type HH2 is a versatile readout unit for use with Delta-T Devices soil moisture sensors: the Profile Probe, ThetaProbe, SM300, SM150 and WET Sensor. The HH2 readout unit offers impressive functionality in a compact, hand-held unit, designed for field use. Readings are displayed on the LCD and can be stored to memory for later ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. Distributor in Oeiras, PORTUGAL. from Soil Science - Meters and Loggers Product line

  • iMetos - Model AG/CP/DD 280 - Weather Station

    Evapotranspiration calculation via Penman-Monteith. Ideal for Irrigation Management. The iMetos AG/CP/DD are robust and reliable weather station suited for any needs on weather and soil monitoring. Powered by a Solar Panel, it has an internal battery and transmits weather data in real time over GSM/GPRS - thus dispensing infrastructure on the ...

    By Pessl Instruments GmbH Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Weather Stations Product line

  • Premium

    Bello Zon - Model CDLb - Chlorine Dioxide System with Multiple Points of Injection

    0 – 120 g/h capacity with storage of up to 60 g of chlorine dioxide for peak metering. Max. flow rate at 0.2 ppm ClO2 metering capacity of 600 m3/h, up to 6 points of injection possible as standard. Flexible solutions for the production and metering of ClO2 adapted to our customer's tasks, requirements and anticipated pricing. ...

  • Premium

    Delta-T - Model SM150T - Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

    ***New Sensor for 2017*** Dependable ± 3% soil moisture accuracy - Built in temperature measurement - Robust and buriable, with 5 year warranty. The SM150T measures soil moisture and temperature with research-grade accuracy. It offers stable, robust and reliable performance at a great price. The SM150T’s advanced patented electronics ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. Distributor in Oeiras, PORTUGAL. from Soil Science - Soil Moisture Product line

  • Premium

    Model 09.09 - Tension Infiltrometer Set

    The tension infiltrometer measures the hydraulic properties of unsaturated soil. Water held under tension infiltrates into a dry soil through a highly permeable stainless steel membrane. The time dependent infiltration rate is used to calculate unsaturated hydraulic conductivities and related hydraulic properties. Infiltration rates are recorded ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PORTUGAL. from Field Measurement Equipment Product line

  • Walchem - Model EK Series - Metering Pumps

    The EK Series pump is the world’s first and only IP67 rated electronic metering pump - guaranteed to operate submerged 3 feet under water for up to 30 minutes!  This makes the EK Series  pumps ideal for wet or high humidity environments found  in irrigation, agriculture, food & beverage, car wash or  paper mill ...

    By Walchem, Iwaki America Inc. Distributor in Sacavem, PORTUGAL. from Metering Pumps Product line

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