lake water equipment in Germany

  • Destratification - Diffusion Aeration Of Waters

    Our lakes and water routes have been victims of the contamination with nutrients from antrophogen sources for a long time. Also drinking water lakes and reservoires can become eutrophicated by the input of phosphorus and nitrogen from point or diffuse sources. In addition air-transferred contaminations have also to be considered. All these ...

    By AGO Hydroair GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Destratification - Diffusion Aeration Of Waters Product line

  • Aeration Of Hypolimnion Of Eutrophic Lakes - LIMNO

    Our lakes and other natural waters have been victims of the contamination with nutrients from antrophogen sources for a long time. Also drinking water lakes and reservoires can become eutrophicated by the input of phosphorus and nitrogen from point or diffuse sources. In addition air-transferred contaminations have also to be considered. All these ...

    By AGO Hydroair GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY.

  • Katadyn - Model Hiker Pro - Water Filters

    Lightweight is your demand, but pumping performance is also a must.  Our lightest backcountry filter, the compact Katadyn Hiker Pro, steps up as your best choice for safe hydration and great-tasting refreshment on the trail. Just a quick stop at a stream or lake nets you 1 liter/minute. The quick-connect fittings enable the simplicity of ...

    By Katadyn Products Inc. Office in Mörfelden-Walldorf, GERMANY. from Water Filters Product line

  • AQQA-Bag - Portable Water Filter

    Two thirds of the world population live in areas, that are affected of water shortage at least one month per year. 750 Millionen up to 2 billion people have no acces to clean drinking water. The AQQA-bag can supply clean and safe water for one person for half a year by filtrating water from a river or a lake with a membrane and treating it with ...

    By Weise Water GmbH based in Hennigsdorf, GERMANY.

  • Model SWS - Survival Water System

    SWS changes dirty, undrinkable water from contaminated rivers, lakes or wells into a clean potable water. The SWS uses a three-part system to clean, disinfect and deodorize water: Step one is a coarse filter, which removes all large particles and substances from the water. Step two is a disinfectant process which kills all noxious microorganisms, ...

    By J.V. Niebergall based in Niedernhausen, GERMANY.

  • Terrawaterboom - Oil Booms for Using on Water

    Working area : inland lakes, fords, harbour, sea ports, sluices, canals, dock- shipyards, etc. Properties: Waterboom are filled with special full biological peat (Terrasorb L). This material is not harmful, non toxic and ideal for absorb oil, fuel and chemicals. We developed it 30 Years ago. The material of spill will be absorb extreme quickly and ...

    By euratec GmbH based in Breddorf, GERMANY.

  • On-line Ozone Water Treatment

    Water from tap water, rain, river, lake, well or groundwater, for domestic or agricultural use could be disinfected by one of the following methods such as filtration, distillation, ultraviolet lamp and boiling. However, those methods have the drawbacks of limited output quantity, and the water can¡¦t be used on line immediately. ...

    By Air Tree Ozone Technology Co. Office in Baunatal, GERMANY.

  • MiniWater - Model 20 - Turbine Flow meter for Water and Portable Multifunction Measuring Instrument

    The MiniWater®20 hand-held measuring instrument with the MC20 operating and display unit serves to measure the flow velocity of surface waters such as rivers, brooks, lakes, canals, etc.Ergonomic user guidance and local data storage allow versatile application of the unit. The MC20 microcontroller is used as an operating and display unit which ...

  • Hydrolog - Model 1000 - Digital, Battery-Powered Water Level Sensor

    The water level senor with data memory Hydrolog® 1000 is a battery powered system for autonomous measurement of water level and temperatures in liquid media. The preferential application fields are water supply and distribution e.g. for measurement tubes, control water levels, wells, containers and outstanding waters like lakes and rivers. ...

    By ACS-CONTROL SYSTEM GmbH based in Eggenfelden, GERMANY. from Digital, Battery-Powered Water Level Sensor Product line

  • Dredging

    The diagram below shows a water treatment system in which water is isolated from a larger body of water, such as a lake, river, or harbor to allow for dredging or construction in the work area. By cleaning the heavily silted water, the clean effluent can be safely returned to the source at a different location.

    By BakerCorp Office in Dorsten, GERMANY. from Dredging Product line

  • Dewatering

    This diagram shows a typical dewatering system for lakeside construction. Using this system, a large volume of dirty, silty water can be pumped from inside a coffer dam and through the filtration process efficiently. The construction can then be completed inside the coffer dam while the clean effluent water is safely returned to the lake.

    By BakerCorp Office in Dorsten, GERMANY. from Dewatering Product line

  • 4H - Environmental Observing Container

    The -4H-Environmental Observing Container hosts the ‑4H-FerryBox for highly precise measurements of water parameters and is equipped with sensors for meteorology. Additionally it can be equipped with a work bench, fridge, water sampler, or any other lab equipment for environmental monitoring. The container is designed for autonomous ...

    By 4H- JENA engineering GmbH based in Jena, GERMANY. from Environmental Observing Container Product line

  • Model MSS 60 - Microstructure Probe

    The MSS 60 is a multiparameter probe for  measuring micro-scale water stratification as well as the intensity of small scale turbulence in water down to approx. 200m, preferably in coastal water, rivers, and lakes. The microstructure measuring system comprises the MSS profiler, a special winch, a probe interface and a data ...

    By Sea & Sun Technology GmbH based in Trappenkamp, GERMANY. from Microstructure Probe Product line

  • Radar Sensor - Type SEBAPuls 8/15/20/30/70

    Category: Surface water:-Radar sensors for non-contact level measurement in flowing waters, lakes, reservoirs and retention basins-Measurement ranges and accuracy: 0-8 m (± 5 mm), 0-15 m (± 2 mm), 0-35 m (± 2 mm / ± 3 mm), 0-75 m (± 15 mm)-Protection class IP66 (Standard), IP68 (SEBAPuls8/15)-Mounting on bridges, outriggers, piers and walkways

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG based in Kaufbeuren, GERMANY.

  • HT-Hydrotechnik - Model Type 575 - Data Logger

    This Datalogger has proved over many years that reliable monitoring of ground water wells can also be cost-effective. Even the most adverse conditions such as heat, high humidity or extreme cold could not influence the sovereign working of the Datalogger type 575.Preferred areas of operation are ground-water wells, groundwater observation sites, ...

    By HT Hydrotechnik GmbH based in Obergünzburg, GERMANY. from Data Logger Product line

  • Leakwise - Model ID-227WL/PTP - Oil Sheen Monitoring System

    The Leakwise ID-227WL/PTP Oil Sheen Monitoring System is a floating wireless sensor that detects the presence and monitors the buildup of hydrocarbons on water. The ID-227WL/PTP is designed for installation offshore. Applications include detecting and monitoring floating hydrocarbons near the intake of desalination plants, jetty and monobuoy oil ...

    By GE Analytical Instruments Office in GERMANY. from Oil Sheen Monitoring System Product line

  • Model CTD 48 - Multiparameter Probe

    The CTD48 is a small and handy micro processor controlled multiparameter probe for accurate measurements of pressure, temperature and conductivityThe probe is especially designed for limnological measurements on lakes rivers and estuarys but can be used also in shallow water and in the oceanographic range up to 2000 m depth. The probe is equipped ...

    By Sea & Sun Technology GmbH based in Trappenkamp, GERMANY. from Multiparameter Probe Product line

  • Chamber Filter Press

    Sludge with lower viscosity is produced in a multitude of processes e.g. municipal wastewater treatment, lake decontamination, various flocculation processes and industrial water treatment as well as food and beverage industry. The sludge needs to be disposed of, which necessitates sludge drainage. One of the possible methods for this matter is to ...

    By Harbauer GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Chamber Filter Press Product line

  • Parallel Connection

    For the treatment of larger wastewater volumes, two or more KLARO systems are required. In such a case, the identically equipped systems are installed so as to operate in parallel. The systems operated in parallel are steadily fed with raw wastewater via a joint wastewater collection tank (1) and pump stations (2) (integrated in the ...

    By KLARO GmbH based in Bayreuth, GERMANY. from Parallel Connection Product line

  • Feeding Mats

    For the optimal first feeding of trys. The implementation of these mats for the purpose of feeding lake trout, sea trout, and especially for sea samlets and salmon, has proved very successful over many years. The best results are achieved in a circulating current tank with a diameter of over 1.50 m. The mats are placed on the bottom of the tank at ...

    By aquaFUTURE e.K. Office in Kreuztal, GERMANY.

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