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lagoon design equipment

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    Lagoon Aeration Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Still a common method of BOD & TSS treatment, lagoon wastewater treatment systems continue to be a large portion of the wastewater market all over the world. Many municipalities and industries continue to use flow through aerated lagoons as their main method of biological treatment. One way to economically increase the capacity of existing ...

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    VacuDry - Vacuum Distillation Unit For Refinery And Drilling Waste

    Applications and design, Process: Indirect Heated Vacuum Thermal Desorption / Vacuum Distillation. Source: Tank cleaning sludge from crude oil tanks. Oil lagoons, oil pits, sedimentation ponds. Solid phase from centrifugation. Drill cuttings, oil based mud (OBM). Contaminated materials from pipeline leakage. Input Material: Sludges with varying ...

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    VacuDry - Soil Remediation Plant of Hydrocarbon Contaminants

    Remediation of hydrocarbon contaminants from oil lagoons and refinery waste; In 2007 econ industries delivered an indirectly heated thermal desorption plant to a client in Kuwait. The plant was designed to treat various types of waste with hydrocarbon contaminant content, in particular refinery waste, oil lagoons and down hole drilling waste. The ...

  • Lagoons

    Lagoons are pond-like treatment systems designed to receive, hold, and treat wastewater for a predetermined period of time. They are often lined with clay or an artificial liner to prevent leaks to the groundwater below. Wastewater leaving a lagoon may require additional treatment, or “polishing,” to accomplish complete nitrification. Entex’s ...

    By Entex Technologies Inc. based in Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Lagoons Product line

  • Mega Mix - Lagoon Mega Mix Range

    The Mega Mix Range has been designed to cater for the insreasing demand for mixing larger lagoons which have arisen due to legislation changes and the increased demand importance placed on slurry being used on the land at the optimum time. The Mega Mix uses an auger to draw in the slurry and re-circulate it through the 5” jetter nozzle which ...

    By Storth Limited based in Nr Carnforth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lagoon Mega Mix Range Product line

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    NitriFAST - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Designed as a second stage nitrification and denitrification (with ABC-N), the NitriFAST is to meet higher levels of nitrogen reduction for systems with direct discharge into lakes, streams and lagoons or properties with higher levels of ammonia influent.

    By BioMicrobics, Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Systems Product line

  • Lagoons Linings

    A lagoon is essentially a large pond dug out for containment of the sludge. Lagoons can be constructed as either storage lagoons or dewatering lagoons. Storage lagoons are designed to store and collect solids for some predetermined length of time. They generally have decant capabilities but no underdrain systems. Storage lagoons should be equipped ...

    By Enviro Technical Systems based in Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • DM - Lagoon Pump

    Here is the new DM manure pump, the most efficient on the market. Reduce your mixing time with less horsepower with the new 2 mixing screw (patented). The pump is designed to run with a tractor from 130hp to 300hp, try it and you will see, you'll impress everyone who will see you work. A two and four wheel model exist, the latter used as a ...

    By DM Machinery based in St-Simon, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Turborator - Self Aspirating Aerator/Mixer

    The Turborator has been used successfully in installations throughout the United States, Canada and other parts of the world for over 20 years and has a proven track record in both retrofit and new installations.  The Turborator has been used in both municipal and industrial applications wherever mixing and aeration are needed. The following ...

    By MGD Process Technology Inc. (MGD) based in Boylston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

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    Piranha - Solids Handling Pump

    Piranha solids handling pump line is comprised of models ranging from 1 to 30 horsepower. They are designed for pumping slurry & debris laden water in sump & lagoon applications including: industrial, sewage, wastewater, animal & vegetable waste, paper pulp and construction de-watering applications where excessive solids prohibit the ...

    By Piranha Pumps & Dredges - Equipment Specialties Co., Inc. based in Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO (USA). from Solids Handling Pump Product line

  • Pit, Pond & Lagoon Liners

    Fab-Seal has 25 years of experience in design and fabrication of Primary and Secondary Containment Liners. We have a blend and thickness of flexible membrane liners for most applications, including our Aqua Life compatible material that is ideal for ornamental ponds and commercial fish farms.

    By Fab-Seal Industrial Liners Inc based in Shawnee, OKLAHOMA (USA).

  • Hinsilblon - Waste Water System for Lagoons

    Hinsilblon’s Vapor Distribution Line is designed to be utilized in conjunction with Hinsilblon’s Patented Waterless Vapor Odor Control Unit to treat the fugitive nuisance odor emissions around the perimeter of a waste water lagoon. The Vapor Distribution Line is constructed from durable, corrosion resistant flexible hose, polypropylene ...

    By Hinsilblon based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA). from Waste Water System for Lagoons Product line

  • Triplepoint PhosBox - Lagoon Phosphorus Removal System

    Triplepoint’s PhosBox Lagoon Phosphorus Removal System Helps Municipalities Cost-Effectively Meet New Phosphorus Effluent Standards. Triplepoint’s PhosBox™ is a low maintenance, tertiary lagoon phosphorus removal system designed to achieve effluent phosphorus limits as low as 0.07 mg/L. As wastewater flows into the PhosBox, it is ...

    By Triplepoint Water Technologies LLC based in Geneva, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • T-HEX - Self-Adjusting Lagoon Cover

    The patented T-HEX Cover System provides more efficient production and management of municipal and industrial wastewater lagoons. Molded from HDPE, T-HEX, hexagon modules are placed on the surface of a lagoon, a self-filling ballast maintaining the stability of each module independently. The interlock design of the modules provides a ...

    By JPS Industries based in Bristol, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

  • Odor Control Pond / Lagoon Cleanup

    As a part of our broad offering of water treatment chemicals, we offer a complete line of products custom designed to take on the most difficult challenges in Odor Control. Odor generated by anaerobic bacteria is common in industrial and municipal waste water systems. These odors are the result of microorganisms obtaining oxygen from sulfur ...

    By Neo Solutions, Inc. based in Beaver, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Odor Control Pond / Lagoon Cleanup Product line

  • Sludge Extraction Device from Lagoon Bed

    Use of the equipment. The equipment is designed to extract the sludge sediments from sea beds, reclamation channels, channels in general and water basins of any other nature. The sludge is extracted from the bottom in order to avoid putrefaction of the bed, with consequent impoverishment pf oxygen, which is the main cause of the abnormal ...

    By FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI s.r.l. based in Vigonovo Di Fontanafredda, ITALY. from Sludge Extraction Device from Lagoon Bed Product line

  • Baffles - Bio-Separator

    The basic goals in designing the bio-separator were to provide an economical and effective method for designing new lagoon systems, and upgrading existing lagoon systems to accept increased flows, as well as increasing the performance to meet treatment limits within the EPA guidelines.

    By The Environmental Company based in Ruth, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • CF-S - Model Berm Box™ - Secondary Containment Solutions

    The CF-S’s Berm Box™ primary application is for polishing stormwater captured within existing secondary containment lagoons.  Designed to be installed on the point of discharge of an existing secondary containment wall or berm, the Berm Box gives the user the ability to control, filter or stop the flow at the point of ...

    By Containment & Filtration Solutions based in Flower Mound, TEXAS (USA).

  • High Speed Floating Surface Aerators

    The high speed floating surface aerator is designed for installation in lagoons, tanks with variable water level, reservoirs and general mixing. The high-speed floating surface aerator type AQAGV is designed for installation in lagoons, tanks with variable water level, reservoirs and general mixing applications. It is equipped with a propeller and ...

    By Aquatreat Environmental Engineering Ltd based in Kenilworth, UNITED KINGDOM. from High Speed Floating Surface Aerators Product line

  • Weldco Beales - Model Ex - Long Reach Fronts

    WBM Long Reach Fronts are designed and manufactured to support the following applications: Canal cleaning, dredging, lagoon cleaning, long reach material handling, river and canal pipeline crossings.

    By Weldco-Beales Manufacturing (WBM) based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Long Reach Fronts Product line

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