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LandfillGrade - Sealant Application for Certified Landfill Capping

by AquaBlok, Ltd.     Distributor in Seymour, INDIANA (USA)

Providing a Multi-Use, Self-Compacting, Bentonite-Based Seal for Repair of Penetrations to Certified Landfill Caps.

Proline Prosonic - Model B 200 - Ultrasonic Transit Time Flowmeter

by Endress Hauser Instruments International AG     Office in Greenwood, INDIANA (USA)

The Prosonic Flow B 200 has been specially developed for the biogas industry. It measures the volume flow of biogas, landfill or digester gas with high accuracy, even under greatly fluctuating operating conditions. In addition the Prosonic Flow B 200 offers in-situ methane content measurement. This unique feature enables continuous measurement of ...

CARULITE® 400 Catalyst

by Carus Corporation     Office in Kingsbury, INDIANA (USA)

CARULITE 400 catalyst is used to effectively destroy ozone or adsorb various gases and malodors after being coated onto a substrate. Metallic, ceramic and cellulose are typical substrates.

CARULITE® 200 Catalyst

by Carus Corporation     Office in Kingsbury, INDIANA (USA)

CARULITE 200 catalyst is used to effectively destroy ozone emitted from various off-gas emissions, converting toxic ozone to oxygen in water off-gas, digital printers, and corona printing off-gas applications.

CARULITE® 300 Catalyst

by Carus Corporation     Office in Kingsbury, INDIANA (USA)

CARULITE 300 catalyst is used to effectively destroy carbon monoxide in compressed breathing air, respirators, escape masks, and in cryogenic gas purification.

CARULITE® 110-TR Catalyst

by Carus Corporation     Office in Kingsbury, INDIANA (USA)

CARULITE 110-TR catalyst is used to effectively destroy volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as flexographic, in a recuperative catalytic oxidizer at minimum inlet temperatures of 300º C. Although CARULITE 110-TR catalyst operates at low temperatures, (600º F (315º C)), it has an upper temperature stability limit of 1300º F (704º C), providing ...

LIQUOX® Sodium Permanganate

by Carus Corporation     Office in Kingsbury, INDIANA (USA)

LIQUOX sodium permanganate is a liquid oxidant. The significant advantage with LIQUOX is its high solubility in water, allowing it to be a more convenient and concentrated form of permanganate when used for electronics and organic oxidation of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

L & M - Jute Mesh Rolls (Soil Saver)

by L & M Supply Company     Distributor in INDIANA (USA)

Jute is made from natural fibers of a bamboo-like plant and is rated as one of the most dependable and proven erosion products available. Jute stabilizes the soil and promotes the establishment of permanent vegetation on all types of slopes (road slopes, drainage slopes, landfill slopes, and backyard slopes, etc.) Jute conforms to slope contours ...

RevetMax™ - Flexible Revetment Systems

by North American Green     based in Poseyville, INDIANA (USA)

Flexible revetment mats provide cost-effective protection from turbulent water flow and moderate wave attack. North American Green’s patent pending RevetMax Systems can be ideal for applications where riprap, articulated concrete blocks or other rigid materials are normally used. Combined with a Tensar™VMax™ Turf Reinforcement ...

CARUSOL - Liquid Permanganate Oxidant

by Carus Corporation     Office in Kingsbury, INDIANA (USA)

CARUSOL liquid permanganate is an effective oxidant recommended for potable drinking water applications that require a concentrated permanganate solution. Applications include iron and manganese reduction, taste and odor control, disinfection by-product reduction, color reduction, and radium reduction.

QuiKSoil - Model 2800 - Odor Treatment

by Global Odor Control Technologies, LLC     based in INDIANA (USA)

QuiKSoil 2800 is a topically applied, temporary odor treatment. While operating in much manner as QuikSoil 2500, QuiKSoil 2 8 00 i s especially suited for the treatment of highly nitrous materials such as grass, some bio-solids and manures, and certain types of food wastes.

SmartChoice - Model Gen II - Water Softener

by Aqua Systems     based in Avon, INDIANA (USA)

In developing the SmartChoice Gen II , Aqua Systems® took all the advanced features from our break-through SmartChoice™ design and added bonus features our customers wanted. The result is a more efficient, user-friendly system that practically maintains itself!

Cadence - Fuel Injector

by Cadence Environmental Energy Inc.     based in Michigan City, INDIANA (USA)

The Cadence Fuel Injector represents a significant energy savings and emissions reduction advantage for cement kiln operators who wish to use solid energy-bearing waste as an alternative fuel. This proven technology is in use on kilns around the world and can accommodate a wide variety of fuel types and configurations.

Crowcon - Model PGSi - Programmable Sampling System

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd - a Halma company     Distributor in INDIANA (USA)

The PGSi is a highly versatile system that can monitor up to 32 separate sample lines on a sequential basis. Operating from Windows XP based software, the PGSi system is the ideal solution for monitoring landfill gas in boreholes, or for protecting buildings such as retail parks, hospitals and schools built on landfill sites. The system can be ...

Inland Power Group - Power Generating Systems

by Inland Power Group, Inc.     Office in Gary, INDIANA (USA)

Electricity is an essential part of life at work and at home. Whether you require prime power when no utility is available, or stand-by backup power when your utility is temporarily unavailable, power generating systems from MTU Onsite Energy and GE's Jenbacher line offer quality and dependable power at a moment's notice. ...

PONDSEAL - Bentonite-based Sealing Solution

by AquaBlok, Ltd.     Distributor in Seymour, INDIANA (USA)

Many waterways, independent of size and function, are constructed in porous or permeable soils that are not adequately compacted or amended during construction to reliably hold water. Even when soil basins or synthetic 'liners' are properly prepared from the onset, a variety of environmental factors (e.g. repeated freeze/thaw cycles, prolonged ...

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