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lake profiling equipment

  • Pontoon Vertical Profiler

    Automated water quality profiler for lakes, reservoirs and coastal areas. Featuring a submersible, watertight enclosure and a rugged non-corrosive mechanical winch and drive mechanism, the 6951 provides fully-automated data collection from a pontoon float.

    By YSI - a Xylem brand based in Yellow Springs, OHIO (USA). from Pontoon Vertical Profiler Product line

  • SAIV - Model APB5 - Automatic Profiling Buoy

    The APB5 is designed for monitoring water quality in coastal waters, fjords, lakes and fish farms. The buoy contains a control unit, CU801B, an Embedded Web Server, a GSM/GPRS/EDGE or satellite (IMARSAT/Iridium) router, a winch, a short range radio for communication with sensor unit, solar cells and battery pack.

    By Saiv A/S based in Laksevag, NORWAY.

  • ASL - Model SWIP - Shallow Water Ice Profiler (SWIP)

    An upward-looking sonar device, mounted on the lake/river/ocean floor to accurately measure ice draft in shallow water environments.

    By ASL Environmental Sciences based in Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • EdgeTech - Model 3100 - Portable System (CHIRP Profiler)

    The 3100 is EdgeTech’s portable version of their highly successful subbottom profiler product line. The system utilizes EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum CHIRP technology which provides higher resolution imagery of the sub-bottom structure and greater penetration. The 3100 is ideally suited for use in rivers, lakes, ponds ...

    By Enserv LNS Geophysical Equipment Rental based in Claymont, DELAWARE (USA). from Portable System (CHIRP Profiler) Product line

  • AQUAscat 1000LT - Acoustic suspended sediment profiler

    It is now even easier to measure suspended sediment concentration with the new AQUAscat 1000LT acoustic profiler. The latest addition to the well-established AQUAscat range combines cutting edge technology with economic design to give the best value solution for scientists and surveyors.

    By Aquatec Group Ltd based in Basingstoke, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Van der - Horst Core Sampler

    The Van der Horst core sampler is used for manual filling of the stainless steel sampling tubes. Sampling can take place in bore holes, casing tubes (minimum diameter 75 mm) or in the beds of canals, lakes, etc. up to a depth of approximately 10 m. By contrast to the Akkerman core sampler the Van der Horst sampler is entered into the bore hole ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Horst Core Sampler Product line

  • YSI - Model 6820 V2 - Compact Sonde For Field Sampling

    The YSI 6820 V2 is a cost-effective data sonde for profiling and spot-checking water quality in rivers, lakes, wetlands, wells, estuaries, and coastal waters.

    By YSI - a Xylem brand based in Yellow Springs, OHIO (USA). from Compact Sonde For Field Sampling Product line

  • Orion - Water Quality Monitoring Floating Automatic Stations

    ORION designs and supplies floating automatic stations (buoys) for the monitoring of sea, lake and river waters. The measuring stations can acquire both meteorological and chemical-physical parameters in the water profile. A current-meter can be also included for the measurement of current values (intensity and direction) along the profile. The ...

    By Orion Environment Ltd. based in Sofia, BULGARIA.

  • PME - Model SCAMP - Self Contained Autonomous MicroProfiler

    The Self Contained Autonomous MicroProfiler (SCAMP) is a portable, lightweight microstructure profiler designed to measure extremely small scale (order 1 mm) fluctuations of electrical conductivity, temperature, and chlorophyll concentration in lakes, reservoirs, estuaries and oceans. These data can be used to infer the levels of dissipation of ...

    By Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc. (PME) based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Hydrometric Stations

    Since 30 years Logotronic is supplying hydrometric stations for rivers, lakes and for groundwater. Based on the flexibility of the measuring equipment different sensor technologies can be used, like- Pressure sensor- Radar water level sensor- Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP)- Shaft encoderPlease send your requirements. We will configure an optimal ...

    By Logotronic GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Hydrometric Stations Product line

  • Piston Interface Corer

    Paleoecological analysis, Lightweight piston sampler for soft lake deposits, Long (2.0m long/drive), undisturbed cores of sediment- water interface from shallow lakes, Ideal sampler for gyttja, clay, and fine sand sediments. Literature available on piston coring lake sediments for paleoecological analysis is extensive (see review by Blomqvist ...

    By Aquatic Research Instruments based in Hope, IDAHO (USA). from Piston Interface Corer Product line

  • Model MSS 60 - Microstructure Probe

    The MSS 60 is a multiparameter probe for  measuring micro-scale water stratification as well as the intensity of small scale turbulence in water down to approx. 200m, preferably in coastal water, rivers, and lakes. The microstructure measuring system comprises the MSS profiler, a special winch, a probe interface and a data ...

    By Sea & Sun Technology GmbH based in Trappenkamp, GERMANY. from Microstructure Probe Product line

  • TurbiLux - Turbidity Fluorometer Sensor

    TurbiLux is a sensitive, low cost digital IR turbidity sensor designed for compliancy with ISO 7027:1999 standard that offers the user significantly increased functionality when compared to existing turbidity sensors. TurbiLux can be deployed in a wide range of applications including flow-through systems for process monitoring and in-situ ...

    By Chelsea Technologies Group based in West Molesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Turbidity Fluorometer Sensor Product line

  • SAIV - Model APB5 - Buoy Systems

    The APB5 is designed for monitoring water quality in coastal waters, fjords, lakes and fish farms. The buoy contains a control unit, CU801B, an Embedded Web Server, a GSM/GPRS/EDGE or satellite (INMARSAT/ Iridium) router, a winch, a short range radio for communication with sensor unit, solar cells and battery pack. In fish farm application, the ...

    By Hoytek based in Çankaya, TURKEY. from Buoy Systems Product line

  • GeoView - Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used in fresh water lakes and river. It cannot be used in salt water or brackish water due to the increased conductivity values of such waters. GPR is typically used in freshwater environments to determine bathymetry and sub-bottom stratigraphic sediment profiling. This method is used to identify natural ...

    By GeoView, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Product line

  • Premium

    AERZEN Delta Hybrid - Rotary Lobe Compressor Units

    The Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressors can be used for an extremely wide range of key industrial applications. Economic as a stand-alone and highly efficient in compound machines. The packaged units can be used anywhere, including areas with very high ambient temperatures, or for applications with extreme intake temperatures. Nowadays the Delta ...

    By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH based in Aerzen, GERMANY. from Rotary Lobe Compressor Units Product line

  • BenchMark - Model LP - General Purpose Bench Scales

    The BenchMark LP low-profile platform offers an overall height of just two-to-three inches. The more subtle presence of the LP is an attractive option for commercial situations, or other areas in need of a less obtrusive platform. Gain the same accuracy and performance as our standard benchmark models in a more refined and inconspicuous ...

    By Rice Lake Weighing Systems based in Rice Lake, WISCONSIN (USA). from General Purpose Bench Scales Product line

  • Model BA-Series - Borehole Antenna

    Geoscanners is one of the rare GPR manufacturers who provide solutions for borehole surveying. All of the borehole antennas in our product line are extremely slim (38mm in diameter), making the BA-antennas ideal for vertical and horizontal boreholes of relatively small diameters. The antenna connectors are devised specifically for the BA antennas ...

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN. from Borehole Antenna Product line

  • RCM 9 (Recording Current Meter)

    A new instrument for measuing current speed and direction, temperature, pressure, turbidity, oxygen and conductivity in the sea, in lakes and in rivers. A special temperature range makes it well suited for use also in the Polar regions. The instrument features the new RCM Doppler Current Sensor and has several applications. The most common way to ...

    By Oceantech Co. based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA.

  • DischargeKeeper

    Category: Discharge Measurement:-Camera-based measurement system for acquisition of the surface velocity profile and water level-Direct calculation of the discharge-Non-intrusive measurement method using only one sensor (camera)-Data storage and remote transmission of measurement data and images-Intelligent alarm management

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG based in Kaufbeuren, GERMANY.

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